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Your view on whether MOE should revoke the scholarship of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu

Posted by temasektimes on February 22, 2012


87 Responses to “Your view on whether MOE should revoke the scholarship of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu”

  1. Samuel Ng said

    “honest” mistake? i laughed out loud really. that seems to be the in-word now especially so commonly used by govt linked PR statements

    • jasmine said

      Call NUS Engineering Department. He is not suspend. Balance only 2 months. If NUS did not settle by 2 month, he had finish his studies here. NUS Engineering 65164436.

      • kor lai hock said

        I used to hear from PRC that we as Singaporean can’t do anything even they make an public offensive. If this scholar is not adequately punish then it will prove to other PRC here in Singapore that they are right that we can’t do anything.

  2. Christina Lim said

    Priest lor, i rather the $ goes to educate Aaron Tan also better than give thrash like him! C’mon, Singaporean tax-payers $ used to educate and feed such thrash like him??!!omg, please use the $ more wisely, so many poor and needy ard, build infrastructures or education system for the mentally of physically disabled, feed the poor , the old people in redhill! save the strays!! anything!! dun waste it on them, other than waste, i dunno wat word to use on those fucktards!I am responsible for what i say…

  3. Lan said

    Revoke please

  4. Shanthi said

    It was a consciously worded complaint, there is no way we can classify it as a mistake.

    • Lim Yuh said

      Hi Shanthi,

      I hope MOE would consider the case carefully and would probably send a strong message that such behaviour cannot be condoned, a reduction of his scholarship funding will fair.
      One cannot give excuses and get away from it as he is aware of what he is doing.
      If he gets away lightly, more and more people would just say oops sorry it is not intended mistake. Can we allow this situation in Singapore, come on.

  5. Ant said

    at this time of comment – 14:35 hrs 22 Feb, i would say those who have polled are

    634 Singaporeans
    22 FT’s

  6. jimmycool said

    Revoke it IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Our hard-earned money can go to much better use.

  7. Jo said

    You can’t be slapping on person’s face then follow by “I’m Sorry”.
    24 years old SCHOLAR – He should be mature enough to understand what all the “do and “don’t”..

  8. Bao Ching Tian said

    NUS Alumni members should stop their contributions to NUS immediately to protest against NUS’s tepid response to the outrageous insults that Sun Xu hurled against Singaporeans. He is an unrepentent and incorrigible ingrate. Is it so easy just to say sorry on his Facebook and move on as if nothing has happened? NUS should revoke his scholarship immediately! Why should I, as a taxpayer, be funding the education of this imbecile? I am not donating a single cent to NUS until NUS expels Sun Xu and revokes his scholarship.

  9. Howard said

    I think he himself is the dog from china. Stupid china dog.

  10. Vel vel said

    Do you really think that he really feel sorry about the mistake he had make by just saying a “Sorry”? Everyone know why he said sorry over the matter. Only govt believe on what he said. To me, i really think that this stupid china man should be out from singapore in order to let other PRC know that where they are standing at! Most of them think that they are more smart than we singaporan. Go eat shit la!
    Anyone out pls let me know what to do in order to shoot this stupid china man out of singapore! i will want to do it at any cost! Let them know that we singaporan are not for them to bully!

  11. lydia said

    Hope that govt will help those really want to study but they really can’t effort it. In S’pore really got talent not only overseas.

  12. Rick said

    Stupid china already then think say sorry can already is it?No brain,no standard,no manners but still can be scholar.Expel this china idiot and ban him from entering our country for life.we don’t need this kind of retarded idiot here.Stupid no brain PRC please get the hell out of my country.EXPEL EXPEL EXPEL this IDIOT.

  13. mission0 said

    this prc. never think b talking. how about we say they r more China women prostitute than anything in Singapore?.. u dun needs to apologise coz u not willing to asshole! u just wanna get our cert. and go to tee rich oil field company

  14. Jay said

    Mainlanders are more like dogs in comparison. Stayed in Shanghai and what I saw was a third world disgrace.
    Pushing and banging without a simple apology. Screw you dude. Screwed up people with screwed up laws. Grow up please

  15. Swift said

    This guy seriously never bump into anyone in his own country. I have been to several parts of china for work, if you bump into someone, that dude/gal comfirm plus chop give you a tongue lashing. . So does it give me the right to scold china peeps for such actions? No, there is not such right, nor I didn’t.

    To Sun Xu, please know how a society works, how everyone perceive their zone of comfort, and know whose hand you are eating from.

  16. Kelvin Soh said

    If NUS dont revoke him, i shall condemn all NUS students.

  17. Integrity said

    This is the 2nd time in as many months that I heard some Chinese calling Singaporean as ‘dogs’. The first being the notorious Professor Kong who has made some comments about us Singaporean during his interview on the recent Hong Kong eating in train case. Why are we paying the scholarship for such disrespectful individual with our tax payers money while we as parents still need to worry about a place in a local university for our Singaporean kids. No justic!

  18. kelvin said

    Revoke pls!

  19. Daniel said

    I pity our Singaporean Youth who study so hard but fail to get entry into NTU or NUS..losing their rights in their own birth country to ungrateful foreigners. It is also happening in our workplaces where we are lord over by our foreign bosses. Have we sold our birth rights for more money or to maintain our standing in the world economy? Have we become a willing slaves to foreign talents? Are we having a “Better” life in Singapore? Singaporean please stand up for yourself!
    Give your fellow citizens a chance in the workplace and schools. If you are a boss or manager or teacher – protect and recuit your fellow countryman before we become extincted.

  20. Riprap said

    Sorry for being insensitive, but Remy Ong needs to run this dog over for sure!!

  21. Singaporean said

    He is in the country that gives him the opportunity to study for free, future high flying chances, and a stepping stone to other better places. These are what many Singaporean students yearn for. The least he can do is give some respect to the people of the nation that is feeding him now. He is good in his studies, but it seems like he lacks the correct attitude. Since he do not like to be in the country that he is in now, might as well just send him back, rather that stay here to pollute and insult our people.

  22. qx said

    Revoke! Damage is already done. He should answer for his own words. U can’t just ‘undo’ whatever was said.

  23. Jerome said

    so it should be ok if a china scholar from china calls singaporeans dogs, and if i call the chinese national a dog, a chink, an ah tiong, i get slapped in the face for being racist? come on, this foreign talent scheme if pure crap. look, the bite the hand that feeds them. so does it mean that we need more of these kind of people in the future society? oh well, it’s 2012.

  24. pctian said

    Revoke his scholarship. Have him pay back the scholarship fees, plus interest. Our taxpayers’ money should goes to our own people, people who will repay it to our society, contribute to our nation and not to unappreciative folks who calls us dogs when their own people spits, pee, throw rubbish anyway everywhere! ! Speaks like they own the wotld. So, who’s dog? Let them judge for themselves. Y don’t they just go back to their own country !!

  25. Chris Tan said

    Kick him back to his home country, we don’t need him here.

  26. john said

    Why wasting $$$ on foreigner??

  27. Tan said

    Go back to China!! Revoke plsss……

  28. Eddy said

    Seriously, can the government stop this obsession with foreign scholars. They are not even Singaporeans, why do we have to pay for them. It is our tax payers money, and i believe majority of us (Singaporeans) will not agree to the government spending our hard earn money on these foreigners.

    I really hope the Minister look into this issue carefully.

  29. ANX said

    What if a (born and bred) Singaporean were to say the same thing?
    Humans will remain as human as possible, irregardless of where they came from.
    Seriously, many Singaporeans have and will still talk bad about PRCs here in Singapore.
    And I am sure they know about it and also feel the same way as how other Singaporeans felt when this issue came to light.
    I have the same issues at work (MNC) but at the end of the day, we still got to work with each other no matter what has/had been said behind or straight in the face.
    Why must punish this one guy to the extreme for his comment when NO ONE is talking about the Singaporean/s(allegedly) who is/are giving Singapore a bad name with their unpleasant behavior that somehow what ‘pushed’ this foreigner to say such things?

  30. Lalala said

    If one was in China and behaved like this, what do you think would happen?

  31. Tham jun hua said

    Yes strongly agree that his scholarship to be revoke. Attitude and basic respect is the most important aspect in the working life. No matter how good his academic results were, if he cannot adapt well to the society he is in, he will never become successful. Hence scholarship should not be given to someone who does not have the right attitude and the respect for the society

  32. peanut said

    And DEPORT him immediately ! !!
    He is rude, offensive and vulgar to Singaporeans.
    He shows no respect and commons sense to the people here.
    He also threaten to hurt someone and NO RESPECT for the free education he got from SG ! !
    WHAT and HOW was he even considered and given a scholarship.
    It is indeed money down the drain ! ! ! ! !

  33. Keni said

    now theres a majority vote pushing to revoke this person (or dog?) scholarship,i really like to see how MOE gonna take care of it,let see how our gov react,will our gov (who is also singaporean) kick him or get themselves kick…..
    this era singaporean is not blind ^^,we can see what u r doing,PAP…

  34. FTsOut said

    My parents couldn’t afford to sent me to the U so I ‘ve to come out to the society and work. Why must my hard-earned money go towards educating this piece of shit?! I am already damn bloody pissed with the influx of PRCs and Pinoys (PAP) in every corner of Singapore. Don’t we have a say in this immigrant issue? Frankly speaking, many Singaporeans are truly pissed already. Haven’t you learnt anything from the Election results my dear government? Throw this dog out to warn the other dogs out there that ‘sorry’ is never never enough after you have insulted our people and our country. If this piece of shit is allowed to stay on, then you will go down in history as the government who allowed China dog to insult us Singaporeans.

  35. Bernetta said

    But all he did was to express his bad impression for Singaporeans. I agree that the words used were too strong. But I felt it wasn’t bad enough to revoke the scholarship. It’s just like how we have bad impression of PRCs. In fact how many people actually criticise them. What he did was just that doing what we do to them too. But of course,because he is receiving Singapore’s subsidy he shouldn’t say that after all.

    • Unknown said

      Yes. We having bad impression about PRCs, did we boardcast it..?
      So far, we are having so many cases that the PRCs saying and making bad remarks
      about Singaporean. Do you know that how many Singaporean can’t make it to NUS and
      paying all the debts once they graduated. Yet all this so-called “Talent PRCs” are
      abusing it….

    • talent said

      Wake up MOE !!! he’s calling you people dog too !!!
      REVOKE his scholarship.

    • Bei said

      We don’t have a bad impression of them, their actions speak for themselves.

  36. Jay Pang said

    There is no doubt about it to revoke his scholarship and deport him immediately. There are more deserving Singaporean to be awarded of a scholarship.

  37. tax said

    If our government is not going to do something about it, I will do my part in the next election.

  38. Jimmy said

    If we let him go this time, other PRC will believe that if they just said the word “Sorry” case will close and next time more PRC will come out with more mean word to hurt singaporean. If his scholarship not revoke that mean NTU is siding with Foreigner….

  39. Sad ppl said

    He should respect the place that educate and sponsor him.杀一警百

  40. Eagles506 said

    Enlightened me… don’t our own low-income SINGAPOREAN children get considered first before the scholarship’s given to someone else, from another country? Or do have no such needs and there MOE has surpluses?

  41. MoMoAnn said

    The reason he posted an apology, is due to public’s request to revoke his scholarship.
    If the publics did not call for revoke, do you think he will still post an apology on his social net?

    By his re-action on what he posted on his social net had obviously shown that, he does not appreciate the scholarship that Singapore given to him and taken it as granted. In addition, his apology was not sincere and it is not truly from bottom of his heart.
    When a person truly felt regret of what they done, they will take immediate action the following day, why would he waited for so long and after so many publics feedback to revoke his scholarship, THEN he posted an apologies. Isn’t that is obvious, he was doing it un-willingly and was left with no choice that he had to do it.

    Even he just wants to rant at his social net at those uncles who treated him, in a bad manner.
    Alright, go ahead rant at them. I believe every human, when something bad happened, they start venting, ranting, grumbling, scolding BUT are there a need to drag in others? Is not as if he drags in one or two people. He drags in the whole Singaporeans. Is that the right way of moral education?

  42. Sad to say said

    Why can’t the education cost be minimal so that all deserving Singaporean who can’t afford University education be given every opportunity to do so? It baffles me why the foreigners are given free and yet not appreciative but abusive.

  43. AngrySingaporean said

    We TAXPAYERS r paying money to fund this type of trash who called Singaporeans dogs in return instead of funding more to local borne Singaporeans for our studies… Many of us r struggling to pay off the debt to bank for Uni studies. What kind of crap logic is this?!!??! These ppl after got the scholarship and completed their studies, they will just fly off laughing at these bunch of suckers down here in this “pee sai” size country!!! We will be an international laughing stock to the rest of the world! Come on fellow brethren, think twice before you vote again 5 yrs later…

  44. Original HH said

    I believe that the government should still allow him to study @ NUS, BUT unless China persecute him, charge him with treason

    if the chinese gov did not send him to the firing squad, then by all means come back.

    If he doesn’t, too bad for him, and too good for us.

  45. Joanne said

    Revote his scholarship & ask him to pay back to our government since he does not appreciate what he have.
    Better he pay our government his school fee, and give the scholarship to another person.

  46. cash said

    Please lah, Singaporeans also treat other Singaporeans like dirt. I am Singaporean btw, and KNS not my fault also get scolded for “pushing” by an inconsiderate Singaporean who wants her “personal space” when everyone else wants to come into the MRT during peak hour. HELP YOUR FELLOW SINGAPOREANS LAH. If you want to save money and take public transport, accept the fact that you will be jostled, and stop being like yappy complaining dogs! Learn to be polite can?

    • BloodyBitchMosquito said

      I don’t know of any 1 dumb enough to come up with such a predicament? Knowing for a FACT ya 1 PRC in guise as a S’porean here…stop being such a simpleton using “LAH” or “KNS” doesn’t make u born & breed here? Let me post u 1 question? Would u say “DAM! All PRCs are dogs!” As to insult ya own country when ya fellow people bump into u? I don’t need rocket science intelligence to garner an appropriate response from that particular situation. Needless to say…would u call ya own mother a bitch for bumping into u at the door of ya home? In any country there’s definitely people taking their own citizens for granted…but that doesn’t warrant an open invite for FOREIGNERS to abuse them! I’m a PRC by the way…

  47. Lene said

    Why are we even allowing a character such as sun xu to be studying in Singapore under the NUS scholarship scheme. I have overheard of many PRCs who speak badly about Singaporeans be it in the workplace or in the trains. In this instance, We should be more stringent in our assessment of scholar candidates. They certainly tarnish the image of Singaporeans regionally and globally. I feel strongly that NUS should revoke his scholarship as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

  48. Citizen heart-broken said

    PAP gov should not use tax-payers’ money to fund non-Singaporeans. They SHOULD look into improving the lives of young Singaporeans.

  49. ANGRY BIRD said

    NUS stop defending him !!! Singaporean are no push over…he’s ungrateful, proud…
    Make him pay back the money and ask him to get lost.

  50. Ms Pao said

    He admitted he made a wrong statement due to media pressure and not from him sincerely. An ungrateful person given a scholarship ?! Is it to encourage his wrong doing? Talent without values, moral and well composition is bring more destruction than construction to the world.

    Just to tell the young gentleman, Singapore has more foreigners than local, are u calling yourself and other foreigners name.

  51. Sick to the Core said

    I think we should call a spade a spade. It is obviously not a mistake. It is rudeness and ungratefullness to the core whether it is inherent in this person or otherwise. If the situation was the other round how would our mainland Chinese friends feel or react? There is absolutely no point being a scholar without a deep sense of human affinity and respect for human dignity.
    A simple apology written on his blog – anyone can do that. Make this guy publish his apology in the Straits Times for ALL Singapores to read will be a better way to show his sincerity. It is a small price to pay out of pocket. How about that Mr Sun?

  52. dontknowwhyful said


  53. Retribution_of_Singaporeans_Served_Hot said

    Why the outrage, it is only right to be called DOGS in your own country when Singaporeans opted for economic success and subscribed to the PAP’s recipe for GDP.
    Singapore companies and govt prefering foreigners over locals, it is a worse practice than being called a dog!

  54. Cuppa said

    We should reconsider giving scholarships to foreign students when it could benefit our own students instead. This is one example that has come to light how worthwhile this money and opportunity has come to be. How many of these foreign scholars have come to contribute to our society and our economy? Local universities already do not have enough placements for us locals. Why should one more Singapore missed a place in University and a scholarship opportunity for such an ingrate?

  55. Rc said

    I had mixed emotions when reading this. angered by his loose use of words and the fact that he was from a country way more intense, unruly and competitive than Singapore-I would expect him to be more tolerant. Then I wonder what incident made him sprout a comment like this. Maybe he was speaking v loud?Got the wrong shoes on Or Havnt had a bath in days? Who knows..

    I also feel that his comment reveled Singaporean lack of social etiquette. it’s true that that’s how our uncles behave . Do we accept them or should we educate the genral public on being friendly and polite in public places? What do other feel?

  56. John said

    Petition here for NU to revoke his scholarship!!!

  57. John said

  58. Caroline said

    In my honest opinion, I think his scholarship should not be revoked. These people who apparently agree that the MOE should revoke his scholarship are probably Singaporeans which in fact makes this an invalid argument as they’re biased. They fail to see that everyone makes mistakes in their lives and his comments were just based on impulse. Yes, he was wrong for making such harsh comments but it’s wrong to simply revoke a person’s scholarship for what they did. People make mistakes and whether or not his apology compensates for his action, it does not matter anymore. He has already been receiving counselling and that is already more than enough. Leave him alone.

    • Bei said

      It’s not really about this person that netizens care about, but it’s actually how much more of these people are out there. Yes today it might be a comment, if not dealth with, who knows what is going to happen next?

    • Bei said

      It’s not really about this person that netizens care about, but it’s actually how much more of these people are out there. Yes today it might be a comment, if not dealth with, who knows what is going to happen next? Anyone should know the line that they should not cross

  59. boba said

    i slap your face & than say sorry can?

  60. Flower said

    Revoke his scholarship & deport him back to his country, let him slog to earn his uni fee then he’ll learn to appreciate & respect the hand who feed him. Stupid PRC

  61. Bei said

    Its a great time for the government to really see what is happening right here in our local universities. You provide a lifetime of investments, resources onto other nationalities that will only be ‘serving’ this nation for about 6-7 years. Perhaps Singaporeans are civilized enough not to spout nonsensical or insensitive comments about others, thus it is proven that their behavior is outrageous to spark such a hot debate about them. I do hope this incident will be taken into account with as much severity as possible.

  62. Nir said

    Wow, every one took it so hard.
    get over it already. He has right to tell his own opinion.

  63. Ho Wei Pin said

    How would he treat the students, who may be the grandchildren of “dogs” that he so despised?

    He is even threatening to wait for another blogger “with a knife”. Will the students be safe under him?

    To MOE, Are there really no other talents who can replace him?

  64. Aberdyn said

    I think this alien should be expelled immediately. We do not want to see his demeanor ugly face here. Enough is enough. He should be kick in the but hard till he flung back to the PRC. We cannot tolerate to entertain dirts like him. It’s really stinkinnnng…

    NUS should revoked his scholarship at once. These bitch does not deserved a good treatment here. It seems the uni authority is dragging their feet in taking action against these ungrateful alien. We want to see action taken and could set an important precedent for dealing with similar cases in future. Regardless what country they came from, these aliens should be morally behaved. Failing which they will be classified as “Persona-non-grata” and be kick out of Singapore.

    If Baey is so sympatized, let him escort the bastard back to the PRC. Or if he like, he too can settle down with him in the Great Wall of China and become an MP in the provinces where the dog resided.

  65. jasmine said

    I am a single mother with one daughter and three sons. My 3 sons had to service NS. Lost income Min $48,000.00 per son. total income lost $146,000.00. Paid the 2 sons uni course. $60,000.00. How hard I had to work to support them. Singapore govt. what are you doing to me as i am a Singaporean. We are 2nd class citizen here.

  66. Buntoro Hardianto said

    I think he is apologizing now because there is a real prospect that all his years of education here on free government money – fees and living expenses – will be to no avail if he loses his scholarship. I wonder what would be the treatment given to our own Singaporean scholars if they behaved in this manner. Should we not hold them to the same standard and maybe even higher still?

    As I understand it, there is no bond with these types of scholarships. He is free to go home or even better to the US (which most of them aspire to) when he finishes his study at NUS. No NS, No bond, no need to pay back, no strings attached. It is quite clear that we are at the short end of the stick here.

    MOE and other government bodies, these types of free money to foreigners must stop, right now! After all they only treat Singapore as a bond free stepping stone for their own aspirations to the US!

  67. Mem said

    Are there so many decisionmakers in NUS, MOE and the government who are so blind that they cannot see a PRC trash for what he is. Or are these people in NUS, MOE, government only care about serving their self interests? Don’t they have any shame, conscience, patriotism, self-respect..? How can any self-respecting government minister allow such insults against Singaporeans and their families(including the ministers’ families) to go unpunished. Is this how Singapore government treats its citizens vs foreigners? If this insultingly rude foreigner behaviour directed at Australians ever happens in Australia, this PRC trash will shame and thrown out for good before you can say good riddance! May even get farewell knuckles “gift” from angry locals. Australia respects and protects her citizens.

  68. Sharon Soh said



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