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China’s netizens rally behind Sun Xu and agree with him that Singaporeans are ‘DOGS’!!!

Posted by temasektimes on March 1, 2012

NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu has become famous overnight not only in Singapore, but in Hong Kong and China as well where his remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’ are given extensive publicity by the local media.

While Hong Kong’s netizens have expressed their support for Singaporeans on the issue, China’s netizens are mostly behind Sun Xu with many applauding him for his verbal insult on Singaporeans.

Below are some comments from China’s netizens on a Chinese forum:

“Well said! Singapore is only an obedient dog which wags its tail behind the United States.”


“Nowadays, one needs to apologize for speaking the truth.”


“Well scolded! Westernized Chinese are most disgusting. They think they are ‘whites’, but are merely dogs.”


“Singapore has higher income than Hong Kong and with stricter laws, they are more ‘dog’, hence can attract Chinese to the colony to be ‘dogs’.”


“Agree there are many ‘dogs’ in Singapore.”


“I think he is wrong – in Singapore, the number of dogs equal to the number of humans.”


“Singapore is a small Chinese state enjoying the dignity given to them by big China. It is correct to say that there are more dogs than humans in Singapore. It’s easy to change a country, but not ‘dog’s nature.'”


Despite the fierce anti-Singapore rhetoric, there were a few sensible voices blaming Sun Xu for ‘shooting his mouth off’.

One Chinese netizen expressed support for Sun Xu to be expelled:

“He (Sun Xu) is really spoilt to enjoy free education from college to university. Not only did he not express gratitude (to Singaporeans), he turned around and scold them. Such ingrates will create trouble no matter where they go, he should be expelled and sent back to China.”


Sun Xu will be attending a disciplinary hearing convened by NUS on 13 March where his fate will be decided. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat had earlier said the onus is on NUS to “investigate the matter and to take disciplinary action against Sun Xu if he was found to have flouted NUS’s code of conduct for its student.”

Born to a wealthy and influential family in the affluent city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, Sun Xu first came to Singapore in 2006 on a MOE scholarship to study in River Valley High School after which he went on to study at Raffles Junior College and NUS where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Unlike other students born in Singapore, Sun Xu did not have to pay a SINGLE CENT for his education in Singapore from secondary school all the way to university.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

Foreign scholars like Sun Xu at NUS and other Singapore universities have their tuition fees and living expenses all covered by their scholarships. They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service unlike male Singapore citizens who are burdened with a hefty tuition loan and rendered uncompetitive in the job market by their mandatory reservist obligations such as IPPT and in-camp training.


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122 Responses to “China’s netizens rally behind Sun Xu and agree with him that Singaporeans are ‘DOGS’!!!”

  1. YMC said

    Wow, with people in the PRC like that I’m so glad my ancestors decided to leave that hell hole and get out of Dodge.

    • Chewster said

      Nicely said my friend!,

    • Lillpinkrabbit said

      I do not know how to agree more.

      True we are from the same race, but just like peppercorns from the same tree, some will be black pepper while some will be white pepper as a result from a different way of processing.
      Color, taste and properties will not be similar anymore.
      Although neither will reign more superior over the other.

      After that, the peppercorns from the same tree won’t be identical anymore, would it?
      I would think it will be quite unfair to say so.

  2. joe said

    so many china pigs here!

    • Why label them as pigs? Pigs are very useful, the European used them to find truffles and Chinese loves to eat pork and it’s one of the Zodiac signs. Only Muslims would find great offense in being labelled as pigs.

      Seeing that Sun Xu is so mad at “Singapore dogs who barked at him”, I think it’s more apt to label him a cat. You know those cats who would come to you meowing when you give them food but disappear once they don’t need you ……

      • shockednetizen said

        Cats are too refined for people like Sun Xu, he and his comrades are one of the many annoying swarms of new-species locusts, that the HongKonger Biologist also found in their hospitals.

  3. Owen said

    Now this is one reason why “PURE” singaporeans renounce thier citizenship… They migrate to Australia, have a son, come back here study, become 1st class Foreign Talent i n Singapore, why suffer same fate as 2nd Class Pure singaporean??? Well done our beloved ****!!

    • dissatisfied said

      That’s exactly what I plan to do. Renounce my citizenship, migrate, and when I have children, come back as attain awesome Expat Status (capitalized for a reason) – seems to be the only way to work with/around the system nowadays.

  4. bobby said

    We are dogs, loyal dogs to our country. They are cockroaches, cockroaches like pests of the world!

    • Lolx said

      where is the “Like” button??
      anyways “Like” x100

      • Susan said

        haha..Bobby: Well said!!!

      • Proud of our lil red dot said

        “LIKE” X 1000000.

        虧你還念那麼多書 可惜你所學的是都是死書. 基本的禮義廉恥和道德觀卻不在你的學習中!
        讀那麼多書有甚麼用? 讓你所學的知識卻令你的腦袋長草!

        別浪費我們國家的資源和金錢. 還有其他你們的人比你更會珍惜這裡的一切!

        If we are dogs, we are pets. And you people over there? Stray pests. PESTS.

  5. Jozua said

    Are you kidding me? 3rd world country commenting about us? Take a look in the mirror china “people”

    • Get your facts right before you call China a 3rd World country. China is now the world’s second largest economy and they have a permanent place on the UN Security Council. Sadly many people in US still think Singapore is a province in China.

      • ninja said

        China may be the second largest economy in the world but do you know what is the GDP?? Do you know how many are still living under poverty in China?? Do you also know why China was offered a permanant seat in the UN?? Please do some research on these and you be grateful that I enlighten you.

  6. Dulan Singaporean said

    Since you all china pig say singapore is dog, than all of you go back to china lar, or else you are also a dog here, PATHETIC IDIOT, still need to come here to study, and work here to feed your family back home? go back to china lar.

    talk so much..

    • Hate china people since 2008! said

      I agree with you Dulan Sinagporean. Since they think we are dog, then go back to their china la. Come on China ‘pig’ Why did you guys come to Singapore in the first place if your country is so damn good??? Or your motive for coming Singapore is to cheat us of our money, which you guys specialise in? Be a PR and buy a flat over here, and go back to china, collect rental money over here and spend in china… What a smart way china ‘pig’ fxxker earn money…
      Adding on… If we are dogs, china people are worse… they are cold-blooded creatures! Hit and run is what they are best at. Creating fake products, sell and harm others are also their profession! These China ‘pigs’ staying in singapore, most of them are dirty (never bathe, never shave, never clean up their room) And they are very inconsiderate. Most guys are bastards, most gals are cheap. Just go back to your damn china la. We singaporeans also dont welcome you here IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

      • jess said

        well said!! totally agreed! 🙂

      • Vivian said


  7. ES said

    Isn’t this fellow should made a sincere public apology to all singaporeans!! Regardless whether he is from china or from other countries or from local, in any way, anyhow insulting others is a very wrong thing to do, bad behaviour, 没礼貌的行为。。Since is 做错事,isn’t he need to appologize??!!!! Anyone who insult another person, the one will eventually apologized to that person. This would be the correct attitude and correct way. Don’t you all agree??!

  8. Proud-Singaporean said

    one thing that is for sure. At least i am glad to be living in Singapore. Where no one watch a little kid bleed to death and offer no help, cause we are Kpo enough to call the police or go and take a look at least. Where road stall food is much safer compare to those place who use whitening on their veges. Thank God i born, grow up and live in Singapore. 🙂

  9. Revo said

    china pig …look at your own country with many disgusted people doing disgusted things, poison foods, toys etc…….everydays news reports sure have u corrupted officers 🙂

    • JJ said

      lol.. well said! cheaters of all and yet still wana call us singaporeans dogs. kindly look at yourself first before calling us names freaking chinaaa freaks!! scram back to your damned good country coz we dont need people like you here insulting us. seriously get lost

  10. Nuff Said! said

    Do not stoop below them… Nuff said!

  11. ChinaNetizens Sucks said

    All this so-called China’s netizens really got ‘backbone’ in scolding other chinese in other countries.

    China gahment is so smart to drive all their ‘pest’ out into other countries so as to reduce the social problems they have within China. Those ‘pest’ include all the china’s netizens. If the people of china is really so great, stop going to other people’s countries and stay put in China. Why want to be a pest in other people’s countries? Still put in China and be your PIGS!

  12. Maxine88 said

    ask them to speak english then we see who’s barking like a dog.. hahaha..

    SANK YOU..

  13. What are meant for you to do.. said

    Hey China netizens, turn off your computers and get back to farming!

  14. PAP Dogs said

    China is the world’s number one producing fake or imitation products. And if u chinese are proud of your achievement, I have nothing to say to brainless people. Only the biggest PAP dog organization – EDB will regret not Singaporeans.

  15. 我不是中國人 !! said

    What percentage of China top officials’ children are U.S. citizens? What percentage of the grandchildren of these top officials are U.S. citizens?

    Why is it even a police chief and Vice-Mayor in China needs to go hide in the American Consulate?

    • We're Singapore chinese not from PRC said

      Maybe singapore gov only help PRC by Teaching their officials how to manage and develop industrial park is not enough!!! Even spends million on their scholars to educate them also not enough!!! We should built a Sperm Bank for PRC to help them CREATE better quality/standard Chinese… Because with all help from SG They’re still a disgrace to we oversea chinese.

  16. Whoever U r…well said…….We R dogs? Hmmm Ya we dog eyes see U down ( 狗眼見人低 )…U cant even par with me…U r worst off…leave us & survives some where……….

  17. If you have time, go to People’s Park Complex in China Town & see what is happening there………

  18. Eddie said

    This kind of ingrates! Our country spend money on this idiot and we get this in return? He should be expelled, kicked back to china and banned from coming to singapore ever again! What a waste of money. And to all the china netizens, you all should practise better oral hygiene, and learn to speak in a way that’s is understandable by humans, who are you guys calling dogs? You bunch of animals of various kinds, insects and any kinds of creatures. GO BACK TO CHINA AND STAY THERE! DONT COME HER AND SQUEEZE OUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT ALSO!! GO BACK AND DIE THERE.

  19. ~.+.d3vilgirl.+.~ said

    We are Dogs so what u people are? You these people worst than a beast!!! A kid had an accident in China and badly injured so ur this people called “HELP” the girl pull her aside? BRAVO!! No worries, I will do the same thing as you people do if I had a chance~ At least we won’t abuse the dogs and eat dog meat plus talk so impolitely, irresponsible and so on.. PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR DOG WORLD MEAT COUNTRY AND POSION PEOPLE TO DEATH!!!


  20. alex said

    So now who say there are just one rotten apple here among the PRC.Now not one SUN XU come out and say we are dogs but alot of them. Now we can see their true colors. This is what our governments are proud of the PRC calling them and label them as dogs too. What are they going to say about this???

  21. Lendl said

    The entire Chinese race outside of this shithole of a country are highly grateful to be blessed enough to have decades of seperate evolution from these creatures.

  22. 25yearsinSG said

    i’m not chinese goddamit. i’m singaporean. and i think it’s abundantly clear why i don’t want to be chinese.

  23. mobs said

    PRC infest our country! hey our country leh culture is so much different from U PRC but what PRC did to Hong Kong is even worst! they snatch their hospital beds snatch their schools and home! luckily they cant DRIVE to SG if not we would be the same as poor HK residents. WTH communist decendants

  24. The Fallen Griffin said

    I dont mind being called a dog. They are loyal creatures who learn fast and are Most Men’s Bestfriends. Hence stating that this guy might have just conpliment us? By being dogs, we, Citizens of a Singapore are loyal to our country, we can prosper fast and are the only ones that are close to what you call a bestfriend. We are the only ones to protect the country because we only have a certain population.

    Yes, sometimes we do make fun of the foreigners,we do make fun of the other races but those are all meant to be jokes. We welcome every different type of people into our country and we accept them for who they are.

    We work hard for what we want because we know that it doesn’t come easy. Dogs are remarkable creatures. As an NUS PRC Scholar, i don’t think you desrve it. Then again why chose Singapore as a place to study? Was it because it was the place whereby it had chinese majority or because it was easier and faster?

    Without the 1st foreigner workers who migrated here to Singapore/Temasek(then). Our country would’nt have prospered but we could still manage as a country because being dogs means not giving up. Singapore is not a small Chinese State. Being a Malay, i find this throughly offendsive. Who were the first few people in Temasek? The Malays. When did the chinese came? After the Indians. Why are there are there a minority of Malays/Indians? Because during the WW, more of them got killed.

    I have more chinese friends then my own race friends and some of my friends do come from your country. No country is the best. If you think yours are then i suggest you return. However, it made me wonder how many friends you have now? RiverValley High. Raffles Junior College. NUS. There are Singaporeans too. You have tarnished the good names of these schools. I simply do not want an apology. Due to the massive mess you’ve made an apology is just word.

    I wonder if those chinese netizens ever came to singapore?

    This is what i feel, i hope this guy, whatever his name was read this.

    • Leonhardt said

      dude…really….if i said you were like Lu Dong Bin of the 8 immortals, would you think of that as a compliment or an insult?

    • Helmetboy said

      Well said, like a boss! And no one told him to get education freebies while we trudge through hardship! Go back to your communist family, tell them I said you people are dog poop. Just sayin.

  25. Jon said

    Looking at this objectively – having been born to a “wealthy and influential family”, he didn’t need MOE’s funding to begin with. Still, this doesn’t give him the right to make such statements – your country is in a much more sorry state than Singapore. Go fix the problems with your corruption / pollution / cardboard paos / fake apple shops / public spitting and urination before calling us dogs. Even if we may be called dogs, at least we are dogs with rights. Very much unlike your communist government.

    The thing I hate most about the sentiment, is that he thinks he’s speaking from the position of an “elite” – you sir, are a fag. go back to whatever village you came from in china.

  26. Dear PRCs, there are the nice ones and the ones who seem to live life too well and take for granted certain things- so to those who complain about our attitudes. 1. This isn’t China. 2. We gave you free education and jobs. 3. We are paying you with our money. 4. If you are not happy, stop working, stop studying. 5 FUCK OFF 6.By the way if you didn’t know, we can survive without you, please you are not that great.

  27. t.s said

    when they are scolding Singaporean “dog”, they are really understand how the incident going on? Just because sun xu is a china chinese, then they just support him without any reason or even agree what he say. It was really ridiculous, i hope NUS can uphold the justice and expel him. Show them who is the boss in this country where we stay and the land we love.

  28. Tracce said

    Ungrateful fellow!! You are not even fit to be a dog!! So what if you perform well academically, how far can you achieve with this type of upbringing?! Not only you ought to be expelled, you should be deported back to where you belong and pay back all the monies spent on you all these years to Singapore!! I am sure there are more Singaporeans who are well qualified and needed these scholarships much more than you do, “Foreign Talent”!!!

  29. "smart" "elite" govt said

    have u guys recently seen more “chinese national” P@P member their so call “volunteer”??? they must have something up their sleeve… this is just the 1st wave i believe… i think 2nd wave they will hold mp position and convince all new chinese migrant to vote for them…

  30. graceakaclouds said

    What audacity to imply tat s’pore has to rely on china? Absolute ridiculous!! We are an independent country who doesn’t rely on any country, not even China!!!! For the record, the nitwit even forgot after staying so many years is tat u nitwits infilrated our country wif ur ppl….we r multi-racial country n not chinese only loh!!!

    Btw, who is the stupid person who gives scholarship without checking on backgrds? Isn’t it supposed to b given to the poor n needy?? Alas, my fellow s’poreans we have definitely been hoodwinked by our own govt

  31. warren lim said

    Make sure u sun duno wat stupid name is tat la. Btr dun come back singapore to make a living. I tink ur parents didn’t educate u in the correct way or are they even educated. Not only sending back those china rascal is enough. Those who try to create trouble here in singapore as well should be send back n forever banned from entering singapore. We r not US dogs and we dun call US a dog. Only low educated or mentally ill ppl like you china babi will go ard barking at others.

  32. lee said

    Dear Sun Xu – if we S’porean are dogs and yet you still come here (enjoying our subsidy) to study and work, then what shall I call you? DOG’S SLAVE (gou nu cai)?

    • Asuka said

      Yes Lee, that makes sense… one will always look up to the better ones, don’t they?

      Since we are dogs (Westernised dogs? US dogs?) whatever they call us and yet Chinese (China) come here to understudy, then what are they trying to learn? to be one to? Ahh the art of being a dog!… hmm probably because they are worse than a beast, i guess?

      I don’t think we even need an apology knowing the likes of these “chao kar”… & if his family is so well to do, I would be more gladly if they can pay us back for the fundings! Much appreciated!

  33. YQ said

    funny… apparently many from China still wants to come here despite whatever they say… it just shows that they want to be like us right?

  34. Sleepybunny said

    What was the news about china people leaving a toddler on the streets? And what was the news about a girly openly kidnapped in broad daylight, shout on the streets with so many people around but nobody cared? Why did they produce toxic milk for their own population killing so many babies? Why did they produce so many imitation goods like hPhone(iPhone), fake egg, fake tummy to get seats on the train. And lastly, what was the news about cigarettes being introduced to pri school kids. If Singaporeans were dogs, what animals are those people doing harm to even their own people?

  35. greenie said

    Im very curious about how our government feel! After spending huge amounts on foreign talents, this is what we get back? Disheartening…. Anyway, we all should know one thing, that is we can’t trust anyone, especially people who are not from our home. Has our government been expecting such responses? How about betrayal from them in future? What can we, pure breed Singaporeans, do to protect ourselves? Will we end up like Hong Kong? How much can we trust these foreign talents? We cant deny the fact that the Chinese are smart people and sad to say. mostly heartless people! They can harm their own kind, invent fake milk, eggs, etc, kill their fellow mankind, not to say us.

  36. LDM said

    this small incidence really got much more attention than it deserves. its simply a situation where a minority of loud, inconsiderate and uncritical people got involved in childish arguments which ‘higher quality’ people don’t give a dman about. No one gave the china scholar the right to be the mouthpiece for 1.3billion people and why should anyone take him so seriously? I honestly expected better from TR and the editors should really leave it at that and move on.

    • Tracce said

      LDM, I am (or we are) not caught or indulged in a childish argument! Just feel the pinch in my heart that scholarships are being given to someone from a wealthy family and most of all not our nationality and worst of all someone who don’t even feels grateful, rather than our own home-grown children who need to struggle to pay their fees or debts ridden when they get into the society!!

  37. t5 said

    i will keep your photo in my phone..if i ever bump into you “i will ask for your autograph” cause u are sooo FUCKING famous!!! Singaporean stand United be it black,brown or white…in case u didn’t know!!

  38. 1 2 3 4 said


    Other than this meaning they do not have anything else they could describe about us that show how little they know about us !!

    Their creativity ROCKS


  39. Isn’t it the point? He is born with a sliver spoon in his mouth. Why on earth is our government still paying everything for him? Wat? They think that China will be grateful that we are being nice to them? How have they treat us so far? Yo, pappies! We are just their stepping stones!! and these people are the one of most realistic and ungrateful beings in the world. Even if you wipe their asses for them now, they will still poo on you if they so desired.

    Those PRC friends who are nice people and have the human morals installed, this message is not for you. We are referring to the current group who called us dogs. We are Singaporeans. As small as our country is, though we are highly dependable on other countries’ economies and resources, being called dogs by these people that our govt freely invite to our country is not justifiable. It’s important to maintain amicable relationship with neighboring countries and giant economies. BUT IT IS ABSURD to cost our own citizens job and education opportunities to this extent. Please note! Mr Govt, These PRCs will not be Singaporeans. They will just exhaust our limited resources, go back to their country and laugh at us for being easy to get (Cheap). ALL because of your present policies, you deprived Singaporeans of the scholarship and hampered their competitive edge.

    I suggest that our government adjust their policies now and stop putting Singapore citizens as second class citizens in their own country.

  40. Nisa said

    This is not the first a foreign person has insulted the local.. It just goes to show that previous punishments meted out was not an effective deterrent for this group of pple. It’s been mentioned in the article that this ungrateful “dog” comes fr a wealthy family.. It’s upsetting to know, that these type of rich foreign students get to enjoy free education whereas some local students struggle to hold part time jobs while studying to pay their uni fees and living expenses!
    We Singaporeans cannot act in the same manner as he had described us to be.. We should be gracious in our acts when handling such dogs.. Nus

  41. Nisa said

    Nus should make return all the money they’ve wasted on him, let him pay the rest to complete his studies.. Then send him back to china with a no return option.. He should also be made to return the money spend on him during secondary and tertiary education.

  42. Flayzerannyx said

    Dear fellow singaporeans,

    Let us all be gracious and not take part in the name calling contest, we are better people than that. For how different are we if we were to act in the exact same way that Sun Xu has acted. Although we know that the outcomes of such “disciplinary” hearings are more often than not, less than satisfactory, but life moves on.

    Besides, im not bothered by their opinion of singaporeans, because to feel insulted i will have to actually value their opinion first, which i most certainly do not.

  43. Kimberlyn Quek said

    Sun Xu, since u hate singapore so much, 那就不要吃我们的住我们的用我们的!Singapore Tax Payers do not welcome people like you. You are not worth being a living being, don’t even want to compare you to an animal.

  44. Kimberlyn Quek said

    And NUS, seriously shame on you who still do not doing anything. A university who considers representing Singapore and yet not doing anything over such a matter that this man is brushing with law by criticizing your fellow country men. NO wonder we are being further laughed at.

  45. BloodyBitchMosquito said

    Pls go vote to revoke the locust infestation even in S’pore!!!
    Let me post a question to the locustes…oops sorry I meant PRCs? Would u say “DAM! All PRCs are dogs!” As to insult ya own country when ya fellow people bump into u? I don’t need rocket science intelligence to garner an appropriate response from that particular situation. Needless to say…would u call ya own mother a bitch for bumping into u at the door of ya home? In any country there’s definitely people taking their own citizens for granted…but that doesn’t warrant an open invite for FOREIGNERS to abuse them!

  46. Cheryl said

    Wow , this is harsh .

    But seriously , do you have the rights to call us dogs when you’re studying in NUS , National University of SINGAPORE ?
    Teachers from NUS is from Singapore too , so it’s thanks to them tht you’re scoring well .
    You’re staying in Singapore , oh , tht makes you a dog too ?
    Yeahh , so what if you have scholarship ? Without this scholarship tht you have , you would’ve payed your life away !

    In fact you have to thank Singapore for giving you a place to study , to stay , and to score well ! Gtfo cheena . You’re worse than dogs . Rofl .

  47. ven said

    it’s best to send him back, cuz he’ll never survive in singapore after this incident. Nobody will hire him. He already lost his internship cuz the company was receiving too many complain letters. haha loser.

  48. Nato said

    “Born to a wealthy family”, why take scholarship?
    can pay for his own studies then can shoot whatever from his mouth.
    Since your are on sponsored scholarship from S’pore and being and ingrate abt it, won’t that make him and his character worse than a dog?

    Should make him coughed out every single cent + compounded interest and expelled him back to the land of ingrates.

    • Mapleleaf said

      ABSOLUTELY!!!! Totally agree with Nato. He don’t even need to come to Singapore. Only know how to suck our money like blood sucker!!

      • Nato said

        This brainless scholarship student is LUCKY to have made his comment in S’pore.
        If this was to happen in other countries where law & order is not so abide, he would have been sent home in a coffin.

        You think you smart? Think again….

  49. Scrudyorsis said

    As a muslim never once hated Dogs just the irresponsible OWNERS..

  50. Dawn Gipp said

    I just have one question for this person….dude, do you realise your good life in one of the best country in the world, is over!? Literally!! Think before you shoot off in the future, if you still have a future.

  51. Watehell said

    So stupid Singapore is not even a small Chinese state to b given dignity by China. Get ur History right Singapore used to belong to Malaysia— a malay state not chinese. Go b stupid somewhere else

  52. Pet H said

    Critics of Singapore/Singaporeans are like empty cans – envy of our success in a multi-racial society n will blame government for lack of freedom, our laws n regulations, etc. Just imagine living in a place w/o laws n regulations. Those ungrateful n unfriendly ones who came to our country to study/work/attachment n for other reasons – feel absolutely free to leave our country :((

  53. SK said

    “Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

    Foreign scholars like Sun Xu at NUS and other Singapore universities have their tuition fees and living expenses all covered by their scholarships. They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond and the men are exempted from National Service unlike male Singapore citizens who are burdened with a hefty tuition loan and rendered uncompetitive in the job market by their mandatory reservist obligations such as IPPT and in-camp training.” – How many of these scholars are Singaporeans and not another overly blessed Sun Xu? How does the government justify this section of them enjoying the comfort and constant “protection” of the Singaporean males who has to play solider for them? Knowing such sentiments from Mr Sun really makes it worse. Humiliating the nation as a whole… what will our representatives do in responds to that? I really hope we’ll hear a pc of comforting news coming from them in due time. Mr Sun, if you think that Singaporeans are dogs, then why are you joining the pack? Living off the pack’s welfare? i hope you’re not trying to be the pack leader or something because I think it’s unlikely you ever will unless you first learn to respect others. IMHO, Singaporeans might be a little more timid compare to people from PRC but does that make use dogs? Do forget that dog bites.

  54. DogsAreBetterThanPEST said

    The reason why they came to study in singapore, stay in singapore and do whatever shit in singapore is because their OWN MAINLAND COUNTRY CANT DO WHAT WE CAN GIVE ! so he is trying to say country there are filled with dogs are better than those inhuman “HUMAN” in their country !

    go back to china la! i think u stay here, u will get flooded when all singapore spit on you !
    if u want singaporean to shower for u by spiting on you, say la ! no need make sure comment and make us do that 1 !

    everyone here know u PRC doesnt speak well english, doesnt keep yourself looking nice and smell nice.
    MAIN REASON-> living with pest since young till childhood, that makes you a pest and behave like a pest !BUT REMEMBER over here we are dogs, NOT PEST ! DIRTY FREAK !

  55. Jeff said

    Why travel all the way from china to eat dog food here.. 犯贱

  56. Hate PRC said

    Why we tax payers have to waste money on such PIGS?! What is NUS waiting for? EXPELL him n kick his ass back to China! Cough out every cent we spent on him. We are better off without such PIGS in our country. Those women came here to cheat men of their money n ruin their families. Still Insult us stupid n dogs, then why still come here?

    Sg government pls use tax payers money wisely! Or else we stop paying tax.


  57. Mapleleaf said

    If these mainland Chinese hated Singapore & Singaporean so much, why still want to come over? What does this imply, they also want to be dogs? If you China Chinese so smart, don’t come over!! Stay at your own place and shut you pie hole!!!!

  58. Mapleleaf said


  59. Dog Lover said

    I don’t mind being a dog. Dogs have way more attributed than those so called Humans from hell’s hole.

    Dogs don’t hit and run, they don’t leave the injured on the streets but dogs knows to save their own kind. Dogs don’t skin animals alive just for the sheer pleasure.

    Their whole nation is made of psychopaths. They have no heart for anyone else but themselves. If our country is so bad, why flood over? Stay in their sweet violent homes for all they want.

    I agree with most of you that they are like cockroaches, pests who think that they’re pets.

    And so what if we’re westernized Chinese? Just blame yourselves for sucking at it and don’t blame us for excelling.

    I hope the media sees this and know how we feel to be defending ourselves without the help of out gov. Want us to have Singapore’s pride? This is how we are showing our Pride of being a Singaporean!

  60. Singaporean31 said

    I applaud all for the understanding and support given to Singaporeans. I would like to add that many China Chinese students (here in Singapore) are very fine and kind people, just like the Singaporean students currently studying in China. We shouldn’t let one or two rotten eggs ruin our friendship with people of a different nationality. If a person is biased against a nationality (e.g. China citizens, etc.), he/she has obviously not met a good China person yet. Vice versa. Why do we let our blood boil because of an immature person and cowardly anonymous netizens’ random words? I’d seen a lot of cowards attacking Youtube singers just because of how they look. The cowards are malicious and evil, hiding behind their computer screens and posting awful criticisms.

  61. ownage said

    Those people that work at the rub and tug parlours, not just in Singapore, but all over the world, aren’t they all from mainland china ? you people should just stick to what you are good at.

  62. Wes said

    This “creature” needs dog to fully sponsored to study and live in sg. In another words, he is a flea or pest that stays on the dog body for it’s own benefit and create problem for the dog. At least dogs are man best friend. This pest is worst than dog. This kinda pest, we need to get rid.

  63. Joanna said

    Honestly he dunno that the “dogs” he’s referring to are the ones paying for his education expenses. Ignorant subsidized student.

  64. magicautumn said

    all the product brought to china to be mass produce had a Risk of being ‘R&D’


  65. Fat boy slim said

    Well it’s ok of we sg people r dogs … At we don’t steal , rape , dirty n cheat ….. So well done sg we r all so gd, clean n respectfully educated untill so many prc wanted so much badly to come over to sg to study n learned how to become a gd, clean n respectfully educated dogs …..

  66. W said

    1) SG has more dogs because in China, most the dogs have been eaten by their people.
    2) I wouldn’t even call China people pigs, It’s a huge insult to pigs.

  67. E.T said

    im jus thinking isnt this our government fault to have such people in our country, where we have spent our money to give these people chances where we are not sure even they will serve our country or they are here to give us more problem in the near future, see i am a Singaporean, (not singapore citizen) theres a different huh, we are born here raise here serve our NS here, we shld be given chances 200 percent more than all those imported one, where they are talent in anyway, they does not belong to Singapore, our Government gotta do more for us, no more scholarship for them, please look into our people more as really more even those did not do so well if you would to willing enough to give them the chance you may turn it ard, and still they are from Singapore. HDB flat is only for Singaporean, not singapore citizen, they can only either buy the private apartment and house but resale can only sell back to Singaporean, i mean any country they are from, Singapore is a small country we will keep what we suppose to have, and is understandable. We need our Government to really to care for us. (till this point i didnt use a single bad word on them which i really wanna, i only hope our Government noted such, is not only 1 or few of such people you bring in said such thing about us, please help us to understand by spending the country money for such scene.)


  68. Jessica K said

    If We are Dogs, than what are You. PRCs are now getting infamous for being selfish, black hearted and unscrupulous. Proof? Look at the contaminated food, the toxic milk powder that was repeatedly reported, the young toddler that was left for dead on the road with many walking by doing NOTHING. Old man that fell and no one help and in the end he died on a crowded street. And many many more. You guys do stuff to kill even your own people.

    If we are dogs, than you guys must be worst than dogs. Shame on you.


    To all the PRCs in Singapore,

    Please respect Singaporeans. It doesn’t mean that you are from China, the country with largest population, and you rule the world. There is a Chinese idiom that says 入乡随俗. You are in Singapore and this is our culture. You have no rights to comment on it. If you are unhappy with us, please return to your country because in the first place, PRCs are not welcomed by Singaporeans. Please stop thinking highly of yourself. Open your eyes and see how many Singaporeans and Hongkongers dislike PRCs.

    I hope that NUS will expel Sun Xu. Being the top university in Singapore, this incident will tarnished the reputation of NUS. More university seats should be given to Sinagporeans to nurture more talents. Why should we help China when this is what we get in return? Sun Xu ought to be responsible for his actions.

    I’m glad to see Singaporeans defending for ourselves.

    ❤ SINGAPORE, united we stand.

  70. BlackSnow said

    Did you come all the way here to Singapore just to have your very own facebook account just because China doesn’t allow you to have one? & learning from “dogs” university? Eating good “dog” food? Now who’s barking like a dog? Great, here comes your doggy mates to come poop together. Woof~

  71. meen89 said

    I think…we need to step back and just take a breather…no way in hell will he get off scot free anyway…why stoop to his level and peon rage (i call him peon because he’s insignificant to the world and of course china). I hope/pray that his downfall will teach others not to take things for granted…and hope that people would not feel that ALL PRCs are like that. He’s probably the runt of the litter…(oops did i just call a china boy dog damn….im sry)

    Whatever the case PEACE =) in this modern day and world…can’t be getting upset over a small person…technically though…he could be charged by the police for disturbing racial harmony ohoh….just saying…

  72. Sonia said

    My dear Singaporeans, lets not be fazed by PRC’s that speak ill of us. They are of a different species (maggots). They are known to have NO conscience whatsoever – leaving their children to die by the road side, killing kids using fake milk and other products, running over people (have you seen those youtube vids?!) and they make the LOUDEST noise even whilst standing in a Q with other patient Singaporeans. They are without morals, are VERY crude and rude… and… well… lets just say they have no backbone. Have you guys heard? Some young couples ROT at home after getting married cos their parents are STILL supporting them! Pathetic right? Pfft. Hate people from China. If you have nothing nice to say about Singapore, go home please. We dont’ like MOST of you anyway.

  73. Whatever said

    Whats wrong with dogs, they are friendly loyal and nice. Dont care what they say coz they are worse than dogs.

  74. 睡神 said

    China oh China.. If we’re dogs, you’re obviously fleas. You suck on dog’s blood to survive.
    Literally sucking or mooching off us for your survival.

    I don’t hate PRC in general. I just hate those ingrates who come to our land, take everything for granted. Small thing complain, need more Chinese words/signs here and there and no need for english etc. Hi? Singapore isn’t a country that is filled with just the Chinese race.

    As for the imbeciles from the Chinese forums saying we are US dogs and don’t do things to accomodate the Chinese or how Westernized Singaporeans are that it’s like a bloody culture shock for them PRCs. They are obviously a bloody frog in a well and have never been to Singapore before. If we do things to just accomodate the Chinese race, there’s gonna be another racial riot for racial inequality. They can afford it since it’s not their land, but we as locals can’t. These nincompoops with the brain size of an amoeba or maybe even a molecule do not see the bigger picture.

    Seriously, our Government really needs to reconsider the policies for importing these “Foreign Talents” and start thinking about the welfare of the local populace. With no National Service for these “Foreign Talents”, using tax-payers’ money on them, taking up local university slots (in which the PM Lee claimed that there is no such thing, which I highly doubt). Which local wouldn’t be happy? Next thing is that most of these “Foreign Talents” can take off after attaining their degree and not work in Singapore. They can hide in China so easily since it’s so big and the population there is through the roof. They need to come up with measures to prevent them from fleeing the country after getting their goals.

    Last but not least, in MY opinion, expel this “flea” here and send him back to China with no degree.
    He doesn’t deserve it. Ingrates deserve no pity or mercy.

  75. crapmerz said

    This is a clear indication that the government has to review their foreign talent policy. Its clear evidence that all these China scholars, come into SIngapore wasting our tax payers money without a single tinge of appreciation. Indeed, we may be dogs, but a person who discriminates the other is no better than a dog himself. This is the time for the government to review their foreign talent policy. Sponsor people, who are appreciative, who deserves to be sponsored. Ungrateful people, will be pest in our society. PERIOD

  76. Ai ya, there a saying,-“Leopard Never Changes Its Spot.”
    Even if he apologise, who knows whether did he apologise sincerely.He might be cursing us in his heart right now !

    So this is my saying. A PRC WILL ALWAYS BE A PRC ! If he can say that and get support from his countrymates, gahment better dont let them come and insult us !
    Dont let dirty pest come and invade and dirty our country !

    Why i say them pest,Logic below

    1stly China got Billion of peoples as in they got lots of people in quantity.
    same like pest, ants,cockroaches,lizard are also big in numbers, so they can be group as the same category.

    2ndly, Singapore is a small country but fill with quality people.
    same like dogs, only the strongest dog survive !

    If ever there is a war between Singapore and China, our military will be happy as they do not have to bring any weapon, ONLY PESTICIDE ! so easy !
    QUALITY VS QUANTITY, u think who will win?

  77. a common citizen said


  78. Anonymous said

    “Well scolded! Westernized Chinese are most disgusting. They think they are ‘whites’, but are merely dogs.”
    -as said by “Chinafag.” (I apologize for my immaturity, but the situation deemed the necessity)

    “Nowadays, one needs to apologize for speaking the truth.”
    -as said by Chinafag2

    I shall address these 2 points.
    And my point to address these is that “these are bullshit.”

    Westernized? Saying we are westernized is not exactly accurate.
    Communicating in English does not make us westernized, it simply means we as a community has evolved past our need to speak a racial tongue, we are no longer bound by geographical ancestry, or skin color, religion, culture, we have lived up to our national pledge.

    Of course, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that we are not westernized, we are definitely influenced, we took it in and molded it together with our existing cultures, and that makes us Singapore. The intolerance that any of these ignoramuses have towards us is the same as what some of us may have against them.

    One’s villain may be another one’s hero.
    I wouldn’t go so far to call Sun Xu a villain, but he definitely did strike a nerve in some of us, and to many of his peers, he might have been a hero, who spoke what is truth to their ears. A Christian may believe in one thing and a Buddhist another, everyone sees it their way.

    We have a culture that does not care for all these bullshit.
    We did not make the remark about color.
    We did not assign a color to ourselves.
    We do not assign a color to anyone.
    We are not absurdly obsessed with our color, and the pride that comes with that obsession.
    We are however, prideful about our nationality, and the fact that we are not the same as you.
    We are not you, Chinafag.

    “Singapore is a small Chinese state enjoying the dignity given to them by big China. It is correct to say that there are more dogs than humans in Singapore. It’s easy to change a country, but not ‘dog’s nature.’”
    -As said by Chinafag3

    With regards to Chinafag3, we do not belong to China, just because we share certain similarities in ancestry or physiological characteristics as you, we are a separate entity, we do not need your permission to have dignity.

    “Agree there are many ‘dogs’ in Singapore.”
    -by Chinafag4

    “I think he is wrong – in Singapore, the number of dogs equal to the number of humans.”
    -by Chinafag5

    Someone please call PETA or SPCA or whatever animal rights organization to this matter, the blatant use of animals as derogatory terms is insulting to them.

    “He (Sun Xu) is really spoilt to enjoy free education from college to university. Not only did he not express gratitude (to Singaporeans), he turned around and scold them. Such ingrates will create trouble no matter where they go, he should be expelled and sent back to China.”
    -some non-Chinafag

    Is there anyone with a rebuttal for this? I assume not, therefore it is the truth.
    Let’s keep it simple, Sun Xu’s education was provided for, let’s ask ourselves, did we have to do that? Of course, the answer is no. Why did we do it? Meritocracy. Why for this Chinafag? Well, someone somewhere thought he could’ve contributed to our society perhaps. He earned it, by studying, or by being smart (I doubt the latter, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened).
    Having said this, that he earned it. My thoughts is that he thinks he is better than the people who gave him the scholarship.

    Shit, know what? We made Sun Xu say what he said. Why? We gave him the scholarship, we made him think that he was better than everyone, that his remarks were of importance, that he is special. So in turn of being an asshole, he got treated like one, and he felt it wasn’t right, so he made a remark. It has come full cycle, we brought this upon ourselves, we treated him nicely.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Know what? Fuck them.

  79. Cornell said

    you china people think before you say anything to our country. at least we Singaporean are clean and well educated. not like you guys in china who abuse animal and eat them. if you think singaporeans are dogs than what about you people?? you people are worst. worst than a dirt or better. can’t be human can’t be ghost!! go back to your stupid country and stop polluting our country. inhuman people!!

  80. ninja said

    Think this guy is trying to get famous by posting such remarks. This is a very dangerous act cause will cause social unrest among the local and the PRC. Hope the Government can make the right decision to expel this student.

  81. juann said

    I can’t believe that you can take Singaporean taxpayers money, spend it on your education, live in the country for free and then bite back! Where is your gratitude for the old lady who paid for your education by paying tax from the salary she earned selling peanuts? For the poorer Singaporeans, who pay their taxes, but whose children may never see the gates of NUS because they just cannot afford it?

    Hey, don’t mind me, I am not even Singaporean, I am just an Indian, sitting in India, who happened to have read this post from a Singaporean friend of mine, and I felt the need to support my Singaporean friends.

    Singapore is a wonderful, wonderful country and my friends, you should be proud, really, really proud of what you are. You should throw that silly little boy back where he came from.

    This immature child needs a lesson in Zoology and NUS should give it to him really fast, but make sure he does it in a Chinese university.

  82. sayyrmind said

    Expel him. Extradite. Blacklist and bar him from ever entering Singapore. Return all the funding he got for his scholarship.

  83. Dog who feed China ************* said

    Well we can’t really blame him (Sun Xu), even their well renown professor also resort to calling hongkong people as dog. Even a professor does that, what is a lowly MOE scholar compare to him?

    We all know that China will also be a lower class country compare to other nations, why? 上梁不正,下梁弯. They are the 2nd biggest economies in the world now is all thanks to their sheer number which makes them cheap labour.

    give them a land as big as singapore and see what can they do about it, they can’t even make it into a dog house. not to say 5000 years of chinese history. they won’t even last 10 years. most of the children will be ran over, poisoned by poisonous milk.

    99% of the china people who can to singapore are way below the current “dog” in singapore. that makes them worse than a dog since we “dogs” are the one feeding them. similar to china netizen, hiding behind your worse than dog country and shouting from there? i think i heard a slight buzz in singapore. hmm wait, comparing them to a fly is an insult to the fly.

    i can’t find anything low enough to compare them to. sorry for my incompetance.

    PS, PAP time to wake up, these are your so call scholar , FT that you highly encourages?
    this is why us pure singaporean are leaving this country. soon, there will be no singaporean in singapore and all unknown creature in singapore from the mighty lousy china.

    Cheers btw i like being a dog. we are man’s best friends

  84. bliksemlighting said

    After watching the two sides barking at each other I am starting to wonder if everyone is a dog.

  85. Edina said

    Wa this guy is too much. Leave his own country to come to Singapore and get free education and take our mrt walk on our clean street go to good school and dare to call us dogs!??
    Rubbish la he! Go back to china then! Before he makes a comment on Singapore he should consider how his own china ppl act. They perpetually talk loudly are so aggressive and always anyhow scold ppl! I hope he goes back to china! Go away china dog-,-

  86. John said

    those people in China got no shame lah.

    they see red lah. so jump onto the wagon and join in to slam Singapore.

    Without Singapore welcoming them to work here, would they have a decent pay back home farming or be hookers etc ?

    Pls loh… they think they so great, they can go elsewhere to work.. why come here be dishwashers, cleaners, low paying salary workers ?

    Truly they are the dogs wagging their tails when they need money.

  87. eddie said

    now my dear Singaporean friends should understand all too well how Hong Kongers feel earlier………

  88. AB said

    Different scenario. Assuming pappy gov did not provide the scholarship-what will happen to him. He is still able to go to Uni in China so why our Pappy gov so dumb. At least Malaysia gov is smarter than SG gov, they awarded scholarship to bumiputras
    Even in Australia scholarships are given to PRs and citizens and that’s an incentive for the person to become PR before he can apply for the scholarship.
    If sg gov apply the same pricinple as Australia and in order for Sun to have the scholarship he must be at least a PR and not the other way round -give him a scholarship hoping that he become a PR or citizen. Using the same principle, Sun can not apply for PR because he is too young so his father has to become singapore PR-and Sun is a dependent and thus he will become a PR and then he is entitled to the scholarship. You can see the whole process is tedious not only for Sun but for Sun’s father and when he goes thru such process you think he dare to call sg ppl dogs.

    BTW to beome PR in Australia you must pass a English test which some foreign students failed. So much money is thrown to foreigners and the foreigners will think that sg ppl are hopeless and becoming PR and citizen is not worthwhile.

  89. John said

    I am typing this with regards to the both negative and positive comments from the China PRCs and Singaporeans.

    WIth this article posted, many Singaporeans are furious by the comments stated. With free speech being popularized throughout the world, people speak their mind (be it going through their actual mind or not) through the many channels of mass media. And many a time, comments stated may sometimes be disrespectful in many different aspects. However if one consider carefully, it takes 2 hands to clap for almost any scenarios in our daily life. I will keep my post as simple to get the message across to both locals and foreign talents.

    It would be completely immature for one to call another person a ‘dog’. If one is deeply rooted into Confucius teachings, the Ethic of Reciprocity (己所不欲,勿施於人), people who have rebutted in the post or ‘added fuel’ to the post would have realised they have forgotten their roots. The fundamental virtues of a Chinese, be it Westernised or not, has always been the differentiating factor between the Western culture and the oriental culture. Yet for 2000 years, these virtues seemed to have been forgotten from the ugly picture painted above.

    If either sides were to consider the possible factors which resulted to the current conflicts, it becomes the most tedious question, 先有鸡或有蛋. Was it the disrespectful, ungrateful, scheming yet at many times ‘entertaining’ China PRCs who started the battle on the locals, or was is it us, the snobbish, self-centered yet at many times un-thoughtful locals that started the war?

    P.S To the many other foreigners out there who wishes to comment on this issue – Despite the free speech of today, there are abbreviations such as MYOB. It will be only a representation of how well are your diplomatic skills are. A pity! You might have just represented those skills in a very distasteful manner.

  90. Henry Low said

    Personally from a person born in the Year of the “Dog” and a Singaporean Patriot.

    I feel it the right of all Singaporeans (Whether you are Pro-Government or Opposition) to love our little Red Dot.

    We in our generosity extend our hospitality to any race or creed to come to our island as a guest of our citizens and if they deemed that this island is where they want to build a home and a life, we welcome them.

    But never forget that we are a nation that has strived to build our island to what we are today, and this is done with hard work and sacrifice from all true Singaporeans past and Present.

    So for the other Countries, I am sure they will feel the same way I feel if, we have guests in our midst from a foreign land, insulting us in our homeland despite the hospitality extended to them.

    We feel that if you have nothing good to add to your host country, do keep your own opinions to yourself.

    That is the least you can do as a cordial guest, and it would be respected as you are respected as a guest in our Society.

    From a Chinese Singaporean born in the Year of the Dog .

  91. M.W said

    TO ALL : You will see more Singaporean give up their Citizenship if You don’t do anything
    PRC also say we r DOG!!

  92. eetwidomaylah said

    Sun Xu… If you think Singaporean are mostly dogs. Then why do you and your kind choose to come to Singapore which is made by dogs being a majority?

    Clearly you like to be one!!!

  93. Rafa said

    Dog is better than communist PIGS…economy indeed developing quickly, but obesity rates rising even more quickly. ^_^

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