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MHA probes NUS Campus Crusade for Christ incident

Posted by temasektimes on February 17, 2012

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is probing the incident involving controversial posters put up by NUS student group ‘Campus Crusade for Christ’ on its website and campus which appeared to denigrate other religions.

Responding to queries from the media, a MHA spokesperson said “that while people are free to propagate their religion, it should not be done by insulting or denigrating other religions.”

It is not known if a police report has been lodged over the incident. Two years ago, a pastor Rony Tan was hauled up for questioning by the Internal Security Department for making offensive remarks mocking other religions during a sermon. He was eventually let off with a ‘stern warning’.

The incident prompted NUS provost Tan Eng Chye to send a circular to students yesterday. He said NUS had been alerted to “disrespectful and insensitive remarks about other religions and communities contained in posters and website comments” by the NUS CCC.

Meanwhile, the groups’s Facebook page continues to be bombarded with protests from angry netizens.

NUS alumni Regina Lee wrote:

“As a Singaporean AND an NUS Alumni who identifies as Thai, this filthy unwashed heathen thanks you to keep your condescension and superior attitude to yourself, and declines to partake in this true joy you are burdened with spreading. I also ask that you keep in mind that while your religion believes that it is the one true path to Salvation, others might not think so, and to force your witnessing onto clearly-unwilling others is akin to harassment.”

One netizen Noel Chan, however called for an end to the bickering:

“The so-called “Christians” might have insulted and belittle our faiths, but fighting back with similar insults against their faith only makes us as guilty too. Let’s seek towards peace, harmony, and mutual respect from, we are fellow Singaporeans after all.”


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