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“More dogs than humans in Singapore” – NUS PRC student’s comments spark outcry

Posted by temasektimes on February 19, 2012

“There are more dogs than humans in Singapore,” wrote Sun Xu, a MOE scholar and a final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Mr Sun was sharing about his unpleasant encounters with Singaporeans on his microblog “Weibo” who reportedly glared at him when he brushed them aside accidentally in the streets .

Below is what he wrote in Chinese:

The direct translation is:

‘It’s so annoying to have gangster Singapore uncles stare at you when you bump into them. There are more dogs than humans here in Singapore’.

His comment sparked a outcry in cyberspace with many netizens condemning him for it.

STOMPER ‘theDoors’ wrote sarcastically in reference to Senior Minister of State Grace Fu’s comment yesterday that ‘extremist’ voices on social media is becoming a threat to Singapore’s social fabric:

“I supposed calling Singaporeans dogs on social media is part of creating harmony in the social fabric?”

Alan Tan was peeved:

“We are feeding these dogs that bite their owners. Should get a bat to whack these dogs hard. Ungrateful dogs, we feed them, clothe them and give them a shelter. This is what we have in return.”

According to his linkedin account posted by forumers on Hardwarezone forum, Mr Sun came to Singapore to study at Raffles Junior College on a MOE scholarship in 2006 after which he went on to study in NUS on a ‘PRC undergraduate scholarship,’ meaning that his tuition fees and living expenses are all paid for by the Singapore government.

Mr Sun is currently on attachment at Schlumberger, an international oilfield services company.

During a parliamentary session this week, it was revealed that Singapore spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year.


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78 Responses to ““More dogs than humans in Singapore” – NUS PRC student’s comments spark outcry”

  1. Vincent said

    He should be sacked from his school and has his scholarship terminated and to pay back for the fees and grants that were given to him

  2. Angry said

    “Singapore spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year.” Student from where?

    The gahment just simply love to feed ‘ foreign dogs’ that bits it’s owner’s hand. This is sinkapore gahment.

  3. Casey said

    This guy must have pushed his way through congested Sinkipore, our culture is 1st world (no pushing or forcing your way through) next time open your mouth and say excuse me then you should fine.

    The relevant authority is also sleeping in their job, all immigrants should be given orientation talk on the Dos and Dont in our 1st world paradise city.

    If you are in the train or bus, give up your seat to the elderly, handicapped or pregnant ladies who needed the seat more than you.

    Do not talk loudly in crowded places, have some thoughts for other’s privacy.

    Do not ride your bicycle in pedestrain path and ring your bell as if you have the right of way.

    etc. etc

    • Mel Chong said

      Wow! Really ah? Singaporeans do all that? Behave like citizens of a first world country? You know, for a while there, I thought you were being sarcastic. Are you?

  4. Write said

    What kind of blog is this ? and how can our Temasek times post such shameful writeouts to mislead the crowd ? It should be reivewed and removed! This is called ingrate of government to sponsor such people, calling the country people with irrelevant subject. Is he out of his brian ?

  5. PRC Sucks said

    MOE should review such candidates and send them back to their dog shacks !

  6. Bex said

    How come Singaporeans can complain about aunties and uncles snatching seats and being ungracious and it’s okay, but other people can’t observe and feel the same?
    PRCs actually contribute a lot to Singapore; we shouldn’t write them off. Singapore isn’t spending money on them for nothing.

    • Celestine said

      Complaining and comment is normal. What the people are peeved about is the name calling. An entire nation with “dogs” more than humans?

      • musing said

        I second that about what Celestine said. It’s one thing to rave and rant about what pisses him off, but another to make such broad sweeping derogatory statement. So is that how he sees his peers, his college friends, his uni friends, his lecturers as well? All dogs?

      • Bex said

        Oh like no one has called China people dogs before. Do Singaporeans behave any better to show that they are not?

      • Rebecca Mah said

        You claimed that there are someone here who call Prc dogs, give me an incident, if u can’t recall a particular incident, I will have to say that you make it all up. I only remember a very recent case of a professor from China calling HongKong people dogs, He even made sarcastic comment about the people of HongKong and Singapore for too law abiding. It is funny though, this remark came out of the mouth of a person who was born in the era of communism. In that era, a person will get executed for going against the law.

    • Rebecca Mah said

      i guess you must be a PRC. Ya i agree, everybody complain, Singaporean or Prc, its human nature, but we don’t call people dogs especially not to the people who feed us, educate us and give us a roof over our head!

      • Bex said

        The moment I speak up for a PRC I’m one of them? This shows the narrow-mindedness and judgmental minds of people discriminating against China people. He has every right to say that when people here are rude, disrespectful and contemptuous.

    • Faithist said

      I think every country has their own share of not-so-nice people. Not everyone in China is an angel, so look at where u come from, and how it was made possible for u to come here, before calling people names. I’m working in a foreign country that i’m not exactly pleased in every single imaginable way but i respect that i am making a living off earning their dollars so i should respect their culture, people and society. If we leave it be, do u think his countrymen will judge us to be gracious people and hence respect us in return, or will they think ‘silence means consent’? We spend alot on these PRCs too, whether by bringing them here, or by investing in their country’s economy. They may be one of the countries with the lowest production cost but someone’s gotta buy those products in order for them to have a living! Please do not pluck words from the sky. Produce evidence that PRCs have contributed more than what Singapore has invested in them to prove that “Singapore isn’t spending money on them for nothing.”

      • Bex said

        So just because our tax money, which is going to be paid regardless of whether China people come or not, is going to funding their scholarships, which are not guaranteed to go to someone more deserving, we can treat them like we’re better than them? And they’re supposed to suck it up? All the insults and anger from Singaporeans. We judge them based on the country they come from. How is that reasonable? And we constantly hurl insults at them, refusing to consort with them. How can they learn? Any one needs guidance and when Singaporeans are shunning them, they have nothing to learn from but this scornful behavior. It’s like parents setting an example for their children. Okay, you want examples? Go to coffeeshops. Look at cleaners, professors, businessmen. Tell me they’ve done nothing.

      • Bei said

        There are some that people should not cross. Yes, we have no right to generalize them to behave in such a manner, but this incident did not just raise view points overnight, somehow their behavior must be replicating for us to experience such an overwhelming response. We are just trying to place a more severe opinion on such behavior.

    • shirley said

      It takes 2 palms to make a clap. Yes. There are singaporeans that generalise PRCs. But what makes them do so? Why aren’t them hurling insults on those ang-mohs, koreans, japanese?

      Just 2 cents worth of thoughts 🙂

    • kelvin lim said

      Since u PRC don’t like our country, why so many of u still here. Go BACK. no body forcing u to come over. Thick skin..

  7. 真卑鄙!街头不小心碰过的人登着你又怎么样?何必这么小气?

  8. Celestine said

    What is wrong with this boy? He says he bump into uncles accidentally and received glares. Well, why did he not apologize? Did he expect them to just ignore the incident, walk away or expect them to apologise to him instead? Those poor people must have been knocked hard, therefore explaining the grouchy aftermath. What an unapologetic, ignorant, ill-mannered, uncultured young man despite his studies! SINGAPORE – Please invest your money CAREFULLY!

  9. HJ said

    Government please look at what you have done. Getting foreign talent, fine. But they had turned Singapore into such places. Where’s your take? Are you sure people like this should be sponsor with scholarships?

  10. Fabian said

    i just sent an email to MOE regarding this matter…those who wish to do so may send your frustrations and concern to
    with more numbers we can bring this china-man down

    Mod’s note:

    Hi Fabian, can you paste your email here to share with our readers?

    • Rebecca Mah said

      why not Fabian, count me in, i am even thinking of reporting the matter to the police. In the past, when Singaporean called another Singapore name, we get punished by the court, I am not condoning name calling, but since the government is so quick in taking action against our people, i think they should do likewise to Sun Xu. There were numerous incidents of Prc calling us stupid, I remember one Prc, a scholar holder of a polytechnic even mocked and call our government stupid for granting them scholarship.Do u think I have a case? Any loyal Singaporean game to join me in filing a report?

      Mod’s note:

      Please post the reply from the authorities, if any here.

  11. HJ said

    Seriously. It’s just a bump, you ought to apologize isn’t it? Just where is your manner? It’s just like you run over someone, without stopping to save him. And next you could say us Dogs. You are “a thief calling someone else thief”. Maybe dogs meant you.

  12. K said

    Please do not compare PRC with dog!! Why? Cause they are not even qualify as one. Let said that they are in the same league as cockroaches, mosquitoes etc…

    孙苍蝇, 你撞到人都不会道歉,你妈没教你礼貌吗?还是你是个哑巴?

  13. ling said

    Obviously u bumped into people and never apologise that’s why people stared at u. Even if the person is wrong in staring u don’t comment people as dog . to think u receive so much education in Singapore, such a disgraceful young generation, go back to your own country.

    • T said

      Yes, I agree fully. If China all consist of such useless unethical people, it would not be what it is today, seriously speaking. Fortunately it is not so. This fellow should learn from the true talented people in Chinese cities like Qingdao. Majority are with the right attitude, are sincere kind and helpful even as they know that one is from Singapore, they were truly honored to extend their graciousness and so can be said to be more intelligent than this nonsense person. He should be ashamed he fall short of that, and CANNOT BE THE TRUE STANDARD of many people in China itself. When, I was in China, its something like I may encounter rude people only once a while. But back here in Singapore , almost 10 of 10 such types of prc hv idiotic behaviour problems. How many 1st gen new citizens volunteer for ns like Chen Show Mao? That speaks volumes of the standard n true attitude of such.By the way, my wife is from a Shandong city that is very near Qingdao. She too noticed this to be true.

  14. faz said

    Dog? Haha. Thats funny for a prc who cant speak proper english, smells irritating and only know how to complain. First is complain about curry smell and now calling us dog??! Wth.

    When they bump u, u shud most prolly say d most fav line dat most prc used, “sank u(thank u)”. Haa!

  15. Saiful Bahri said

    “Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof. Woof woof”.

    A dog’s country you say? Welcome to a dog’s world, where we bark and bite.
    Oh, you will apologise soon? Sorry, dogs dont understand human language, especially china mandarin. We’ll just bite you out of our society.
    Sincerely, a fellow Singaporean 🙂

  16. stormlab said


  17. Rebecca Mah said

    Dear Bex, i dare you give me your real name and contact. If you are a Singaporean and not a Prc then you are a traitor of all Singaporean. You have also betray your SINGAPAOREAN PARENTS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS because you agree with San Xu that we the People Of Singapore are dogs.

  18. shirley said

    What comes around, goes around. Its just wasted for our government to feed this kinda person. I won’t say all $36millions are wasted because there may be real hardworking china students here but this person who posted this simply don’t know manners. “Beat dog also need see the owner” , you’re in Singapore, yet you criticise Singaporeans. You bump into ppl yet you don’t apologise what do you think will make them don’t stare at you. The reputation of PRCs is being brought down by you this kinda person. Why isn’t anybody hurling insults at those caucasians, koreans, japanese, etc who study/work here too?

    • Rebecca Mah said

      i agree, there are hardworking China students here. Infact, i came across a couple of nice, friendly young people in the services sector, San Xu and the China professor are black sheeps,

      This is for you San Xu : if you have call us Singaporean, dogs, during your junior college days, I salute you. But you didn’t. You are a coward, why? because now that u are graduating and have gained valuable working experience from Schlumberger, You know that u can easily gets employment elsewhere, perhaps, the U.S.,you turned around and called the people who raise you and feed you, dogs. You came here because you know that you will be a nobody in China .Now you are going to be a well educated professional and when your children enjoy the finer things in life, don,t forget to thanks us, the people of Singapore. Without us, your children will be the children of a labourer.

  19. Frankyms said

    Well said.well said.. Saying he himself dog. As so many thing such as himself coming to Singapore.. He kena stared and managed to still nv kena beaten considered very lucky. Sun’ if u don’t understand should I write in mandarin.?

    • 2123 said

      if you can, but i wish people will understand your mandarin, or only ur mother can understand u, please speak malay, you not even belongs to chinese. what are u ? go to look into the mirror pl

  20. “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer

    • “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer

      No, it does not mean you become a dog because you call others a dog… … but the decision and act of judging other and how you actually do it (words and references) define you!

      Either worse than a dog or better (normally worse), never the same! Cause i loves dogs! They are some of the most angelic creatures around! Ask Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer!

      “I believe in integrity. Dogs have it. Humans are sometimes lacking it.”
      ― Cesar Millan

      “Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking
      responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.”
      ― Cesar Millan

      “There is no such thing as a problem breed. However, there is no shortage of ‘problem owners’….”
      ― Cesar Millan

      “I’ll believe it if I see it” for dogs translates to “I’ll believe it if I smell it.” So don’t bother yelling at them; it’s the energy and scent they pay attention to, not your words.”
      ― Cesar Millan

      • one last point. anyone trying to judge another here IS defining himself/herself, so i am honestly not taking sides.

        However, i do like to ‘question’ the ‘problem owners’… … in this case, not another someone… … but an organization.

        ‘Problem owners’ often forgets to take control and become the leader of the pack and forgets to ‘touch’ the doggy when you want him to realize it is not okay.

  21. Samuel Lee said

    If we are dogs they are worst, at least we don’t run over a child twice and leave her to die so is that to say they 连狗都不如

  22. Chris said

    I dare say Bex will NEVER ever put his/her REAL contact out here.

    • Rebecca Mah said

      Another coward!

      • Foreigntalent said

        I am so proud of you for creating an environment in which people are scared of expressing their opinions (I am talking about bex, not sun xu). Well done, Chris and Rebecca! You two remind me of the “red guard of mao” during cultural revolution.

  23. Lisa said

    Sporeans are & alwiz be u immigrants dont mess around..

  24. Rebecca Mah said

    Hey, teachers, lecturers, peers, college friends, uni friends, Sun Xu is calling you dogs!

  25. WEE said

    After all singaporean citizenship is high class ,LET not argue with all those low class ppl which will only spolit our image. but this post is really too much i think MOE should really review what type of quality ppls are there recuiting in and lastly PRC ppl just behave like dogs or rather pig just forgive them and maintain our standard as a singaporean.

  26. George said

    Mr Sun Xu, if you don’t like what you are seeing in Singapore, then just terminate your studies and scholarship and then go back to your mainland. You are free to go away. As simple as that. Also, don’t forget that Singapore is not only the barbaric nation (as you had perceived), please remember that your homeland, People’s Republic of China, is also equally barbaric and ruthless in its own right. Period.

    By a local Singaporean Chinese student in NUS.

  27. jess said

    Send him back to China pls

  28. J said

    that is how short sighted PAP goverment are in investing in overseas workers and not invest more in Singaporeans…. why? because the PAP firmly believe investing in a creative and open minded singaporeans would eventually post a risk to the hard line goverment policy…. in other words., PAP wants to retain a submisive local population….. this has to stop! Singapore for singapreans~!!!

  29. J said

    @ George ! Cannot agree enough! the use of chinese companies to use slave labour to make iphones and ipads… goes to show how screw up the prc chinese people are…. how many millions of chinese are exploited and used by fellow chinese to get rich…. DOG EAT DOG!!!

  30. LimSG said

    I duly remembered a article on CNA from Minister Grace Foo stating Singaporeans …. that we must adapt and learn to manage social diversity” CNA 18 Feb 2012.

    I now want to ask what is being done at the University Mgmt Disciplinary Board to step forward that such conduct by a student is not on par of such an prestigious centre of learning. Everybody is entitled to some level of personal space and we too have been told time and again to accommodate our “newly arrived populace, be it Indians, Chinese, Caucasians, etc”. If the NUS Mgmt issues him a grade of good conduct upon graduation, then it is very questionable what the level of acceptance is. NUS surely must uphold its reputation, whether it is Chinese or Singaporean.

    Secondly, I would like Schlumberger (or potential employer) to review this candidate potential. Is this highly educated candidate with a faulted perspective someone you want in your team ? or as an employee ? or somebody you want to do business with ? I know for sure half of those answers about character and teamwork in the Application Form would be falsely represented.

    Lastly, let this blog go to China and reaches the ears of his parents. If I am the parent, I would be too ashamed of him with such behavior in a foreign country. It is a disgrace to those around him and a let down for his parents. This is the basic mantra of the rich and strong Chinese Culture, which ever your nationality is.

    To all employers and citizens of Singapore, put this name on your watch list. Let this stain stay with him until he repents and apologize. Having the courage to own up and admit to a fault makes him a better man.

    To the Government, adaptation and managing diversity has to be from both sides. You need to look into this show to your citizens that we matters.

  31. 2123 said

    come on, if all PRC get out of this small island, the tiny island will really sink, who will go to ur casinos ? who will buy ur products in your shop ? Sg government never spend even one cent on foreigners, they just tap them dry, PRC give u singapore more than they take from u. So shut ur bloody mouth up, stupid singaporean!

    • Damon Capo Milano said

      Who will go to your casino?
      Ans : malaysians

      who will buy ur products in your shop ?
      Ans : people who r not PRCs

      “Sg government never spend even one cent on foreigners, they just tap them dry”

      Ans : This sentence doesnt make sense

      “PRC give u singapore more than they take from u”

      Ans : agreed. More shit, that is.

      “So shut ur bloody mouth up, stupid singaporean!”

      Ans : ummmm….NO.

      If you think we Singaporeans are stupid, tell PRC students to go to schools in China & not Singapore. For all i care i say this to you PARTICULARLY :

      Fûčk öff & have a nice day, immigrant lover.

  32. NEWSHL said

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong about commenting how ungracious the “gangster singapore uncles” are, but leave the word “dogs” to the back of your throat, please. There aren’t human-turned-dogs in singapore or in hongkong. Seems like these people have something against dogs in general.

  33. Super Stud said

    to 2123

    And who will screw all the PRC girls at Geylang, all the PRC study mamas or all the PRC bar girls. Yes, I will miss them. In the last month I have screwed 6 PRC girls and they are so good and cheap. In fact one was so good she recommended her sister to me too, now I am in PRC wonderland

    • Damon Capo Milano said

      Good on ya!

    • NEWSHL said

      lol. I see an eminent storm brewing. Why should the Chinese be so hostile towards Singaporeans and Singaporeans unaccepting towards the Chinese? Since both need each other, let’s live and let live.

      • Sandzman said

        The world would be a perfect place if that were to happen. PRC immigrants, like India and Pinoy immigrants are generally viewed as scourge and invading pests. The PRCs are using our country as a jumping board, taking away chances which we locals have to fight for. Imagine you are a male poly grad, the next step in life is 2 yrs in NS protecting a nation which has since become infested by FTrash and an uncertain future whereby a University education is not guaranteed, a hefty tuition loan is waiting and a cut throat $1800 salary for a degree holder which might be taken by an FT a midst all the inflation and competition. FTs not only adversely affect education, they affect the job market and even now they are fighting with us for housing, pushing the prices for housing to a ridiculous high and leaving newly weds high and dry. Its a chain effect, without a good paying job, high inflation and ridiculous housing prices, lesser people will be ABLE- note that it is able and not want to, because I sure people would want to settle down if they met their soulmate- to marry. And if marriage is not happening, then of course there would be lesser birth and when that happens, our year-end bonus, KPI driven ministers and politicians will back more FTs to come in and continue the cycle.

        Now tell me why we have to accept all the FTs who are effectively ruining the future of our offsprings just because someone decided that hitting a KPI for GDP is more important. Singapore will soon be an unpleasant place to raise children in, with all the FT, the competition and the high cost of living, low pay all giving rise to a higher level of stress, and it all starts because someone decided on the ultra liberal immigration policy.

  34. […] Re: Invasion ? “More dogs than humans in Singapore” – NUS PRC student’s comments spark outc… […]

  35. abc said

    :-More Dogs than Humans in Singapore~
    :-More Foreigners than Singaporeans…

  36. DogLover said

    Scholar , u better watch ur words. Gang leaders a lot is uncle, wait they tabao u back to ur homeland in pieces !

  37. anon said

    Isn’t this where govt has let Singaporeans down?

    Indiscriminate ‘distribution’ of our scarce resources to foreigners who deep down are only here for themselves at our expense.

    It is a cruel irony that while the govt provides places to foreigners in our top schools and institutions at the expense of Singaporeans who lose out as a result of this policy, the recipients include INGRATES with suspect moral values who harbour NO RESPECT for our people and in fact despised us.

    No only did this chap not apologise he actually belittle Singaporeans further by saying it is only a small matter. That may be so in some quarters of China Chinese society, this is Singapore. Isn’t it about time that Singaporeans with a sense of pride do a LKY “meet you in a cul de sac with hachet and knuckle dusters drawn” on him and others like him to teach them a lesson in civility?

  38. Ben Chong said


  39. Ken said

    The FTs got the right of way on the road and pedestrian walk? They are entitled to sit on the reserved seats on buses and trains? They are allowed to voice out their thoughts loudly in public places or transport? Can they also called us as dogs through Internet? Pls advise

  40. Iamsingaporean said

    Calm down…I am a Singaporean and yes, it really is irresponsible of anyone (be it MOE scholar, foreigner or PRs) to be calling us dogs.

    While we are angry at this 1 irresponsible person, don’t lump the rest of the people from China as the same black sheep. I know of many foreigners who are ashamed of this type of behavior from their fellow countrymen. Us Singaporeans need not stoop to the same low by using threats and posting rather irresponsible remarks. Make our feelings objectively known and I am sure the police or which ever authorities will deal with this person

    Agree that MOE really needs to evaluate properly who they award scholarships to.

    Thanks for reading

  41. lailolailo said

    swallow your balls or let the dogs eat la boy.. why say at blog? tell that to the uncle la.. see tomorrow u go school or not..

  42. T said

    More to add. Verily, if this fellow still do not apologize, then really his whole integrity and person is called into question. If any upright and self respecting person happens to make a mistake of namecalling momentarily at the “heat” of the moment, they will still apologize if he is a true person of worth and a gentleman.It is clear he is stubborn and do not do so even as he would come to know of the many Singaporeans replies. NO STANDARD, CLEARLY.He should be ASHAMED EVEN IF HE DO NOT ADMIT IT, and his family should not feel proud of him. Either he do not have adequate iq or the attitude is unsound. It is either, and plain for all to see.

  43. T said

    By the way, if all people in China were like him, China would not be what it is today. He should learn from truly talented and gracious people like in Qingdao , where majority are sincere, kind and helpful. Such is a standard, not him. My wife is from a city near Qingdao and she agrees so. In Singapore almost 10 of 10 of such prc hv less than desirable characters.

  44. Allgooner said

    This is big slap to the stupid “schorlarship program” through which we have seen the government donate precious resources to these ungreatful FT’s.

    Sun Xu is not the only one behaving this way…take my word for it.

    This, along with Ho Ching re-appointment at Temasek, PAP you have lost my vote for the next election!!

  45. Joan said

    Singaporeans should compile ALL examples and incidents of ill-mannered and ungrateful FOREIGN TALENT — and submit to the Ministries of Home and FOREIGN Affairs and force their hand into taking action! Enough is enough… why are Singaporeans SECOND CLASS citizens in our own home country??

    Time and again, we see such ingrates who benefit from our society — full scholarship, good-paying jobs, no NS obligations…. Why are our own NSmen obligated to protect THESE VERY PEOPLE?! These ingrates wll be the first to flee the country in times of crisis! I would like to know how they are selected for our scholarship programs… how stringent are these interviews and tests that allow these ingrates to slip through?

    I hope in the next round of election, Singaporeans will wise up and vote the right party and show the ruling party that these FOREIGN TALENT they think so highly of, are slowly taking over the country. If this continues, in time, Singaporeans will no longer have a voice … as it is now, Singaporeans are cowering in fear of the government — a government which does not protect them! Perhaps Singaporeans can flee the country as refugees and seek asylum in other countries.

    It is no wonder we are now called STINKapore/SINKapore…. I dread to envision Singapore in the next 5 to 10 years…

  46. rjheli28 said

    NUS should just revoke the scholarship and send him back to china. All these JUNKS should go back to junk hole not stay here to pollute the environment!!!
    Stupid Ass go to HELL forever!

  47. hua10 said

    Reading thru comments made by Singaporeans on this incidents, I can feel how immature and snobbish they are…. It will take many more years for Singaporeans to behave like normal people!

  48. jon said

    Well done, this PRC just flaunted how incredibly retarded he is, out rightly discriminating SGers in our home soil. If you don’t like the people here, please demonstrate to be courteous enough to GTFO, and we would easily substitute you for a more worthy individual of the scholarship. In what position can we ask you to GTFO u might ask. On the very fact that we have vested efforts of 2 years NS, and the conspicuous fact that we were born and raised on these soils. Now be good and, ta-ta.

  49. thomasz said

    Why bother to look for NUS scholars from so far?
    Across the causeway, many grateful students waiting.

  50. […] Mainland Chinese student of National University of Singapore, Sun Xu, wrote on Weibo that “there are more dogs than humans here in Singapore“, and Singapore terminated his scholarship, fined him $3000 and required him to complete 3 […]

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