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Low Thia Kiang: WP is in no danger of ‘splitting up’

Posted by temasektimes on March 2, 2012

Despite doomsday predictions that the Workers Party may ‘split’ following the unceremonious sacking of its ex-MP for Hougang Yaw Shin Leong, Secretary-General and MP for Aljunied GRC Low Thia Kiang insists that WP is in no danger of ‘splitting up.’

Long seen as a protege of Mr Low, Mr Yaw’s stellar rise in Singapore politics was brought to a spectacular end when he became the first MP in post-independence Singapore to be sacked over his failure to address allegations surrounding his alleged extra-marital affairs with a few married women, including a neighbor from China.

As Yaw was once the ‘number three’ leader in WP holding the treasurer position, some political analysts led by former WP member Goh Meng Seng speculated that the party is heading towards a ‘split’.

In an interview with a local Chinese tabloid, Mr Low said:

“Those who has been observing the Workers Party closely will know that after every general election there will always be people who leave the party due to whatever reasons and WP will also respect the decision of these members.”

Mr Low noted that the PAP has encountered similar problems of members quitting in its early history.

“It is not easy for a political party to develop and progress and there will bound to be problems and setbacks encountered during the process,” he added.


One Response to “Low Thia Kiang: WP is in no danger of ‘splitting up’”

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    Members may never share the same ideals and philosophies of the partyso I believe it is common for them to quit.

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