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Desmond Choo: I am confident and ready to serve Hougang residents

Posted by temasektimes on February 26, 2012

PAP grassroots adviser to Hougang Desmond Choo says he says he is always ready to serve residents in the ward, with or without a by-election which is triggered by the sacking of its MP Yaw Shin Leong from the Workers Party two weeks ago. Mr Yaw has since decided not to appeal against the decision and his current whereabouts is unknown.

The sudden departure of Mr Yaw which plunged the Workers Party into turmoil gave Mr Choo an excellent opportunity to score political points with Hougang residents as he continues to conduct his weekly ‘tea parties’ on Monday nights to assist them.

According to Mr Choo, the number of residents seeking his help has increased tremendously since Mr Yaw went ‘missing in action’ with some disgruntled residents expressing their unhappiness to him about the Workers Party.

In an interview with Channel News Asia, Mr Choo says he and his grassroots activists are always ready to serve Hougang residents.

“We’re always ready; ready in the sense that we’ve been serving the people and whether there’s a by-election or not. It doesn’t really distract us from our main work which is service here,” said Mr Choo.

He added that he is more confident of serving the residents now:

“I feel more confident about how best I can serve the residents here. You have to understand the people and you have to build the relationship. Only then can you muster more resources to help them. So in terms of the capacity and the capability to reach out to residents, I’ve built them up over the past year.”

During the General Election last year, former WP MP for Hougang Low Thia Kiang promised Hougang residents that his protege Yaw Shin Leong would take good care of them and would never abandon them. Less than a year later, Hougang residents are now left in limbo following Mr Yaw’s unceremonious expulsion from WP over his failure to address allegations surrounding his alleged extra-marital affairs with a few married women, including a neighbor from China.

As one upset Hougang resident told the media:

“I cast a vote for him (Yaw). How can he be so irresponsible to walking away without saying a word?”

Despite the WP exerting continuous pressure on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to call for a by-election soon, PM Lee said he needs to consider the matter carefully as there is a lot on the national agenda right now.

With Mr Choo serving Hougang residents so conscientiously and faithfully, it appears that a by-election may not be so urgent after all.

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