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PRC man with fake certificate on S-pass asks if there are ‘risks’ in applying for Singapore PR

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2012

Recent news about fake certificates of several private schools being put on sale in Singapore has surprised many Singaporeans, but the problem is likely to be more serious than previously thought.

There is no supply without a demand and there may be many more foreigners working in Singapore using such fake certificates.

One posting in Chinese internet forum in 2010 revealed the prevalence of such scams.

An anonymous netizen posting on behalf of her boyfriend asked fellow Chinese working in Singapore if there are risks involved in him apply for Singapore PR as he only managed to find employment here using a fake certificate.

“….my boyfriend is working in Singapore on S-pass, but his educational qualifications are forged and easily obtained from the internet. I would like to ask if there are any risks involved if he applies for Singapore PR.”


Her question prompted an immediate reply from a fellow countryman who wrote:

“A few others have applied (successfully for Singapore PR) without any problems. Set your heart at ease.”

Jody Yan added:

“S pass takes only a few days for approval and they won’t check the educational qualifications. It won’t be a problem even when the pass is renewed. PR application takes a few months and ICA will check your background carefully. If your forgery is discovered, you will be fined and deported.”

Though the occupation of the PRC man is unknown, he is likely able to obtain a Singapore PR easily even with a fake certificate like many other foreigners, some of whom are construction workers, hawkers, waiters, bus drivers, masseurs and even freelance prostitutes.



8 Responses to “PRC man with fake certificate on S-pass asks if there are ‘risks’ in applying for Singapore PR”

  1. Sophia Chen (100% Singaporean) said

    From MOM website. You can easily verify authenticity of the degree.

    BEWARE jail 12 months and fine $15k as reported in the news in Sept 2011. 18 Chinese national were arrested. I believe they will be banned for life from coming back.

    • Good gal to ask the question. I hope what Sophia said in the end is true. Unfortunately, even if it’s true, with the performance of the immigration department where they have consistently let foreigners on bail leave the country, what faith do we have that they will keep such criminals and cheats out of the country?

    • GhostMan said

      It not just the immigration but most department/agencies which have a habit of leaving everything open and will only act when hopefully there are lots of figures to show. They should be more pro-active rather than asking assistance from the public which sometimes they do not even bother too much to look in depth and the current fiasco of the PRC scholar degrading comments leaves to show not just MOE selection process but on the overall providence of scholarships to foreigners in hoping they would become citizens leaving out potential local citizens.

  2. […] ( read more here ) […]

  3. Aberdyn said

    It is common knowledge and a phenomenon in Singapore to see a lot of aliens flocking to this tiny island to seek for greener pastures for jobs and wealth. The streaming of these people it seems to be unstoppable because of the government policies to encourage foreign workers to work here. The influx caused many jobs taken by aliens instead of the locals.

    They came with all sort of identities and various background. One of which is in term of educational qualification. Companies who recruit them would select those with the required grade. Most of these foreign workers came from the third countries like China, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

    The point that I want to raised is about their educational qualification when they are engaged and employed here. Some were engaged as professional staff in the company with a special employment pass issued to them. My question is how would you know that this alien is really qualified for the job offered? Especially those who came for the high end jobs requiring diplomas and degrees qualifications. How would you ascertain the authenticity of the certificate presented. As we know they were instances whereby they were not genuine but fake certificates.

    If this happen, the company who engage them compromised on qualities without them knowing that they had been tricked to believed that the certificate are genuine. From what I gathered its quite rampant that this aliens used the technic to trick employers wholesale. Most of the time it went undetected for a very long period until certain problem mooted by chance. Then only everything came to the surface and discovered, by then it is too late.

    Observation and advise here is, be careful when recruit these people, scrutinized them throughly before engaging them for employment.

  4. As the saying goes there will no smoke without fire. My guess is as good as anybody that the Supplier of these certificates must have various ways on how to dispose off their fake certificates otherwise this method of operani would not have been so rampant. I must stressed that the Authorities approving all these WORKS PERMITS will need to be at all time attentive and on the look out for fakes.
    The rest is up to the Public to imagine how hawkers, ladies standing on the street, masseurs and many others are able to so easily obtained their Permits where I was told genuiene ones were turn down on many occations. COULD IT BE THAT THEY ARE UNAWARE OF THE TRICKS ON HOW TO APPLY FOR THE PERMITS

  5. ken lee said

    Royal blood what are we to compare with them!!!!!
    what the royal blood scholar say is true, our father of Singapore himself say we are low class bred blood! no like the one in china really high class blood, they are the descendent of high officers and emperor!

  6. bobby said

    One more reason why my family of 7 votes will vote for the opposition in the next GE

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