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Hougang resident files affidavit in High Court to compel PM Lee to call for a by-election

Posted by temasektimes on March 2, 2012

A resident of Hougang Mrs Vellama has filed an affidavit in the High Court on Friday requesting it to compel Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to call for a by-election in Hougang.

The single seat of Hougang is now vacant after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from the party two weeks ago for his failure to address allegations surrounding his alleged multiple extra-marital affairs with married women, including a neighbor from China.

Prime Minister Lee had earlier said that he would need to consider the matter carefully as there is a lot on the national agenda right now.

Represented by her lawyer M Ravi, Mrs Vellama wrote it is ‘not enough’ that the services of Mr Yaw are currently being ‘substituted’ by WP MPs from Aljunied GRC as she did not vote for them.

She also asked the reason for PM Lee taking so long to call for a by-election:

“Why is it taking so long for the PM to decide on this?…Why is it not urgent that we need a representative? I need these answers. These sentiments are equally shared by other housewives I meet at the wet market and grocery shops at Hougang.”

The affidavit ended by calling on the High Court to ‘order’ PM Lee to call for a by-election in Hougang:

“I hope this Honorable Court will clarify the law and redress my grievances, and order that the PM has no choice but to hold a by-election in Hougang within three months or within such reasonable time as this Honorable Court deems fit, and to hold the PM to the fullest accountability before the Constitution.”

Under the Constitution, though a by-election must be called when a seat of a single member constituency becomes vacant for whatever reasons, there is no fixed timeline stipulated during which it must be held.

In 2008, then Nominated MP Professor Thio Li-Ann started a motion in parliament proposing a three-month timeline to call for a by-election. Both WP MPs Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim voted against the motion together with the PAP MPs.



8 Responses to “Hougang resident files affidavit in High Court to compel PM Lee to call for a by-election”

  1. It is with most regret that ruler of our Country have no concerned of what the Whole World Would Think and Which ARE Watching over other Countries’ Performance and Singapore is no acception. Whether Our Rulers like it or not they will still have to abide by certain Rules of Laws, no doubt they can create Laws for their own country, BUT OUR RULER SHOULD NOT BE WILFUL TO GO AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE IN POWER AND SHOULD NOT TO DO WHATEVER THEY THINK FIT.

  2. Our Constitutin is a joke?

  3. Aberdyn said

    As a citizen of Singapore and the people of Hougang, partime cleaner Velamma has every rights to request for a by-election in SMC of Hougang. Without an MP, she is facing difficulty in handling problem with her housing loan matters and needs appropriates guides and advise from somebody like the MP. Unfortunately, that oppportunity is gone.

    Appropriately, proceeded to make such request to the Singapore high court to decide calling the prime minister to call a by election in the ward as soon as possible to enable a new MP is elected so that the people of Hougang would be properly represented

    All citizens have the equal right to an elected MP of their respective constituencies for representation in parliament. The right to vote and be represented by an elected MP is clearly enshrined in the Singapore constitution and it is the constitutional right of all Singaporean.

    Hence the reason Miss Velamma proceeded to make these request to the high court to get the PM call for a by-election in Hougang so that she can be represented by an elected MP in the Hougang Ward again.

  4. BeHonest said

    WP voted against the motion of 3-month timeline for a by-election in 2008 because the context was for a GRC, and WP are gainst the idea of GRC.

  5. Observer said

    Well put Madam. But aren’t you on comcare? Tell the truth, your lawyer put up the $$$ right?

  6. Libra said

    How can a cleaner “facing difficulty with her housing loan matters” afford to pay for legal fee if not for some shit stirring a-hole lawyer ??????

  7. I not stupid said

    I agree with Observer and Libra, that demand for by election is not the initiative of the cleaner lady but by the shit stirring lawyer who has no balls to bring up the matter in his own name!

  8. Raul said

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