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Yaw Shin Leong’s ex-boss threatened to sue him for making defamatory remarks about him at work

Posted by temasektimes on February 20, 2012

A former boss of beleaguered ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong has accused him of being ‘unprofessional’ and having an ‘attitude problem’ at work and even once threatened to sue him over defamatory comments he made to others!

The former rising political star of the Workers Party was sacked by his party last week following which his seat in Hougang is vacated. His current whereabouts is unknown.

Mr Yaw worked as lecturer in economics in a private school for four months in 2008. According to his ex-boss who contacted a Chinese tabloid, Mr Yaw had a strange temperament and was hard to get along.

“Yaw Shin Leong has a lousy attitude. Whenever problems arose, he would ask his colleagues to help him settle such as taking over his lesson slots. If they are Teochews, he would say ‘we are teochew ran, ka ki ran lah’ or if they are Christians, ‘we are all brothers who should help one another,” he said.

He also revealed that Mr Yaw would surf the internet on his personal laptop during working hours and would shut it immediately when somebody walked past him.

After a few months, he lodged a complaint about Mr Yaw’s behavior to the school’s principal which led Mr Yaw to retaliate in kind by spreading malicious lies about him to other colleagues to undermine his standing with them.

“He finally stopped after I threatened to sue him. Perhaps he got wind that the school is preparing to sack him and he resigned abruptly a few days later,” he added.

The ex-boss was surprised when Mr Yaw was elected as Hougang MP last year:

“I was shocked that the Hougang residents actually voted for such an irresponsible chap. He might appear to be nice and friendly to them, but he is a completely different character at work. It is as if he has a split personality.”

Hoodwinked by the fiery speeches of Mr Yaw in Teochew during the election rallies and trusting the judgement of his mentor Low Thia Kiang, Hougang residents have been taken for a ride and now have to pay the price for their decision as Mr Yaw has now AWOLed and abandoned them after his alleged extra-marital affairs with party members were made public.



13 Responses to “Yaw Shin Leong’s ex-boss threatened to sue him for making defamatory remarks about him at work”

  1. What great timing.

  2. Roy said

    if his former boss had revealed this before the current saga then perhaps his words would have been more credible.

  3. Gail said

    Former Boss? No name, no company?

    Question: Where were all these ‘issues’ during GE?

    Unless you mention your sources, this is nothing but a bunch of lies. Now spill, what’s the ex-boss’ name?

  4. adrian said

    a political science graduate lecture economics? he did run his own company Eduhearts isnt it, how is it possible that he still teach at a private sch?

  5. danal said

    this always happen after the opposition won….we see it again n again…what a good story teller

  6. try harder please . . . . .

  7. Boon said

    This is just politics. Some supporters will always choose to blindly support their favourites under all circumstances, maybe it be WP’s or PAP’s.

  8. kaizhi said

    What are you trying to say about him without proof? You wrote this article because you know he is leaving singapore and wont sue you over this? Please think twice before making such a shallow article

  9. atonchia said

    落井下石。If this relvelation was really from his ex-boss, it also relveals a lot of this person character. Why reveal it only now?
    Even a person charged with murder will be given a trial for him to defend himself.

  10. […] […]

  11. Andy said

    Ex-Boss lan pah lah….. as good as TKSS until song-song. Pui …to the invisible ex-boss.

  12. And all the anonymous lovers, ex-lovers, gfs etc. His innocence would be more convincing if he didn’t go into hiding. The public (especially the female population) has already found him guilty. It’s trashy tabloid journalism, but the intended effect has been achieved.

  13. dont’ waste your time

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