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PRC student in Singapore complains: Polytechnics prefer PRC college students in China to ‘O’ level holders

Posted by temasektimes on February 26, 2012

The institutionalized preference for “Made in China” students which is prevalent in Singapore polytechnics and universities is affecting not only native Singaporeans, but PRC students studying in Singapore private schools as well, according to one disillusioned PRC student who completed his ‘O’ levels in Singapore last year.

In a thread posted on the Lion City Forum commonly visited by PRC students, he shared his bitter personal experience with his juniors, urging them to apply for private schools like SIM and MDIS instead of the polytechnics as they prefer to admit college students from mainland China:

[Source: Lion City Forum]

“I called Republic Polytechnic’s international team a few months ago and one of its staff chatted with me for one hour. He told me very frankly that they love college students from China more as RP felt their results were better than students from private schools. When I told them Chinese certificates are easily forged, he told me they are experienced….,” he wrote in Chinese.

He added that he regretted coming to study in Singapore and implored other Chinese netizens to consider every decision they made carefully.

His views were shared widely by many fellow PRC students studying in Singapore, one of whom replied:

“Actually many native Singaporeans feel NUS and NTU are ‘second grade’ universities as their direct admission criteria for foreigners are too lax. They admit foreigners directly on scholarships while ‘A’ level holders stand no chance and yet there is a big gulf in their working capability upon graduation.”


Another PRC student revealed that most of the foreign students used fake certificates from China to gain direct admission into Singapore polytechnics:

“Just find some connections from the family and use money to convert the result to a ‘real’ one……it’s not a secret anymore, can say that many ‘DAE-foreign’ are using fake results….”

(“家里找关系或者花钱做个公证..于是成绩就光明正大变真的 因为中国考试系统只能查出应届的成绩 很多人就有了可乘之机 这不算什秘密了 可以说dae-foreign 多数都是假成绩 因为二本以上的话很少有人放弃本科来读专科并且现在无pr 就业也不明朗”)

Many of these foreigners are studying in Singapore tertiary institutions on government scholarships after which they will find ways and means to ‘escape’ elsewhere without serving their bonds.

Siddharthan Asokan wrote on Facebook:

“I know of a guy who is on a 6 year bond.  He registered as an employee of a start up founded by his brother in Singapore to show that he is serving the bond and now working in the US. In a nut shell he faked it. 4 years of free education monthly stipend of S$500 and accommodation down the drain!”

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