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PAP MP Foo Mee Har dismissed online rumors as ‘false and baseless’

Posted by temasektimes on February 16, 2012

PAP MP for West Coast GRC Ms Foo Mee Har has dismissed online rumors about her private life as ‘false and baseless.’ The rumors were allegedly started by a person who goes by the moniker of ‘Scroobal’ on Sammyboy Forum.

Ms Foo was implicated together with Law Minister Mr Shanmugam in an article written by prominent blogger Alex Au on his blog ‘Yawning Bread’. The latter had sent a lawyer’s letter to Mr Au, prompting him to remove the article immediately.

Speaking to queries from the media, Ms Foo said she would not be taking action against Mr Au, but warned that she would take steps to protect her rights should the personal attacks and rumours persist.

‘Scroobal’ is notorious for fabricating and propagating malicious lies about Singapore politicians, both from the ruling and opposition parties. He is currently under police investigation in a separate case for criminal defamation and intimidation.


2 Responses to “PAP MP Foo Mee Har dismissed online rumors as ‘false and baseless’”

  1. Who is Scroobal? said

    Ms. Foo is so pretty – I rather believe her than that Scroobal.

  2. gar said

    can see cannot touch. for what?

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