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Celebrity Tay Ping Hui scolds NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu: You are an impertinent ingrate!

Posted by temasektimes on February 21, 2012

While NUS continues to act blur on its PRC scholar Sun Xu’s insensitive remarks made on his microblog ‘Weibo’, more and more Singaporeans are stepping forward to condemn him, including Young PAP member and celebrity Tay Ping Hui.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore.”

When asked about the controversy by a Chinese tabloid, Sun replied nonchalantly without offering a public apology or showing any signs of remorse:

“I am only complaining. It is just a small matter and I do not want to blow it up. Anyway, I have already deleted the comment.”

In his tweet this morning, Tay Ping Hui wrote:

“I take offence when an impertinent ingrate educated by SG taxes can turn around and call Singaporeans dogs.”

According to information posted on his linkedin account before it was taken down, Sun Xu came to study in Singapore in 2006 on a MOE scholarship for students from China.

After graduating from Raffles Junior College in 2008, he went on to study Mechanical Engineering at NUS, also on an undergraduate scholarship provided for by the Singapore government. He is currently on attachment at Schlumberger, an international oilfield services company and is expected to graduate this year.

During a parliamentary session this week, it was revealed that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

Foreign scholars like Sun Xu at NUS and other Singapore universities have their tuition fees and living expenses all covered by their scholarships. They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service unlike male Singapore citizens who are burdened with a hefty tuition loan and rendered uncompetitive in the job market by their mandatory reservist obligations such as IPPT and in-camp training.


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47 Responses to “Celebrity Tay Ping Hui scolds NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu: You are an impertinent ingrate!”

  1. Tan Chow Hong said

    I should say we don own them anything or a living. You come here and go by the law and culture here. Sun Xu’s first Sentence was ok to much of Singaporeans here but i don like the last statement that he made as the population in Singapore is 5,183,700 of which 3,257,000 are Singapore citizens and the rest are PRs, S Pass holders, etc. When Sun Xu wrote that comment, i believe he was implying that Singapore Citizens are mostly dogs. He can’t be scolding foreigners as he was also a PRC.

    So all the people think of what he say using the population in Singapore. How would you feel? How would our future think of us?
    Is this going to continue on if we don take any action against such comments from the foreigners or anyone?

  2. Adrian said

    Hahaha…. if you look at it at another angle, the guy is scolding himself…. well… we all know there are more foreigners in Singapore and then singaporean … so if he say there are more dogs than human in Singapore . Isn’t that slapping himself on the face…

    That was really smart…of him . PRC Scholar ?

  3. […] […]

  4. You know what I mean said

    That Sun Biaozi must be shot.

  5. It high time our beloved garment do something about all the PRC scholars! What so great about them??? Most of them can’t even speak proper English. Why waste our hard earn tax money on these foreigners who insulted our country and have no intention to stay here for long term?

    Please use your brain!

  6. shaun said

    oh. So this is where 2 years of my life and my tax went…. To pay for an ungrateful prick’s education. He should be appreciative of the master’s hand which feeds the dog.

    As our prc scholar puts it; i’m Just Complaining….

  7. kim said

    interesting remarks because his incident is a common occurence in his own country.. even worse is they think u r deaf n will shout at you.. i suppose he is really remarking on his own countrymen or did he leave for too long that he cant rem?

  8. Daniel said

    don’t wast time with them, if they are truly talented, they will not be here, they basically cannot survive in their home land, and pick up by us that make noise here, true talent does not need to go anywhere out of their country.

  9. Sgcynic said

    We have the right to decide how to spend our tax dollars, and to withdraw funding at any time we choose – now!

  10. Rose Noronha said

    Well Said ! Tan Ping Hui.
    Hope D govt realised that we so called
    ” singapore dogs” are serving this foreigners
    And feeding our future to them.
    Feel sorry for our Young, totally encourage them to leave this place, because there is no
    Room anymore.
    So tell me, why should we let our sons to do
    National Service???

  11. Frances said

    Perhaps, we should consider again if we should grant scholarship to foreign students. sponsor & educate them then get such remarks. this guy may just be one black sheep but it already reflects badly on the rest of foreign students. Sun Xu, u r a disgrace to ur country. Removing ur comment is a must but offering a public apology is also a must, else, u r deemed not only an ingrate but also ill breed. u r not fit to receive the scholarship.

    • Luffy said

      its not just one black sheeps
      there’s actually a hell loads
      though some of them are good humans
      its just that this black sheep doesn’t think before commenting and its on facebook where alot of people all over the world gathers and see how shameful and ungrateful brat this guy is.

  12. deathprelude said

    Check out his wall. As if apology will help, since he’s a chinese SCHOLAR. He should know what is the meaning of Huo Chong Kou Chu. You’ll be condemned for life Sun Xu, it’ll be worse than jailtime. There’s Yellow Ribbon Project for ex-offenders, but wang xiang there’ll be one for you.

    • Andrew Chen said

      Faced with the threat of NUS the investigation no doubt. Canned apology. What a dickweed.

    • Luffy said

      he should get fine or striped off his scholarship
      just like any of the singaporeans may get when doing this.

      • Arjun said

        U see… he isn’t Singaporean, so his treatment won’t be so bad. U guys still don’t see the double standards in your own country unfortunately 😦

        His apology is so run of the mill. U know its not really coming from the heart. He just scared to lose his scholarship. I hope he loses it though. I am no Singaporean but then I wasn’t a scholar and never “ate” the taxpayers money. In fact I paid tax and contributed to the economy too. And I am grateful for SG to have given been shelter and for the country’s contribution to my character. Be it good or bad.

      • Luffy said

        sorry to say i do see it arjun
        another fine example which will be clear enough would be
        when commit murder in own country => jail
        but when commit murder in other’s country => fine only?
        sorry to say but no it would still be the same as JAIL

        so whats the differences between the treatment? it should be equal especially when singapore don’t even allow racism=.=
        and if people like arjun you do good and stuff you will certainly be reward for what you contribute though there’s a limit like.. maybe a mp or something

  13. Katherine Chua said

    Sun Xu’s scholarship should be cancel off, in return the government should ask Sun Xu to pay the lump sum back to the government as he is not appreciative what is being sponsor and call us Singaporeans as dogs.

    Next he should offer a public apology through media, facebook and his microblog.

    This is not acceptable even though he deleted his comment.

  14. Ming said

    dunno who is the dog. in this case, I see sunxu as the dog who bites the human hand that feeds him.

    imagine people like him coming to Singapore, and in turn telling his people back home in china how he views Singapore in his weibo remarks. and all the while we pay and support him to continue living off us, and continue tainting our image to others?

    revoke his scholarship and send him packing home pls. Singapore is a very small HDB flat. cannot keep too many ungrateful, impertinent, insulting and rude mongrels.

  15. Ming said

    does our government realize that they themselves are included in the “dog” comment? now can we send him home please?

    • Luffy said

      ahaha the problem is they are so dense TILL the mp also cover and defend for him
      dense till kena insult also dono
      Zai gov only know how to keep earning money by increasing GST RIGHT?
      just like NKF eat money for free
      only 1% or so is used for the actual fact

  16. Keroangel said

    F**k e FT! Use our tax $$$ & dare to bark ard!! Thumb up for Tay ping hui!

  17. we shld engage Drew & Napier or Lee & Lee to sue that bugger for degratory remarks against us, claim back all the tax payers’ money that pays his scholarship with 2.5% interest.

  18. PRC Sluta & Bastards said

    U know why we are labelled as dogs?? Becoz we are so obedient till when we lost big time in our investment in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park), we still shut our mouth n dare not “bark” at the Communist ruler…. Even our big towkay, Unlcle Lee, also LPPL….. also suck thumb n let them copy n build their own SIP version with only a fraction of what we have invested there….. That’s why all these Chinese Communists Pigs (CCP) are so ungreatful……. They think we, Singaporeans, born here, breed here and live here, r nice to be bully n fool around like clowns….. But I m no small time push-overs….. For instance, there was 1 PRC bitch ex-colleague of mine, who got her PR, and I happen to know here salary was $5K per month as an Accountant, she can jolly insult and say her pay is like peanuts and if back in China, she can earn more than what she earns here…. I was like: WTF, and I tell her, if Singapore is so bad and lousy, then fuck off and pack up and head straight home to bury yourself with the remaining 1.3 billion CCPs…… Don,t come to Singapore and make so much without any significant contributions, unlike our forefathers who came from China few generations ago to make a difference in Singapore’s economy back then…… Don’t understand why the CCPs who study so much, but had disappointed and failed Confuious idelogoy in being greatful to the master who feed you n rise u to who u r today…. Totally depise all these ungreatful bastards……

  19. Hate Them said

    I just can’t believe this my tax money which I been paying all this time goes to all this bastard.. The government should sponsor us instead of them n secure a better job for our future generation not them.. I hope the government will looked into it..

  20. Danny said

    MP Baey, I think you’re a fucking ingrate too, defending that arse of a “scholar”. More like a street thug. & our wonderful civil service thinks it’s worth spending Singapore’s money on them. Just what are they thinking?? I refuse to believe that amongst our 3.3million SINGAPOREAN CITIZENS, we can’t find a replacement or a better person to invest in. PM Lee, I suggest you watch 300. Invest in OUR people first. We can be the 300 warriors to withstand the waves of international challenges, instead of hiring mercenaries like that dog of a PRC scholar. Yes I called him a dog. & I don’t mince my words MP Baey. Sue me.

  21. Chris Sew said

    Sunxu’s scholarship should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY. We Singaporean no longer welcome an ungrateful person in our Singapore soil. Go home since he is unhappy in our country.
    The damage is done. No apology can reverse the emotional
    situation. We don’t need insult. Remember, we are proud Singaporeans.

  22. We the Citizen of Singapore said

    Those Uncles paid taxes and support your Scholarship, uou ingrate, Sun Xu.

    • cash said

      I wonder how many of these “uncles” actually paid taxes. Most uncles that are as barbaric as described by Sun Xu do not make more than $20K / annum so they don’t really pay taxes. So maybe those uncles should just keep quiet. If those uncles make more than $20K / annum, one assumes that they will be better educated and therefore should not be as barbaric? In any event, there are many many barbaric people in Singapore – if you want to save money and take public transport, accept the fact that you will be jostled, and stop complaining!

      • just replying to someone that doesn't understand taxes.... said

        cash are you seriously blur?
        THOSE TAX are GST and its 7% all the increasing GST is for these type of people
        doesn’t make sense does it?.
        even a poor family of 1k monthly income also have to forke out 7% of what is needed to buy daily needs and stuffs =.=
        you yourself also pasy the tax everytime you buy something.
        you reply without knowing anything…are you a serious or making a joke??

        I say Ping Hui did a very good job in disciplining Sun Xu
        though he doesn’t realise his own fault/mistake since he didn’t even want to apologize for knocking others.
        [my 2 cent] i doubt whatever apologies from him are unsincered.

      • cash said

        Go and check your GST rebates before you talk lah. I am Singaporean. My grandfather came from Fujian, because he was smart and driven to succeed. Have you seen the standard of local Singaporean uni students? A large percentage of of the younger generation is spoilt and lazy, and they would rather go clubbing than do schoolwork. Many PRCs are smart and driven, that’s why they are given scholarships in SG. Our best students are given scholarships to USA, some on US funded scholarships. But they are expected to return to SG to avoid “brain drain”. What’s there to complain about?

        In any event, I wasn’t complaining about taxes – I was saying that we Singaporeans should take a good hard look at ourselves and stop being barbaric. We complain that PRCs are barbaric – what about ourselves? I see SG aunties clipping fingernails on MRT, spraying nails everywhere. Wah. Lao. Eh.

      • replying again said

        you don’t understand do you? as long as you pay GST you are paying the TAX!
        unless you don’t buy your daily needs and just live on without buying anything
        but thats impossible so basically you don’t really know that tax is actually paid by everyone including you
        and i don’t see the link of what you say about your blah balh blah about brain drain
        all i said was that everyone PAID TAX since you seems to think that some people don’t pay?
        well your wrong i also know how to say?
        clipping fingernails? sorry hor that 1 everywhere also have =.=
        stop being barbaric? but wait a min barbaric and insulting people are 2 totally different thing

        lets say i knock into you
        without saying anything i scold your country dog
        you like it? guess you do then=.=
        but if your just those rude people that scold even when i said sorry
        well yes thats call rude but you STILL DON’T INSULT A PEOPLE LET ALONE A COUNTRY.

        please remember to differenciate while i replied to your comment and what you replying with? thats totally almost no link at all [i didn’t even talk about your complain with gst? you didn’t complain in the 1st place] all you did is you don’t know gst are paid by everyone.
        please also differenciate about insulting and barbaric
        those 2 are world aparts

  23. cash said

    Maybe Tay Ping Hui should just keep his mouth shut since he doesn’t take public transport. I take public transport and people often shoot dirty looks at other people around them and complain when they get jostled – if you want to save money and take public transport, accept the fact that you will be jostled, and stop complaining!

  24. Karen said

    Following the news of Sun Xu too. My thoughts were detailed at my blog yesterday as I was thinking about it. I felt compelled to write. There is no doubt that Sun Xu is bright but I question how he still had a full scholarship. I can understand that screening itself cannot detect one’s character. Its often hard as many of this smart individuals could feign their way through. But I believe there is a trend rising that more foreign students are merely using us. I will leave my blog of thoughts to illustrate more:

    Mod’s note:

    A good article. Can we reproduce it on our site with a link to your blog?

    • @Karen_Fu said

      To moderator: yes, you have my permission to reproduce it on your site with a link to my blog. Please kindly email me or message me via blog of the link that you use and on which part of the site. Thanks.

  25. cash said

    I am Singaporean. My grandfather came from Fujian, because he was smart and driven to succeed. Have you seen the standard of local Singaporean uni students? A large percentage of of the younger generation is spoilt and lazy, and they would rather go clubbing than do schoolwork. Many PRCs are smart and driven, that’s why they are given scholarships in SG. Our best students are given scholarships to USA, but are expected to return to SG after graduation to avoid “brain drain”. Fair is fair. What’s there to complain about? Only losers like Alex Tan who can’t get a local uni degree. GO OVERSEAS LAH ALEX TAN!!!

  26. Aberdyn said

    The Singapore government, in particular the higher learning institutions like all universities and polytechnics in the country should have a more stricter criteria for foreign students before they are allowed and awarded any scholarship in Singapore. The institution concerned must imposed stringent guidelines to these foreign students. The panel who conducted interviews on these foreign students should check them throughly before they are awarded any scholarship here. Make sure they are of good behavior with high moral standings.

    This is to encourage that only good manners and humble peoples are in our educational institution, and furthermore they are here on a Singapore government scholarship.

    We do not want who are here for a free ride and taking advantage and exploits the good gestures of Singapore in giving them quality education with a lot of monies spent on them.

    Only bonafides foreign student be allowed to pursue their studies here. The ministry of education should look into it very seriously and carefully before foreign students are let in here.

  27. RuTing said

    Get him out of Singapore

  28. prc said

    Brainless PRC dog barking!

  29. passerby said

    lol chill leh.. if sgreans treat FTs with respect.. den i gt nth to say..

    it goes both ways ppl.. sure got some black sheep one la

  30. passingby said

    Let’s face the fact, nowadays, you can see a lot of anti-PRC ppl in the internet, especially local forums. do these anti-PRC ppl really care about their country and the society? I dont think so, they are complaining just like what other countries’ ppl are doing, when the cost of living is raising, work stress and personal matters make them frustrated, always, the immigrant is the first one being arrowed, and they are being placed under the spot light and micro scope. When the very minority of PRC said or did something stupid, or offensive, it became all PRC’s behavior. Be honest to yourself, you must know few PRCs around you, are they really like what is being described in the forum? They are also human, make mistake, feel frustrated sometimes, you cannot ask them act like holly god, because they are immigrant.
    Let’s think about it, does Singapore really need immigrant? As matter of fact, across all the industries and sectors, most of the management positions and commercial positions are still occupied by Singaporean, and majority of immigrant are working in technical areas, where most of the Singapore youngsters are refused to work in, and not interested in. Without enough foreigner engineers, technicians, researchers, all the foreign investment will be gone. Singapore has no natural resources, has no high tech, what do you think foreign investors invest for? Well, you can see, local ppl are not willing to work in engineering area, it is because low pay and heavy work load. Okay, raise pay, do you really possibly think all local ppl capable and hardworking enough to do all the jobs? You have to admit, not all Singaporean can go into universities, and Singaporean population is increasing very slowly.

  31. Brenda Ang said

    Well said Ping Hui, you totally represented what most Singaporean wanted to say and do. U have our full support. Our government should really do something, shouldnt let Sun Xu, this kind of ungrateful people to continue using our money n enjoy life here.

    Ping Hui, thank you for standing up for Singaporean 🙂

  32. ChrisT2 said

    IT’S NOT AN INSULT but a compliment, dogs are beautiful companions & loyal friends just ask any person whose human friends have long abandoned them.

    Humans would do well to model their relationship with each-other on & be the kind of friend that an animal companion is. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be the only species on the planet that wages war!!

  33. ChrisT2 said


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