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PRC girl living in Singapore despises Singaporeans: ‘Quality’ of its people is too ‘poor’

Posted by temasektimes on March 2, 2012

PRC nationals living in Singapore are ambivalent about the country and its people, based on the responses of PRC netizens in a thread on the Lion City Forum soliciting their views on living in Singapore.

While some netizens are ‘satisfied’ with life in Singapore, others are less impressed with Singaporeans. A PRC girl living in Singapore despises that Singaporeans and expresses open contempt for them:

“The environment is OK, but the ‘quality’ of the ordinary folks is too ‘poor’,” she wrote in a condescending tone.

Another PRC netizen added that there are too many kinds of ‘worms’ in Singapore:

Most of them will never think of settling down in Singapore for good with many simply using Singapore as a ‘jumping board’ to go to greener pastures elsewhere.

One PRC netizen wrote:

“I am here for more than ten years and started work for less than a year. I feel this is a suitable place for young people to study and work to prepare to go to other countries in the future.”

His/her views were shared by many fellow PRC netizens with one declaring that “Singapore is a good jumping board to other countries.”

The recent backlash against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu for his offensive remarks on there being ‘more dogs than humans in Singapore’ has intensified public scrutiny on the government’s immigration policies.

Large number of mainland Chinese have flocked to Singapore in the last few years in search of a better lives with many of them being given Singapore PR and citizenship.

In an interview with the National Geographic magazine in 2009, former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than Singaporeans.

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15 Responses to “PRC girl living in Singapore despises Singaporeans: ‘Quality’ of its people is too ‘poor’”

  1. sure. Singapore used to be better until Goh Chok Tong and Tony Tan started the foreign policies, the education system experiments, making people so shallow and crazy with kiasuism, making the younger generation crippled. There is a reason but we were not like that before. Singaporeans are pushed out of opportunities, hopes, progress and equality now. Hence the quality appears to drop.

  2. Tan Chow Hong said

    The quality may be poor but we have a heart.

  3. 过路人 said


  4. Noelle said

    we are ethical, and not put people’s life & death at stake in order to make money

  5. octopi said

    You know when ppl say there are a lot of insects in Singapore, what it could mean is, instead of “the people here are like worms”, is merely that there are a lot of insects in Singapore – ie she’s not used to living in a tropical country.

  6. SG guy said

    PRCs are like tat wan.
    They love to criticize their own kind.
    Look at the history of China. Why was China being bullied by the western powers and Japan in the past with many territories being salvaged and had to sign many humiliating treaties?
    Simple answer: Chinese are NOT united!
    There was recently a case where a PRC professor insulted all Hongkies to be dogs. It made headlines in HK.

    PR Chinese hate Taiwanese and Taiwanese hate PR Chinese.
    PR Chinese hate Hongkies and Hongkies hate PR Chinese.
    PR Chinese hate Sinkies and Sinkies hate PR Chinese.

    It’s never-ending…
    Do you know China was a superpower for many years until the Qing dynasty when rulers got complacent and were more interested in fighting wars with rebels than with Western aggressors? Do you know about the Opium war?
    In fact, the country continued to be torn apart by two civil wars after WW2 which resulted in the formation of ROC (Taiwan) and the two sides are still technically at war today.
    Have you head of internal strife between the ‘Gang of Four’ and the old guards in the Communist party? Have you heard of the cultural revolution which resulted in millions of deaths?

    Learn from past lessons.


  7. Anti-prc candidate no. 999999999999 said

    PRCs are just hated worldwide. Public nuisance.

  8. candy girlz said

    Looking at the fact that said it all, SINGAPORE ARE JUST A JUMPING BOARD FOR THE PRC TO GO OTHER COUNTRY, Ladies and Gentlemen, what are we looking here is somebody is obviously making use of Singapore, and not even care what we do, all they care is earn as much money as possible and get out of here, beside, Singapore certificate is more recognise than China, once they stay here for a few years and get some experience, they can go to the Western Country and put in their resume that they have work in Singapore for certain year and will get the job.

  9. Pissed Off said

    To All PRCs and Foreigners,

    Please seriously leave this country if you do not like us, Singaporeans or you do not like the environment here.
    This is my country, the country that belongs to Singaporeans. If you dont like it here, please leave. Singapore is already very crowded. You being here is simply a waste of space and our precious resources.

    True, we need talents. We need manpower. Those 2 can only be satisfied by bringing in foreign TALENTS. If you are truly sick of this country and want to insult us, then please leave, for you have outstay your welcome and have degenerated into foreign TRASH.

    If you want to stay, please ensure that you do not complain that we Singaporeans look down on foreigners, especially PRCs.
    We only look down on those who want to use Singapore as a jumping board and yet does not have the manners to respect their hosts.

  10. RU YI Gee said

    RU YI Gee: Proof that not all PRC despises Singaporeans BUT choose to live in Singapore as my young dream Home.Here is my side of stories.

    I WAS born in China With more than 1.3 billion people (1,336,718,015 as of mid-2011), China is the world’s most populous country Population,
    Why I choose to live in a small stable country , good government of Singapore population of 5,076,700 – 2010 and the likeness of Climate issue make me favorable to live here longer.

    I got my PR ,study hard here and save my money earning in stocks,work m way till today date to open up a food stall called RU YI Gee and knowing well Singapore is with small population but I believe the people here is kind,wonderful,supportive and willingly to see my life better…I work hard with swear,tears to ensure my parent with me can stay with me till the last day of their life.

    I feel sorry for them on my leaving home at the ages of 16 year old and live most of my time in Beijing,study while working as a writer ,selling my own book to earn my day to buy a Condominium with fully paid now then travel to Singapore as my most dream home… here I’m have to goes through all the hardship again with my parent with me now….Hoping God will be with me and bless me not to be homeless again.

    Whatever it take me so far is worth trying….Singapore is definitely my dream Home.

    • PSC21 said

      Welcome to Singapore and may you and your descendants make this a good home.

      Your story sounds like that of our parents who migrated here. But the problem nowadays is that with ease of transportation it is easy to travel to Singapore unlike the days of our parents. If only 1 percent of the !.3 billion mainlanders wish to migrate here it means another 13 million in the queue. How to cope? Even Chinese cities have to practice the hu-kou system to make the rural-urban migration manageable.

      What Singaporeans are really complaining about is not against migration itself but that the tap was opened too wide and the flood it has caused is way beyond comfort level. The happy ones (who are keeping very quiet) are those who knew of the extent of the large inflow and could benefit by buying properties and starting businesses that would benefit from cheaper labour and larger population of customers.

  11. Disgusted said

    All PRC ppl who hates us, why don’t you go back to your heartless country to practice your couldn’t careless attitude where nobody help a little girl knock down by a van or kill an accident victim that is not dead ? Create chaos in hospitals to blackmail doctors for money etc.
    Show us your pride and dignity, get the hell out of here , we don’t need low down parasites like you !!! Ni ma wan pa tan !!!

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