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NUS Provost: I have ‘counselled’ our (beloved) PRC scholar Sun Xu

Posted by temasektimes on February 22, 2012

Despite receiving numerous complaints from Singaporeans, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has adamantly refused to take concrete disciplinary action against its beleaguered (or beloved?) PRC scholar Sun Xu for calling Singaporeans ‘dogs’ and other vulgarities which has triggered a public backlash in the last few days.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore.” on his microblog ‘Weibo’ last Saturday.

In the same thread, Sun used the term “瘪三” to describe Singapore uncles, which is a derogatory word typically used in Shanghai to describe the underclass bums in the society. It means a person who is a tramp, bum, beggar, drifter, loafer, outcast, vagrant, destitute and worthless person.

When told by a fellow netizen not to be too fussy, he replied:

“Bunch of 挫逼. My temper these days is already a lot better.”

挫逼” is a derogatory word commonly used in mainland China for cursing people, an equivalent of the Hokkien phrase ‘CCB’ used as a vulgarity in Singapore.

Speaking to queries from the media, NUS Provost Professor Tan Eng Chye said he has met with Sun Xu and ‘counselled’ him. He admitted that Sun had acted in a manner in breach of NUS’s code of student conduct and that a board of discipline will be convened to look into the matter without giving a specific timeline.

“All NUS students are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of the community they live in,” he said without condemning Sun’s behavior.

NUS’s tepid response to the fiasco is completely out of sync with public sentiments on the ground which has reached a boiling point over the apparently preferential treatment given to foreigners by the authorities, leading to some netizens to call for the NUS alumni to stop their donations to NUS.

misskaypoh posted on Hardwarezone forum:

“As a protest, my bro has stopped donating to NUS. He told the sch that he doesn’t want any foreigners to benefit from his donation. He’ll rather donate to organisations that help needy Singaporeans.”

saint17 added:

“NUS is taking a stand of ‘say say and’ things will blow over eventually.. since nobody will do anything to them..we should take a stand and stop all donations as a show of our anger..”

According to information posted on his linkedin account before it was taken down, Sun Xu came to study in Singapore in 2006 on a MOE scholarship for students from China.

After graduating from Raffles Junior College in 2008, he went on to study Mechanical Engineering at NUS, also on an undergraduate scholarship provided for by the Singapore government. He is currently on attachment at Schlumberger, an international oilfield services company and is expected to graduate this year.

During a parliamentary session this week, it was revealed that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

Foreign scholars like Sun Xu at NUS and other Singapore universities have their tuition fees and living expenses all covered by their scholarships. They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service unlike male Singapore citizens who are burdened with a hefty tuition loan and rendered uncompetitive in the job market by their mandatory reservist obligations such as IPPT and in-camp training.


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18 Responses to “NUS Provost: I have ‘counselled’ our (beloved) PRC scholar Sun Xu”

  1. mid said

    The arrogant kid still has not apologised. It seems he’s unrepentent. If so, what is the use of counselling him then? So that he could leech more of our taxpayers’ money??

  2. Tony Seow said

    Remember one thing, many of these professors in NUS think and brand themselves as elites in Singapore society, and they probably more often than not also look down on fellow Singaporeans who are not in the same league as they are. You think they will take actions against Sun…dream on! They will probably put on a show and let matters rest, after all, some of these professors think Singaporeans who didn’t made it like they had, are dogs as well!

    • Eliot said

      And do you have factual evidence to support your claims? Or is this just your way to over-compensate for your own low self-esteem stemming from a comparative lack of education? Deservedly going after the scholarship student for his comments is one thing, going after these professors just because of the chip on your shoulder is quite another. If you believe them to harbour attitudes of elitism, and hate them for it, maybe you should correct your own attitudes of militant finger-pointing first.

  3. Ant said

    well then… since he has had a “No Use Session”… the next step is to inform his attachment employers Schlumberger.
    they are an oilfield giant and they do have a code of ethics encompassing an international environment –

    -Including discussion of personal use of social networking and third-party web sites;
    -Expressly including respect of immigration laws;

    I am from the industry and know that after his attachment, he would probably get a job with them as an engineer or similar, and would make at least in the low 5-figures for a start.

    so the next step is for some one to inform his potential future employer of how wonderful their intern is

    • kkyz13 said

      Let’s hope the scholar never finds a job in our land.

      • Ant said


        The sad thing is that in the oil and gas industry, he does not need to find work here.
        But will get to work overseas and internationally.

        What I do not understand is why does a foreigner get a scholarship and internship like this and we don’t hear of it for locals?

  4. Some Fella said

    “guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service”

    There is no such thing as guaranteed, please get your facts right, you still have to find a job yourselves..not even the pass is guaranteed. Stop exaggerating things and making things up, that only shows you want to provoke and breed hatred. I dont really understand

    I dont condone what this PRC scholar has done. He is totally wrong, and Singaporeans deserve to be angry and mad. This fella is a total prick and deserve to be punished, and he should be deported for being totally ungrateful .However, you cant generalize the same behaviour across all scholars or international students. I have been here for quite some time. And yeah, i got a grant. I love living it here and i always try to blend in with my fellow Singaporeans and if possible, contribute to society and environment around me. So, sometimes it’s just a bit saddening to read all these hateful comments in TR or Yahoo. I never want to hurt any Singaporeans, so why dont we just live together side by side? Immigrants is a common problem in every first world country, so, yeah….

    • Daniel Yap said

      You’re welcome if you come on your own merits, work hard, respect our culture, carry your share of the burden and contribute to society. Such foreigners are welcome, especially those with talent.

      It is naturally infuriating, however, that a foreigner gets a free education, free living expenses, exemption from national service and takes up a precious place in our universities, especially when many Singaporeans are being pushed out of the education system and suffer the consequences. This is basically the government’s fault – who doesn’t want a free lunch?

      Much of this anger is towards the government and their unjust policies, but when a foreigner misbehaves, the anger will naturally boil over. If you are getting a good deal, keep quiet and behave well.

      Perhaps the best solution is for these scholarships to be significantly reduced, so that anger over such incidents is not so widespread.

    • Immigrant said

      I agree with SOME FELLA, while there are always a bunch of people among a group who are ignorant and inconsiderate, they are not effective representation of the whole immigrant group. The fact that they get full scholarships from the sg government show that there is a demand for scholars. Yes, it is ungrateful to put down sg in that way but hey, you can’t deport someone just because he is ungrateful right? If anyone who is caught complaining about the government on tape/ online should be deported/ expelled, then it just portrays sg as an intolerant country with no freedom of expression.
      Also, the scholarship policies were set by the government, so in analogy, you cant blame your neighbour if your mom/dad gives him/her more red pocket money than you on Chinese New Year right?

      • MadisonC said

        A gift that is met with insults and sneers, especially a gift paid for by the tax payers. I don’t see why his scholarship should not be revoked and he be immediately deported. This is our land, and our rules. Paid for by us Singaporeans. The very same people he insulted and called “DOGS!” He misbehaves and only received a slap on the hand. What message is being sent out to Singaporeans and foreigners? Not only is he depriving many capable Singaporeans from studying in our local universities, he is leeching onto us like a parasite. By not deporting him, foreigners will get the message that they can continue to abuse us and get away with it! This problem will escalate if not properly addressed. And no. A direct order from the PM will not solve anything. He is a public servant who likes to sue. He can cannot force public sentiments to turn favourably towards foreigners.

      • Daniel Yap said

        Stripping him of his scholarship is because he has breached the terms of his scholarship. Perfectly reasonable. We aren’t deporting him but since his pass will be cancelled, he has to LEAVE VOLUNTARILY or get a new pass. If he doesn’t leave he breaks the law and becomes an overstayer and will subsequently be deported.

        It’s not deportation, it is breach of scholarship terms. Therefore it is not an overreaction.

      • sil3ncer said

        If his comments and insults were to start off a riot (lets include that scenario though we know it will not happen), whose fault will it be and what will the government do about it? We’re talking about racial harmony? But we are allowing degrading comments running against us….typical NUS and yes MadisonC, i like ur PM Lee description (Y)

  5. Drogo said

    coming from a country where until now there are still people making fake milk powder….while calling others who are feeding you “DOGS” why not call yourself beast? Not even fit to be a dog.

  6. Those of us interested in getting this PRC’s scholarship revoked should write to:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Education, Singapore
    1 North Buona Vista Drive
    Singapore 138675

    and in addition, CC to:

    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    9 Engineering Drive 1
    Block EA, 07-08,
    Singapore 117576

    clearly indicating your displeasure of Sun Xu and his character.

  7. seah yang howe said

    balek kampong!go back to the land where you can spit freely on the floor, where you can get knock down and no one gives a shit about your miserable soul (There are 1.1 billion other ppl to replace your miserable soul)

  8. jgooi said

    this ingrate sun xu rot from its soul, not worth to keep even if he has the highest IQ in the world

    • sil3ncer said

      erm….IQ? is it even “real” coming from that kind of country in the first place…REAL and genuine people (incl. FT) DO NOT go around and act tough, because their humble deeds are enough to prove their worth..

  9. Absent Singaporean said

    1881年 上海外滩 (今称黄浦公园) ‘ 华人与狗不得入内 ‘ . 这是洋人称华人为狗。
    2012年 就读在新加坡中国天才 (孙旭)写到‘新加坡狗比人多’。这是华人称华人是狗。
    孙旭要是入了美国籍,定会说 ‘中国人狗都不如’

    1881 Shanghai outer shore (Now Whampo Garden ) ‘ Chinese and Dogs are not allowed to enter ‘.
    Foreigners calling Chinese Dogs.

    2012 Chinese scholar studying in Singapore wrote ‘ More dogs than humans in Singapore ‘.
    Chinese calling Chinese Dogs ( Singapore 75 % Chinese ) .

    If Scholar Sun Xu has an America Green card . What will he say ???
    I bet he’ll say ‘ Chinese worst off than Dogs ‘

    Chinese generation deteriorating !!!! We are becoming more and more ‘Dog ‘.

    Since ancient times, most country traitors and squanders of wealth , are those who has talent but little integrity.

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