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NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu makes the headlines in Hong Kong as Hong Kong netizens express ‘solidarity’ with Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on February 28, 2012

The ongoing debacle surrounding NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu has hit the headlines in Hong Kong with several newspapers such as Apple Daily and Oriental Daily reporting on it.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a near nationwide outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore.” on his microblog ‘Weibo’ two Saturdays ago.

Apple Daily used the saga to draw comparison with Hong Kongers’ earlier outcry against a remark by Beijing Professor Kong that they are ‘running dogs’ of the British, prompting angry Hong Kongers to put up a full-page advertisement denouncing the mainland Chinese as ‘locusts’.

Oriental Daily quoted an anonymous political analyst as saying that the outburst by Singaporeans against Sun Xu’s remarks is a result of ‘years of pent-up frustrations at the government’s immigration and education policies as well as the recent influx of large numbers of immigrants from mainland China which makes such conflicts inevitable.’

As one blogger noted wryly:

“Sun Xu has become the unwitting scapegoat for the government’s pro-foreigner education policies. Singaporeans are baying for his blood now not because they have anything personal against him, but that they are extremely unhappy with the current policy of giving scholarships to foreigners, many of whom are actually pretty well to do.”

The Temasek Times’ exclusive coverage of the Sun Xu saga has also been well received in Hong Kong with many Hong Kong netizens expressing their ‘solidarity’ with Singaporeans.

One Hong Kong netizen wrote on the popular Hong Kong forum

“Singaporeans use simple Chinese script and can speak Mandarin and as such, PRC students who studied in Singapore should have an easier time adapting compared to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Yet, they are still able to cause people to hate them, really have to salute our mainland friends.”


Another netizen added:

“Singapore finally experience what Hong Kong has gone through. Singapore is better than Hong Kong as it is separated from China by the South China Sea and is an independent country with backbone.”

(新加坡終於都感受到香港既苦況了. 新加坡比香港好, 隔了成個南中國海 + 獨立主權國家 . 有腰骨, 有膊頭)

Hong Kongers may not have an accurate picture of what is happening in Singapore right now – it is much easier for a mainland Chinese to study, work and live in Singapore than in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

In Hong Kong, very few mainland Chinese can obtain Hong Kong PR even after living there for several years. However in Singapore, there is no minimum period of residency before a prospective immigrant is qualified to apply for PR leading to many Chinese bus drivers, construction workers, hawkers, masseurs and even freelance prostitutes getting Singapore PR and citizenship.

Read all articles about Sun Xu here


16 Responses to “NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu makes the headlines in Hong Kong as Hong Kong netizens express ‘solidarity’ with Singaporeans”

  1. The Observer said

    This statement is inaccurate from my understanding “In Hong Kong, very few mainland Chinese can obtain Hong Kong PR even after living there for several years.”

    The mainlanders have been flooding HK hospitals through 3rd party ‘give birth’ agents and gatecrashing HK immigration in Lowu border, hoping to give birth in HK hospitals. This is due to the Basic Law that stipulates mainlanders whose child is born in HK will attain Hong Kong Permanent Residency at birth. This practice has in recent years, crippled the health services in HK and contributed to extremely low morale amongst HK health workers. Not least to say when the mainland child grows up, they are free to be relocated back to HK at will and enjoy heavily subsidized rates for education, welfare, in spite of not paying taxed in HK !

  2. Hongkonger said

    I am a Hong Konger.
    I think that “HK Netizen” is to use the word “backbone” as a satire on our Chief Executive hopeful – ah no, candidate, Henry Tang. Tang once have responded to the public for his scandal of the illegal basement of his villa.
    He said, “做男人就要有膊頭,做公職就要有腰骨。” (One needs to have shoulder of being a man, and BACKBONE when holding government posts.)
    “Shoulder” and “Backbone” could be referred as accountability and responsibility is his speech.

  3. CheenaBABI said

    wow ! we have prostitute PR ?

  4. Tracy Tan said

    Good that Hongkongers and Singaporeans can show solidarity to right a wrong

  5. Cannottahan said

    That’s bullshit that foreign laborers, bus drivers can easily attain PR. garmen mainly give PR to foreign talent n prostitutes do no constitute such numbers. If u want to be giving news to people pls do so with integrity n with facts. Not defame with no regards to facts.

    Mod’s note:

    You can google for yourself the news. Here’s one example of a bus driver from China being given Singapore PR – Zhou Yunpeng:

    May 6, 2010
    Scooterist’s death: Driver fined
    By Elena Chong

    A FORMER bus driver was fined $5,000 and banned from driving for three years on Thursday for causing the death of a scooterist.

    Zhou Yunpeng, 33, a permanent resident here, admitted to causing the death of Mr Oh Yam Seng, 66, by failing to give way to him when he made a right turn from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 into Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 on Dec 24 last year.

    Mr Oh was on a scooter travelling from the opposite direction when he was hit by the SBSTransit bus, driven by Zhou, at about 5.30am that day.

    Zhou told District Judge Lee Poh Choo that he had been on the job for 1 1/2 months before the accident.

    He said he had been doing odd jobs since he lost his job.

    The father of one who came from China nine years ago could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for the offence.

    Many other examples – google ‘PRC hawker/construction workers/beautician/teacher or whatever occupation given Singapore PR

    Chinese hawker given Singapore citizenship:

    Chinese construction worker given Singapore citizenship:

    • “Mr Chen’s father came to Singapore to find work 12 years ago as a construction worker before he became a renovation contractor.”

      he is not a construction worker lah. WP holders are not eligible to apply for PR. this guy became a boss and started exploiting other workers. all the bosses of china construction companies in singapore are PRs. they openly flout singapore labour laws and exploit their own chinamen.

  6. bobby said

    Future address in Singapore,,,

    Province: Singapore

    Country: Republic of China

    • Patrick said

      err….not Republic of China lah, that’s Taiwan.

      It should be

      Province: Singapore

      Country: People’s Republic of China

  7. rogerroger said

    Wouldn’t be surprise the daft immigration department hand out PR to prostitutes. Wasn’t one Pinoy PR who was recently jailed for bashing up a local old man working as a waiter? Do we need more waiters so desperately?

  8. chao ah tiong said

    PAP is ruining our country’s culture and identity by giving so many PRs and citizenships to foreigners

  9. Super White NOT said

    There a mispell… Black (white) worm, not back bone.

  10. Hong Konger said

    “Hong Kongers may not have an accurate picture of what is happening in Singapore right now – it is much easier for a mainland Chinese to study, work and live in Singapore than in Hong Kong or Taiwan.”

    I am a HongKonger too and would like to share that mainland Chinese can easily get HKID as long as they are born in HK, if you still remember the ‘locust ad’ HKer posted publicly at the earlier time.
    Anyway, HK has no choices cos we are controlled by the PRC, but I sincerely wish Singapore can protect your homeland well from being invaded by the low quality Mainland Chinese Culture.

    • frakpap said

      You are absolutely right. We should protect our homeland. But the ruling party has divided our electorates such that they will always have > 50% support in every electorate, ending up that even when they only have 60% of the votes, they get 95% of the seats in parliament. The press in Singapore is also controlled by the government, and we are not allowed to hold protests or strikes. So what can we do? We can only fight the war on the internet and blast the government with our words!!!

  11. PinoyIsMore said

    come on lah.. dun follow blindly go Nanyang Poly during lunch hours or go lucky plaza take walk

    If too troublesome go nearby Giodarno, G2000, Thai Express….

    see for yourself are you sure is alot of chinese.. look around you which is more…

  12. Suddenly I love Hong Kong-ers

  13. Clementea said

    i wish someone can caught SUn Xu and Trap him in a wooden Cage and roll him down a hill. pick him up and roll him down again and again. muhahahhaha

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