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“Easy for foreigners to enter Singapore polytechnics using forged certificates” – PRC student in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on March 1, 2012

It is very easy for foreigners including PRC college students from mainland China to gain direct admission into Singapore polytechnics using forged certificates, revealed one PRC student currently studying in Singapore on the popular Lion City Forum frequented by mainland Chinese.

In a discussion thread started by a PRC student expressing his unhappiness at the ‘preference’ displayed by local polytechnics towards college students in China, one netizen wrote that it is relatively easy to obtain ‘real’ education certificates in China if one has the right connections and money:

“Just find some connections from the family and use money to convert the result to a ‘real’ one……it’s not a secret anymore, can say that many ‘DAE-foreign’ are using fake results….”

(“家里找关系或者花钱做个公证..于是成绩就光明正大变真的 因为中国考试系统只能查出应届的成绩 很多人就有了可乘之机 这不算什秘密了 可以说dae-foreign 多数都是假成绩 因为二本以上的话很少有人放弃本科来读专科并且现在无pr 就业也不明朗”)

Another netizen added that it is quite easy to use the same ‘method’ to get admitted to Singapore universities as well.


One netizen said the problem is worse in the polytechnics:

“Yes, heard the universities also have the same ‘phenomenon’, but the problem is worse in polytechnics. And there are many people I know enter polytechnics in this way (using forged certificates), so I can say that the poly’s ‘DAE’ (Direct Admissions Exercise) is very messy.”

(对 有听说 大学也有这个现象 但是poly比较严重 而且我身边就很多人这么进的 所以我可以负责任的说 poly的DAE非常混乱…)

It was reported lately that enterprising ‘foreign talents’ are selling fake certificates from many private schools in Singapore online. Judging from the shocking posts made by these PRC students, the problem may only be at the tip of the ice-berg and quite a number of foreigners may be studying in Singapore polytechnics and universities right now using forged certificates.

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2 Responses to ““Easy for foreigners to enter Singapore polytechnics using forged certificates” – PRC student in Singapore”

  1. Daniel Xiong said

    Shameless media.

  2. Aberdyn said

    The authority must take a very robust action to stop all these faked certificates in Singapore. These illegal illicit appeared to be rampant. Before Singapore reputation became bad better addressed the problem vigorously. Have more tight control over public and private educational institutions. Ensure issuance of certificates from them are all through 100% approval by the institutions. More tighter security measures should be imposed to prevent any breach of certificates falling to the wrong hands.

    Hence, the important and ultimately to reduce the number of forgery of certificates, if it’s not to possible to eradicate it completely. All parties should be on the lookout for these fake papers especially during interviews and recruitment of potentials employees be it local or foreigner. I think by this way, we can catch the culprit and put them to task.

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