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Goh Meng Seng attacks WP leaders for lacking ‘political acumen’

Posted by temasektimes on February 19, 2012

Former WP member Goh Meng Seng has launched yet another scathing attack on WP leaders and supporters, two days after speculating that the party may split following the expulsion of disgraced Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong.

Mr Goh has been a fierce critic of WP’s handling of the fiasco since it erupted last month. He was one of the few opposition figures to lamblast Mr Yaw for his alleged extra-marital affairs with party members and openly called for him to resign before he was sacked by the party.

Writing on his personal blog, Mr Goh accused WP members and supporters for being ‘myopic’:

“When the Yaw-gate first brewed, I have made several comments on how it should be managed and what went wrong subsequently. However, it seems that WP members and supporters are only concerned about short term interests instead of looking at the issue on a more matured perspective.”

He also criticized them for lacking ‘political acumen’:

“This is a worrying sign for WP. It indicates the lack of political acumen on the party members to understand the real issues behind Yaw-gate. More importantly, they are blinded by their loyalty to the party, instead to the core values of opposition.”

Though Mr Goh is no longer a member of WP, he still write as if he is some big shot in the party, reserving some of his harshest criticisms to WP CEC members:

“What is more worrying to me is that some of the WP CEC members actually voted against the motion to expel Yaw. Any seasoned politician would realize that the longer Yaw-gate drags, the more damage would be done to WP as well as the whole opposition movement. Thus it seems that these CEC members are most probably more emotional than rational when they cast their votes of objection. The apparent lack of political acumen among WP members and CEC members would be a source of instability.”

Mr Goh is indeed a ‘seasoned’ politician. Soon after the 2006 General Election, he resigned abruptly from the Workers Party for being embroiled in an online spat with a netizen. Less than a year after last year election, he stepped down as Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party.

Though Mr Goh no longer holds any leadership position in the party, he is still frequently quoted by the mainstream media as the ‘ex-Secretary-General of NSP’ for some unknown reasons to paint the opposition in a bad light.

Meanwhile, netizens weary of Mr Goh’s attention-seeking antics have been asking him to ‘shut up.’ As Kenneth Cheong puts it succinctly:

“Goh Meng Seng, win a seat in parliament and maybe your words will be taken with more seriousness.”


4 Responses to “Goh Meng Seng attacks WP leaders for lacking ‘political acumen’”

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  2. leeds1990 said

    For someone who is unable to get himself into the Parliament, it is ironic that he is teaching others about political acumen…

  3. Dear Meng Seng, You as an individual have all your rights to launch an attack on others. However before you do more please stand infront of a mirror and have a good look of yourself and ask.. Am I of a calibre to match LTK? Honestly you are no where LTK is. LTK has won an SC and after being challenged by the former PM he quiet took 10 years to win an GRC. Can you do it. Sorry you can never never do it

  4. Down with GMS said

    Now who’s the one without political acumen? Concerned that some voted against the motion? Has he never heard of democracy? What an idiot.

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