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Yaw Shin Leong will not appeal against expulsion from the Workers Party

Posted by temasektimes on February 22, 2012

Former WP MP for Hougang Yaw Shin Leong will not be contesting his appeal against his expulsion from the Workers Party last week, which finally draws a curtain down to his tumultuous political career.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Michael Palmer announced today that Mr Yaw has written to the Clerk of Parliament to say he will not appeal against his expulsion from Workers’ Party and will vacate his MP seat for Hougang.

The seat for Hougang has been declared vacant from 14 February, which is the day Mr Yaw was expelled. Mr Yaw now holds the ‘record’ for being the MP with the shortest term in the history of Singapore, at only 283 days.

A rising star in the ranks of the Workers Party before his spectacular fall from grace, Mr Yaw was widely considered by many as the natural successor to his political mentor Low Thia Kiang who is now try desperately hard to distance himself from his disgraced protege.

Mr Yaw has been uncontactable since 15 February after which he was sacked from the party over his persistent refusal to address rumors about his alleged extra-marital affairs with a few married women, including a neighbor from China. He has left his wife behind to tie up the ‘loose ends’ and to hand over Hougang affairs to other party members on her own.

Though WP has been exerting pressure on the Prime Minister to call for an early by-election in Hougang, some Singaporeans felt there is no urgency to do so.

In a letter to the Straits Times Forum today, Ms Lim Siew Imm wrote:

“….the priority for the Government after the General Election is to take care of the challenging national and world issues rather than expend valuable time organising a by-election. Singapore has to be ahead at all times in order to survive. So, let us spend our precious time doing just that.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had earlier said he would need to consider the matter carefully as there is a lot on the National Agenda right now.


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