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‘Hougang residents do not have an elected MP, thanks to the Workers’ Party’ – Toh Cheong Seong

Posted by temasektimes on February 21, 2012

An obviously peeved Singaporean Toh Cheong Seong has written to the Straits Times Forum today laying blame solely on the Workers Party for causing Hougang residents to be deprived of an elected MP to serve them.

The Hougang seat has been vacated as its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong continues to be ‘missing in action’ after being sacked by his party last week for his refusal to address allegations about his extra-marital affairs with a few married women, including fellow party colleagues and a neighbor from mainland China.

Mincing no words, Mr Toh accused the Workers Party of gross negligence and carelessness in fielding Mr Yaw in Hougang:

“The Workers’ Party failed to conduct a thorough backgound check on its party member, Mr Yaw Shin Leong, who won Hougang, expelled him when he became a liability, and now expects the Government to pony up public resources for another round of voting.”

He also criticized the initial ‘wall of silence’ erected by WP leaders around Mr Yaw’s alleged affairs before finally succumbing to public pressure to sack him:

“WP leaders like secretary-general Low and party chairman Sylvia Lim even celebrated the Chinese New Year cheerfully with Mr Yaw and Hougang constituents as if nothing was amiss. Only when fresh sexual allegations against Mr Yaw threatened to drag the party further into the mud did the WP finally succumb to calls for transparency and accountability.”

Mr Toh ended his letter by calling on the Workers Party to clear up the ‘mess’ it created instead of calling on the government to call for a by-election:

“Hougang residents do not have an elected MP, thanks to the Workers’ Party. The onus is on the party to make it up to these voters. There is no urgency for a by-election in Hougang when the Government must attend to more pressing issues that affect the entire nation.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has earlier said that there is no fixed time-line during which a by-election must be called and he has to consider the matter carefully as there are many more important issues on the national agenda right now for him to handle.


3 Responses to “‘Hougang residents do not have an elected MP, thanks to the Workers’ Party’ – Toh Cheong Seong”

  1. RC said

    The PM drags his feet over by-election and he blames WP for it? I wonder what he said when a PAP MP passed away few years back and no by-election was called.

  2. A Singaporean said

    By-election is for those who are living in SMC and in GRC will be shared by his fellow group mates. So should Hougang and Poton Pasir merge to form a two-man GRC?

  3. Ant said

    Mr. Toh, can you honestly say that you are qualified to cast the first stone?

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