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Ex-MOE PRC scholar in United States slams Sun Xu and calls for review of Singapore’s overseas scholarship recruitment programme

Posted by temasektimes on February 29, 2012

An ex MOE PRC scholar Liu Yuchen, who is currently studying in the United States, has voiced out against the behavior of his fellow countryman Sun Xu who sparked nationwide outrage with his now infamous remark on there ‘being more dogs than humans’ in Singapore.

In a posting on the Facebook page calling for Sun Xu’s scholarship to be revoked, Liu wrote that he was quite ‘appalled’ at his remarks:

“As a PRC who has received MOE scholarship before, I am quite appalled at what he said. Till this day I still feel immensely in debt to the culture, education, generosity and experiences I received in Singapore, together with some very fond memories. As far as self-identity goes, a quarter of my life has been in Singapore and I share much of the rage and anguish many Singaporeans have at his remarks.”

Mr Liu also called for a review of Singapore’s overseas scholarship recruitment programme:

“I would agree that his scholarship should be reviewed as clearly he no longer demonstrates the same qualities he once was perceived to have. Perhaps this even prompts a more thorough review of the entire talent recruiting program from abroad to ensure that students offered scholarships are more holistic.”

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand foreign students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

Mr Liu ended by urging Singaporeans to remain calm and be consumed by rage:

“Sun’s comments left me realizing there is much work to be done to educate my peers from China. But while I have no sympathy for him, I also hope my friends from Singapore would not let yourselves be consumed by rage. As much as it’s tempting to do otherwise, I’m sure we all aspire to rise above and be the better one.”

According to information posted on his Facebook, Mr Liu graduated from the National Junior College in 2009 after which he went on to pursue his tertiary education at Georgetown University on a MOE scholarship in the United States.

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22 Responses to “Ex-MOE PRC scholar in United States slams Sun Xu and calls for review of Singapore’s overseas scholarship recruitment programme”

  1. Query said

    An ex MOE PRC scholar Liu Yuchen, who is currently working in the United States.

    Why is our EX MOE PRC Scholar working in US instead of working in Singapore?

    • Patrick said

      Precisely! Apparently, the policy of awarding scholarships to non-Locals was I believed the intent for them to sink their roots here. While I respect and have no illusion of some to stay here to respect the ‘debt’, the scholarship policy to me is already screw-up so much so it is already well-known that Singapore Scholarships are a ticket where non-locals can take a ride at the expense of tax payers.

      Well to take a leaf out of Abraham Lincoln’s words of “Government of the People, By the People and For the People’ does not apply to the MIW government which to me is more like ‘Government of OTHER People, By OTHER People and For OTHER People’. [Read: ‘OTHER People’ refers to ‘Non-Singaporeans’]

  2. Sean said

    36mil a year!! How many household’s life’s can improve if they had this sum? Can b life changing. The scholarship should come with performance bond including moral standards!!

  3. frakpap said

    Mr Liu Yuchen, I am glad that not all PRC are black sheep and understand the meaning of the idiom 饮水思源. Please come back to Singapore to work, start your family, and contribute taxes, GST, and let your son(s) in future serve NS to repay your debt to our generation of Singaporeans. We welcome you with open hands.

  4. shang said

    So the Embassy of China is already pulling some foreign strings already.
    But to put it in perspective, after 9 years of study, 2 month left to go, it will be very detrimental and cruel to revoke his scholarship or graduation. We should have some compassion. It has already made international headlines. Leave that to god’s will.

    • Jay said

      Hi SIANT Shang,

      why should we be compassion after spending so much $ on this ungrateful PRC. I was once told by some PRCs that our SG ruling party is stupid and we, Singaporeans are fools. very upset and dun know wat to say..just keep my mouth shut then.

      Why are you not sorry for yourself, spending so much time and $, to find out after 9 years, that you have such a ungrateful son. Dun try to be saint lah..

      Shang, if you are ready a kind ‘soul’ plse adopt him and you can spend all your saving on him … who care. Will u pls?

  5. whoisliu said

    who is Liu?

  6. alan soh said

    lol made use of singapore again

  7. Wow said

    oh nice said! even though not working in singapore lets put that aside
    i respect you man you deserve to get the scholarship by standing up for whats right!

  8. Liu Yuchen said

    I just want to clarify with some of the bloggers above that while I would love to go back to Singapore in the future, I was not under any contract when I left. I received another scholarship from Georgetown University in the US. While I do appreciate that at a sensitive time like this people are increasingly doubting the rationale behind the scholars program, I firmly believe in the underlying value of the exchange of talents and ideas in an increasingly globalized world (of which I benefited tremendously and I certainly hope I did my limited part to enrich the life, academics and extra-curricular aspects in NJC.). I would reiterate that I owe much to my Alma Mater NJC as well as Georgetown for the opportunities I had there and I would, when the time comes, make my contribution to any of these institution that helped me along. But at the same time it would pain me to see that a great country with such an amazing program would take a huge step back because of an outlier.

    My original post on FB is as follows:


    Mod’s reply:

    Hi Yuchen, thanks for the clarification. You mention earlier that you are an ex-MOE scholar. Thought you have a six-year bond to serve in Singapore? Did you break the bond to accept the scholarship from Georgetown University?

    • Liu Yuchen said

      I had a 4-year contract with National Junior College when I enrolled, meaning I would stay with NJC’s Integrated Programme for 4 years without taking O-Levels and such. This was technically not an MOE scholarship as it’s directly sponsored by another Chinese-related commercial group (from what I was told when I applied). However all of us scholars from China or ASEAN were monitored by MOE and our grant comes from MOE’s account (I’m not sure how the whole thing works.) As such, after my graduation from JC I was not under any obligation to stay. I did receive offers from NUS and NTU and had the option to sign the bond you were referring to. But eventually weighing all my options I decided to go to the US. It was hard to put down NUS and I still kid with my friends that perhaps after one big round around the world I would find my way back to Singapore again.


      Mod’s reply:

      Hi Yuchen, thanks for your reply. Did you study in a Singapore Secondary school? Or you came straight to NJC from China? You made a good choice. Glad to see you are doing well in the U.S. Cheers!

      • Yuchen Liu said

        I did my sec3 through j2 with NJ. And I am currently still in school and not working full time. If you would be so kind as to amend the comment on my current scholarship status I would be appreciative.

      • Liu Yuchen said

        No I did my sec3 through j2 with NJ. I’m currently still in school and not working full time. If you could be so kind as to amend my current scholarship status I would much appreciate that.

        Many thanks.

        Mod’s note:

        Sure, no problem.

      • Liu Yuchen said

        Thank you very much. I am, however, not on an MOE scholarship right now for my education at Georgetown University

  9. Yuchen said

    No I did my sec3 through j2 with NJ. I’m currently still in school and not working full time. If you could be so kind as to amend my current scholarship status I would much appreciate that.

    Many thanks.

  10. Lewis said

    I am pleased that Yuchen is on the typical Singaporean side. My suggestion to Yuchen is to write in your opinion directly to MOE. I believe MOE values your opinions more than the layman on the street (especially given the amount they have invested in you).

    Hey, maybe you can have a private chat someday with other scholarship holders like yourself. Do they think like you.

    Seriously speaking, I find that the damage done is really severe. Many Singaporeans wants to stop these “investment” on scholars who do not wish to immigrate or contribute to Singapore. It really hurts our feelings.

  11. insider said

    a picture of a guilds insignia behind him on the upper left side!

    Mod’s reply:

    What does that mean?

  12. Never again said

    I hope the people realise now much money (36 million a year) the government is throwing away in its effort to bring in more and more PRCs, which I believe is one senile old man’s wish. I have vowed that I will never allow anyone in my family to vote for them as long as I live. How many of our children have been denied a education of their choice, my son who got straight “A” was turned away from the law faculty and now is overseas. I had to sell my flat to send him there. All this because of a old senile old man’s desire to kiss Communist China’s ass and proclaim them as the greatest human beings. He thinks they are the greatest like Hitler did of the Germans. Anyone who supports him or his party must be ashamed of his or her own Singaporean identity. He stopped us from breeding, now blames us and brings in PRCs. In the future he will be begging the PRC to breed more, another form of ethnic cleansing

  13. Liu Yuchen sounds like the many nice cultured Chinese I’ve met. Thank you for speaking out. It just shows that PAP’s projection is wrong and investment wrong. Where are the returns for the investment? Vikram Nair, what do you say of these scholarships? Sucking up to another big economy… PAP definitely knew where the money for this expense comes from but the return is like gambling. Don’t even talk about Nigeria. Perhaps a more adequate name would be a PAP ####?

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