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Low Thia Kiang to ex-PAP MP: I am a MP, not a Private Investigator!

Posted by temasektimes on February 21, 2012

Embattled WP Secretary-General Low Thia Kiang, who has come under increasing fire of late for his error in judgement in fielding protege Yaw Shin Leong in Hougang, has sought to distance himself from him.

Mr Yaw was unceremoniously sacked from the Workers Party last week for refusing to address allegations about his infidelity. His current whereabouts is unknown and he reportedly left his wife behind to tie up the loose ends in the handover of Hougang affairs to other party members.

In response to queries from ex-PAP MP Ho Kah Leong on Zaobao forum on the Workers Party’s selection process, Mr Low admits that he and his party’s election committee had ‘absolutely no idea’ of the alleged extramarital affairs of sacked member Yaw Shin Leong when they decided to field him as a candidate in Hougang during the 2011 General Election.

“Even though I was familiar with Yaw Shin Leong’s background and I have met his family and attended his two wedding ceremonies, I have no way and no authority to inspect his private matters and personal life. I am a Member of Parliament, not a private investigator!” Mr Low wrote in his reply, trying hard to evade his responsibility for fielding Low.

He added in a defiant tone:

“Mr Ho Kah Leong said I should take responsibility for the Yaw Shin Leong saga. May I ask how I should take responsibility?”

However, according to a former WP member who spoke on the condition of anonymity, it is ‘impossible’ that Mr Low is not aware of Mr Yaw’s alleged flings and extra-marital affairs.

“The WP is a closely-knitted community. Everybody knows the family of one another. Yaw was in WP for over ten years where he was rumored to have a few relationships, confirmed or not with junior female members. His present wife was his polling agent in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 06 election. Tongues do wag, how can Mr Low not hear the rumors?”

Our source also revealed that the decision to field Mr Yaw in Hougang was not unanimous and at least one senior leader pushed for the candidacy of Koh Choong Yong, also a Teochew:

“Koh was older than Yaw and joined the party at the same time as him. In the end, Yaw probably gets the nod from the boss because he was his ai4 tu2 (beloved disciple)”

When the scandal erupted, the Workers Party leadership initially rally around Mr Yaw and refused to comment on the rumors till it made an abrupt U-turn to sack him a month later after more of his ‘affairs’ were exposed and threatened to drag the entire party into the mud.


4 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang to ex-PAP MP: I am a MP, not a Private Investigator!”

  1. Gail said

    ” Tongues do wag, how can Mr Low not hear the rumors?”

    So why didn’t anyone hear these so-called rumors during GE? Making stuff up again eh?

  2. Sean said

    Did anyone hold MM Lee responsible when the former Minister of National Development who committed suicide due to possible corruption? Or did anyone asked PM Lee to step down because his Ex-deputy Prime Minister didn’t do his job of containing Mas Selamat? The answer is “NO”. I don’t hold MM Lee and PM Lee responsible for the action of both of his subordinates. And why should Mr Low? And Yaw is only an MP, not even a Minister.

  3. V said

    Tai Long, Tai Long, Tai Long!!!!

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