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Breaking News: Schlumberger has severed all ties with NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu!

Posted by temasektimes on February 27, 2012

The Temasek Times has received an email from the External Relations Office of the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore clarifying that Schlumberger has terminated all connections with NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu:

“The Faculty of Engineering wishes to clarify that Mr Sun Xu is not an intern with Schlumberger. Mr Sun’s final-year project involved a few visits to the company for discussions with engineers there.  Schlumberger has since advised Mr Sun and the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore that these interactions  be discontinued.”

NUS has also clarified that Sun Xu is not on any internship at the moment. It is not known if Schlumberger terminated Sun’s visits after receiving numerous complaints from netizens about him.

According to Sun Xu’s linkedin account before it was taken down, he is currently on ‘attachment’ at Schlumberger as a ‘project supervisee.’ It also documented clearly Sun Xu’s ‘involvement’ in several projects of Schlumberger thereby giving an erroneous impression that he was its intern. However, with Schlumberger now stopping Sun Xu from visiting the company, he may not be able to complete his Final Year Project which final year engineering students at NUS must pass in order to graduate.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a near nationwide outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore.” on his microblog ‘Weibo’ last Saturday.

In the same thread, Sun used the term “瘪三” to describe Singapore uncles, which is a derogatory word typically used in Shanghai to describe the underclass bums in the society. It means a person who is a tramp, bum, good-for-nothing fella, beggar, drifter, loafer, outcast, vagrant, destitute and worthless person.

When told by a fellow netizen not to be too fussy, he replied:

“Bunch of 挫逼. My temper these days is already a lot better.”

挫逼” is a derogatory word commonly used in mainland China for cursing people, an equivalent of the Hokkien phrase ‘CCB’ commonly used as a vulgarity in Singapore to refer to the female sexual organ.

Sun Xu will be attending a disciplinary hearing convened by NUS on 13 March where his fate will be decided. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat had earlier said the onus is on NUS to “investigate the matter and to take disciplinary action against Sun Xu if he was found to have flouted NUS’s code of conduct for its student.”

Born to a wealthy and influential family in the affluent city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, Sun Xu first came to Singapore in 2006 on a MOE scholarship to study in River Valley High School after which he went on to study at Raffles Junior College and NUS where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Unlike other students born in Singapore, Sun Xu did not have to pay a SINGLE CENT for his education in Singapore from secondary school all the way to university.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

Foreign scholars like Sun Xu at NUS and other Singapore universities have their tuition fees and living expenses all covered by their scholarships. They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service unlike male Singapore citizens who are burdened with a hefty tuition loan and rendered uncompetitive in the job market by their mandatory reservist obligations such as IPPT and in-camp training.


We apologize to NUS and Schlumberger for the misrepresentation and would like to urge netizens to stop writing to Schlumberger to complain about Sun Xu as it has since severed all ties with him.

>> NEXT: We will be publishing more views of the Sun Xu debacle from our readers tomorrow. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by emailing us at Stay tuned to The Temasek Times, the fastest growing socio-political news site in Singapore! We make the news and set the agenda like no other news sites!

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39 Responses to “Breaking News: Schlumberger has severed all ties with NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu!”

  1. I had to pay University education for all my 3 kids despite paying several thousands of income tax every years for the last 35 years, and yet the Govt is paying free Scholarship and living allowance for many useless fools from Asian Countries, being it China, INdia, Vietnam, Myanma and Thailand. All I can say from my heart is “F**King HELL”

    • and Philipine too

    • wowowow said

      Being angry with your govt is one thing but insulting other nationals useless fool is another. I can see where Sun Xu is coming from.

      • I am not rude. I’m saying the truth. Not all foreign scholarship holders from all other Asian conutries are academically qualified for the scholarship and free living allowance that I have come across over the years. It is just not right to pay these fools to come here and enjoy life while we Singaporean have to pay for everything.

    • lost hope said

      William, you are not the one, many including me are just like you.
      We all will know what to do when 2016 comes….

    • SG but not Dog. said

      The govt is really SHIT.

    • MsSunday said

      You can be angry with the government.. But putting all the other nationals in the same pot as Sun and insulting them is plain rude and ungracious.. I am originally from Myanmar, got my citizenship after my NIE and now teaching your Singaporean children in school.. Should I be teaching your kids/grand kids the values on how to be rude and ungracious like you too??
      Think about it! You can grumble but do not insult! Plus not all talented foreigners are like Sun.. When you want to say smth bad, remember that there is always two sides to the story.. You are obviously not a gentleman/lady if you don’t consider all sides to a problem and coming to an insulting conclusion that puts others down.. In other words, you might be no better than Sun himself..

      • ken lee said

        my apologizes on behalf for williamtan74 he and most of us is so fed up to our PAP GOV. pls cool down.

      • I am not rude. I’m saying the truth. Not all foreign scholarship holders from all other Asian conutries are academically qualified for the scholarship and free living allowance that I have come across over the years. I’m rejecting them, but it is just not right to pay these fools to come here and enjoy life while we Singaporean have to pay for everything.

  2. ah troll said

    Schlumberger is an engineering cooperation, not a medical corp of gynecologists. but even they know a cunt when they see one…


    problem, sunny 瘪三 up?

  3. william said

    Great News!! This is getting exciting! Should we original to go for the hearing all together! and Boo the shit out of him…?

  4. max said

    i am a true blue GS with no $$$ to fund my university education
    & at same time need to take care of family expenses
    i contribute 2.5 years of national service
    & get a low paying job which is barely enough to pass by every month
    i felt sad , anguish with a sense of betrayal
    i contribute income tax & paid GST just like all SG citizens
    our pledge is :
    to build a democratic society
    based on justice and equality
    i did not see EQUALITY as compared to SG citizens & PRC whom received free education to university

    i looked at my pink IC & asked myself :
    Who Am I ??

  5. bobby said

    We should continue to write to Schlumberger for exposing the lie this PRC so called Scholar perpetrated in his LINKEDIN that he is attached to Schlumberger ……..

    This ungrateful PRC Citizen is a disgrace to his Parents and his Country PRC…..

    He should be repatriated to China at once.

    His Scholarship cancelled….and He declared Persona Non Grata.

    The PAP Government must act decisively ….We had had enough of having to pay for our Children’s education whilst Trash like him gets free educaton using my Tax Dollars.

    $36million a year and yet our own poor do not get that amount…Shame on the PAP Government.

    • All foreign Scholarship holders should be repatriated if they are not the academical achivers. Strip them off free tuition fee and free living allowance immediately, unless they can prove themseves academially qualified for it. Govt must do follow up and ask for their academic report every term. Send them home immediately if they don’t make it.

      I ahve come across many foreign scholarship holder htey just can’t make it academically, they are only good at hoohaa and joining in some of the Youth activites.

  6. Serves him correct. It will be a lesson to the others. This is the right thing to do.

  7. My brother applied for study loan for his NUS degree programme in the early 80s but was rejected! Hat time Dr Tony Tan was the Education Minister telling parkiament that NO SINGAPOREANS WILL BE DEPRIVED of university place if he qualified! Mind you study loan need to be paid back to the govt. it is not free. The reason was becuz he was not an officer in his NS stint.

    My father was a lorry driver then. He had to work like shit from 6am to 10pm to pay for his studies. I had to forgo my studies also to join as a regular in the SPF to earn extra. If I had gone for NS, the NS pay or allowance of $90 then was definitely not enug to survive.

    We are all born in KK hospital – citizens of Singapore. I spoke the truth. My ID is open. I need not hide under anon.

    Imagine how bitter and disappointed when our govt spent so many millions on these foreigners?

    If scholarships are given ONLY based on MERIT let me tell local citizens will never stand a chance. Imagine China and India with a huge mass of humanity only a tiny fraction will qualify for all the scholarships. They can easily harvest the best geniuses among the huge base of humanity compared to our 3 million plus! That is why China and those big countries always excel in the Olympics and other international events!

    Got it? But those retards collecting millions of salary from tax payers simply dont understand this basic reasoning! Sigh ….!

  8. yuli said

    I feel tt temasek review sucks now. Afraid of pm lee n even NUS. U suck

  9. NDRue said

    So does he get to study another semester under scholarship still, thereby making it no difference except a further waste of taxpayers’ monies to fund for another semester?

  10. Dongyu said

    REAL OR NOT? is it just to please people but WAYANG?? hello, we took up the NS mandate and served, work through UNI to pay. PLEASE la gahmen!

  11. YMC said

    How about NUS terminate the scholarship and force him to repay back all the money they spent on him – because this is exactly how the Singapore Govt treats its own citizens. It punishes them, making examples of each person who stuffs up, except for very highly paid leaders who lose billions of dollars which then becomes an exercise in understanding and sympathy of course.

  12. He has got his ownself to be blame with his arrogance manner. For him to secure The Piece of Paper is no issue at all because it can be purchase with his riches all over the World after attending another couple of years with other schools.

  13. Perry Tan said

    Out you go!!!

  14. Susan said

    Now i had a question for NUS & Govt on Scholar selection…how come this Sun Xu is from rich family who can afford to pay his school fee but still able to get scholarship????

    • Henrik said

      I also wonder this too! Alot Singaporeans, be it local or private university, work to pay their school fees and truly loyal to the country. War time haven’t come we can already see some of these ungracious shits insulting our country.. So when war time comes, are we defending our country or defending for the foreign “talents”? Our pink seems to mean nothing at all!

  15. Truly Singaporean said

    Please understand a fact la, folks. Since we are local born Singaporeans, the government knows that there is only this much we can do. So whether they want to sugar coat their speech is all up to their preference and mood. Regardless of so much happened to Singapore over the past few year, the ruling government still manage to get 60% of the votes in GE2011, people like MBT still won his seat as MP, then we know, Singapore and Singaporeans…hopeless liaoz.

    As for those China people studying in Singapore, most of them are from well-to-do, single-child families, so they tend to be self-centered and think the world owes them something. They will not be grateful to Singapore in the slightest way. They just think they are incredible talents that Singapore can never produce and a “must have” in order to upgrade Singapore. Don’t buy those rubbish apologies, that’s not what they truly meant. I rented out my previous flat to China students, so don’t tell me I don’t know them and what they are thinking. I’ve heard worse things from them, doggy Singaporeans, sup sup sui la, please. Whether they spurt rubbish like that “pa zeng” Sun or not, they are fundamentally, totally different from us. It’s a wishful thought that by giving them scholarships or goodies can sway them over to our side. 做夢沒這麽早。Please lor, common dog fuck sense la. I’ve heard at least 3 China men saying similar stuff in my face, 新加坡就屁大一點地方,你們能做什麽?一個浪打過來就沒了。你們哪有人才,政府都已經這麽笨了,當然需要我們這些人才啦,哈哈哈哈。So what do you think is my reaction? 哈哈哈哈also lor, what else can I say? Even our own government won’t support us la, look at Mr Baey’s remarks will get us an answer, folks. Win the battle lose the war for fuck use?

    Anyway, it is quite unlikely Singapore will revoke the fucker’s scholarship. They will just stop reporting the incident in the media and very soon forgetful Singaporeans will move on, usual plot la. As for that fucker, he probably has to curse and swear everyday during his bond in Singapore, then fuck off back to his motherland, USA or Europe after that. He is not the first one that I know and he will never be the last one, trust me. Sad for Singaporeans. that’s all I can say. Pardon me if you think my choice of words are coarse, I’m just a non-grad, non elite, uncultured, bottom class Singaporean. To all fellow Singaporeans, move on and get a life, do not spend too much unnecessary time on this issue. Think of all ways to earn your riches as nobody will care for you in any way as long you are a citizen of this unique country, Singapore.

  16. tengatango sex toys said

    he should know better than to share those thoughts and speak of other people in such a derogative manner.

  17. V sad said

    Dear government, please channel the $ to special needs children who are true blue singaporeans, can or not? Many of them are not able to undergo therapy due to $ constraint.

  18. Bango tango said

    Its of no use….I am a final year Mech eng student at NTU, and I have to do a final year project as well. I can assure that this move is only symbolic, and the chances are high that he has already completed his project. After all, report is due in 6 weeks time…

  19. dan said

    I’m a Singaporean businessman. Last year, i tried enrolling my daughter to a particular ‘well known’ primary school. I was unlucky and my kid didn’t managed to get in. I was alright at first, blaming my luck for it as balloting was required. I received a notice from the school to make a trip there to select the remaining schools available. There, i was standing in front of the general office waiting for the admin staff, i saw 3 foreign couples with their kids in uniforms trying to get the staff to issue their kids bus concession passes. I was very dejected. I’m very disappointed how our government works. Shouldn’t we Singaporeans have some kind of priviledges towards school admission? What’s the point of encouraging us to have more children?- to pay income taxes?

  20. sk8 said

    its time to cook more CURRY!!!

  21. Disgusted! said

    Browsing through the comments, Singapore seems like a place we no longer called home. With much foreigners occupying almost everything. From school applications to jobs. Foreigners gets all the applications and jobs even though companies need to pay a minimum wage to secure the foreigner for a job, whereas singaporeans applications are always rejected. This explains the amount of singaporeans decided to denounce their citizenship and move on elsewhere for a better life. I envy people who could immigrate out of this country, seriously. Give it a few more years, everywhere you go, you would probably find only 1-2 true blue singaporeans out of 10 people.

    With regards to this ill brat, I believe there are great personalities foreigners out there as I knew some but it’s just this few thorns that’s destroying the whole population. If paying tax is to provide lodging and education to these people, seriously, what’s the point of being a scholar or genius when you have nothing a basic human should have, a heart. Ugly both inside out, what good does it do to the society?

    Should government let the matter rest, I believe such thing would happen again. Foreigners with attitude like this person will start thinking: “oh whatever, Singapore government would not do a single shit about it anyway. Singaporeans are just a lousy bunch of afraid this and that people. They just want us “talents” to be around. They won’t do legal actions to us.” On the contrary, when a Singaporean did something terrible or horrendous, immediate actions were taken, take Christianity group in nus for an example (no offense to spur up things, but just an example).

    I’m a 24 years old Singaporean who went through army and struggling to survive with miserable pay jobs when everyday, all I could do is to envy foreigners visiting stores like LV, Bottega like it’s an everyday affair. These are my thoughts. I guess if government would’nt even bother taking legal actions to prevent others from criticizing yet again, are their minds really thinking mature enough and logic enough? Or it’s worse than a 24 years old mind?

  22. Aberdyn said

    Let this aliens eat his own medicine. He deserved it. Hopefully there are more to come from the authority like the MOE and NUS. Let it be a lesson to other potential aliens studying here in future. Or better still not to have these people studied here on scholarship or whatever. It’s a mere waste of state fund to spent them.

    This bursaries or scholarships privileges by right should only be extended to Singaporeans and nobody else. We urge the government to scrap the foreign student scholarship scheme immediately. And channelled the fund back to our local students.

  23. Mag Mag said

    He was just upset because he had a crashed with a singaporean on this “staring issue”. Words are never polite when somebody is upset/ angry leh..

  24. Action speaks louder than words, Words Pierced deeper than a dagger

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