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Netizens put up local version of Hong Kong ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu

Posted by temasektimes on February 27, 2012

Creative Singapore netizens have put up an edited local version of Hong Kong’s famous ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu who sparked a nationwide outcry with his callous remark on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’

The full-page advertisement calling mainland Chinese ‘locusts’ was put up on Apple Daily in early February this year by a group of Hong Kong residents after recent controversial remarks made by Peking University professor Kong Qing Dong who called Hong Kongers “bastards” and “running dogs of the British government” when commenting on an earlier incident in which a mainland Chinese girl was reportedly told off by locals for eating on a Hong Kong train.

The Singapore version used the same background as the original one except changing Hong Kong’s skyline to ours:


“Do you want Singapore to spend $36,000,000 yearly to sponsor at least two thousand foreign scholars? Singaporeans also had enough! The locust plague has spread from Hong Kong to Singapore. Strongly request the PAP government to tighten the overly lax immigration policy! Stop immigrants from ‘invading’ Singapore uncontrollably! Protect the rights of Singaporeans and defend local culture. Strongly request NUS disciplinary committee to met out the most severe punishment to ingrate MOE scholar Sun Xu!”

Below is the original Hong Kong ad:

Unlike the gutsy Hong Kongers who dared to put up the ad and even march in the streets to make a stance, timid Singaporeans will probably just make a few ‘daft’ noises online and Sun Xu will get away with a ‘stern warning’ from NUS.


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18 Responses to “Netizens put up local version of Hong Kong ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu”

  1. Kai said

    Um… Guys, that works out to $18k a year for 1 person, or $1500 a month. That isn’t really a lot.

    • bobby said

      We are not talking about (not alot: $15,000 to $18,000 but the princely sum amounting amounting to $36,000,000 per year….even our Social Welfare receipients DO NOT RECEIVE that amount…

      Besides an average degree course last 3 years..there fore We are talking of $108,000,000 spent on Foreigners..who will have no compunction to insult the people who pay for their education..

      The only way to have this stopped is to vote out the arrogant PAP in the next GE in 2016

    • You know what I mean said

      Not a lot?
      Why not the same amt used on a Singaporean?
      Why not a better wage for NSFs risking and wasting their lives away in NS?

  2. SinRakSin said

    haloo temasek times. The earlier one got minor typo error. u want the amended one i can send u.
    btw $36million is by MP Sim Ann. Leong Sze Han think more. Check out TOC on his analysis.

    We believe it’s more. This is only the official figure from the gahment mouth i can quote.

  3. aLeX said

    Thanks Singaporeans!!!!

    Greeting from Hong Kong.

  4. Lol! Hong Kong and Sg facing the common threat – influx of PRCs! We are not alone after all.

  5. […] Netizens put up local version of Hong Kong ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun X… […]

  6. Anson said

    Its good to see these posters also exist in Singapore..

    I really do hate these mainlanders, especially those expectant mothers from there who try to born their children in Hong Kong not in the normal way, but to use the emegency services and hence, once they get the birth certificate from Hong Kong, they leave without paying any fee… this really impose a heavy burden onto the medical system of Hong Kong…

    What makes me more angry is that i’ve heard from my frds not only do these mainland mothers not pay any fees, but they also steal diapers and milk powders when they are still in the hospital…

    thats totally insane!!

    a student from Hong Kong!

  7. Hongkonger said

    Support from HK!
    Bravo Singapore!

  8. HY said

    if it had been any easier to protest down the streets in Singapore, without having to be contained in a delegated spot and even having to go to the extent of submitting an application and waiting for an approval which might never come, I’m sure Singaporeans would not have to direct their voices to the internet.

  9. Benny said

    What Singaporeans are suffering is same as HongKongers.
    We fully understand the angry of Singaporeans.

  10. Tim said

    I doubt whether this poster is made by Singaporean coz the Chinese characters are mostly in traditional version.

    • Self-procclaimed analyst said

      Look at our kopitiams and zhe char food signs all of them are in traditional characters too!

  11. Jamie said

    I hope the day may never come to such a boiling point that PRCs provoking SGs to the extend of riots.

  12. Yuko Chen said

    Pray to Hong Kong & Singapore……………..

  13. Wang said

    I’m a PRC scholar too. I am so sorry to hear this news. I can completely understand Singaporeans’ feeling and if this kind of behavior happened in China, we Chinese would also feel angry. But I think it would be better to give him a chance,and he will stay in Singapore and work for a long period as compensation. If MOE just sent him back to China, it would not only be a waste of the money that MOE had already given to this guy,and but destroy his whole life. We all are human, please be kind and give him a chance.

  14. Jamie said

    He is unrepented he deserved to be expelled from the NUS and sent back to China

  15. SG always said

    live and let live ….

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