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TR Emeritus’s readership doubled in a week, thanks to Prime Minister Lee

Posted by temasektimes on February 23, 2012

The readership of socio-political blog ‘TR Emeritus’ has doubled in less than a week, thanks to unlikely ‘assistance’ given by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

According to web traffic site ‘’, internet traffic to TR Emeritus has increased by more than two-fold during a period from 14 February to 20 February after PM Lee sent a lawyer’s letter to its editor based in Singapore Richard Wan:

[Source: Alexa]

In the lawyer’s letter, Prime Minister Lee demanded a retraction of a defamatory article posted on TR Emeritus as well as a public apology. The site has since apologized yesterday.

The news made headlines not only in Singapore, but in the world as well after international news agency AFP picked up the news, propelling ‘TR Emeritus’ into instant fame.

For three days, ‘TR Emeritus’ was the third most searched term in Singapore on Yahoo search engine. It is now the 91st most visited site in Singapore.

The huge increase in traffic will surely boost TR Emeritus’ advertising revenue giving its foreign owner an unexpected ‘Ang Pow’ as its poor editor Richard Wan continues to receive lawyers’ letters on his behalf after he was served another one by Mr Lee Hsien Yang, the chairman of listed conglomerate Fraser and Neave (F&N).

As Prime Minister Lee did not solicit any damages from TR Emeritus and Richard Wan, many felt it is merely a ‘slap on the wrist’ for TR Emeritus and is unlikely to deter it from publishing more defamatory articles about government leaders again in the future as it is notorious for.

On the contrary, it is likely to encourage TR Emeritus to continue publishing such articles to entice prominent public figures to serve lawyer’s letters on Richard Wan so as to hit the news headlines again to increase its readership and coffers from advertisers and sympathetic donors.

For a site with little credibility or respectability, all forms of publicity, including negative ones are positive, and somemore with an official ‘representative’ in Singapore to handle the legal matters, the foreign owner of TR Emeritus can laugh all his way to the bank by just sitting down shaking leg to collect advertising revenues and donations from an obscure corner of the world.


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