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Ads on Chinese forum selling fake certificates from private schools in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2012

China is well known for producing counterfeit products and it appears that certificates from Singapore private schools have been added to the growing list of late.

According to Channel News Asia, fake certificates from well-known private schools in Singapore are being put up on sale online with some going for as high as S$10,000.

Advertisements placed on a Chinese internet forum claim that they are able to produce transcripts with good grades from several local private schools including the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

They also provide assurances that students will be able to find jobs in Singapore using these forged certificates.

When contacted by the media, MDIS said it is not aware of the matter, adding that it is currently doing checks and will report any findings to the Police.


3 Responses to “Ads on Chinese forum selling fake certificates from private schools in Singapore”

  1. ken lee said

    so why are doglien buying the cert?

  2. Aberdyn said

    If it is true that such fake certificate exist here in Singapore, well, the authority should track down this syndicate and wipe them out. We should clamped this illicit activities quickly before it went viral. We do not want our SG be centre of counterfeit. SG is known for it vibrancy as an intelligent city so if this is let to pass image and reputation of the country will suffer.

    It is good that the MDIS will report the matter to the police if found its certificates forged.

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