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Disgruntled Hougang residents seek assistance from PAP grassroots adviser Desmond Choo after Yaw Shin Leong went ‘AWOLed’

Posted by temasektimes on February 24, 2012

Disgruntled Hougang residents are seeking assistance from PAP adviser to Hougang grassroots organization Desmond Choo after their WP MP Yaw Shin Leong went ‘AWOLed’ for over a week!

Mr Choo was the PAP candidate for Hougang during the 2011 General Election where he polled 35.2 percent of the votes, eventually losing to Mr Yaw.

Mr Yaw’s last public appearance at Hougang was on 12 February where he attended a Chinese New Year dinner at the constituency. However, he has been missing in action ever since he was unceremoniously sacked by his party on three days later for failing to address allegations about his alleged extra-marital affairs with a few married women.

According to a Chinese evening tabloid, Mr Desmond Choo noticed an increase in the number of Hougang residents seeking help at his weekly ‘tea party’ on Monday at Hougang Community Club this week.

The sessions started initially with about five to ten residents, but the number have swelled to 26 this week. Some of the residents who were helped by Mr Choo have since joined his group of volunteers.

Mr Choo added that some Hougang residents he met expressed their unhappiness with the Workers Party which was plunged into ‘turmoil’ following the abrupt departure of Mr Yaw who left his wife behind to hand over Hougang’s affairs to other party members.

Though Mr Choo is not the official MP for Hougang, he is still able to meet residents and conduct grassroots activities in the constituency as he was appointed a grassroots adviser of Hougang by the People’s Association.

The Workers Party has been exerting pressure on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to hold a by-election in Hougang soon after the seat was vacated following Mr Yaw’s expulsion from the party. Mr Yaw has since vacated his seat after writing to the Clerk of Parliament to inform that he would not be appealing against his expulsion.


One Response to “Disgruntled Hougang residents seek assistance from PAP grassroots adviser Desmond Choo after Yaw Shin Leong went ‘AWOLed’”

  1. ken lee said

    think they won’t hold a by-election in Hougang! since this tea party works.

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