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VIDEO: Family with monthly income of $1,000 can purchase a HDB flat – DPM Tharman

Posted by temasektimes on March 2, 2012

Singapore’s public housing is one of the most affordable in the world as a family with a monthly income of $1,000 can tap on the government’s generous housing subsidies to purchase a HDB flat, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam:

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr Tharman said:

“Our housing subsidies are such that a family with a $1,000 income through subsidies can purchase a small flat….”

He also hit back Workers’ Party MP Gerald Giam’s comments about Singaporeans being unable to afford a flat, telling him to ‘catch up’ with policies already introduced.

‘So I would like to assure Mr Gerald Giam, who might not have caught up with all the developments… that a family with $1,000 income can now, through our housing subsidies, purchase a small flat,’ he added.


12 Responses to “VIDEO: Family with monthly income of $1,000 can purchase a HDB flat – DPM Tharman”

  1. bilmen99 said

    you’ve got an extra 0.

  2. What kind of flat is that?

  3. suba said

    i so dun believe tis,even a 2rm flat can cost close to 100k over nowadays

  4. bobby said

    WOW!….it means if i am in the bracket…..I wil vote PAP again in the next GE in 2016!

  5. Bullshit said

    I don’t believe this.
    Give me just one address so that I can visit and ask the occupants. Only then will I believe.

  6. GhostMan said

    Wah how come so many people dunno wan ah? or izzit $100K….lolz

  7. Ora said

    Plain bullshiting is what they are best at. Even if 1k can purchase flat, they probably forgotten to put in welfare for single parent group which is in the most need of help here.

  8. YMC said

    It was taken out of context lah. He meant a flat tyre didn’t he?

  9. lolol said

    1k no need eat ar?
    1 month per person also need at least aroudn 400 lar including daily needs and all and food
    for a family thats not even enough to keep 1 family and still got bills?
    subsidies go to bills then use what pay flat lol
    1 rm flat squeeze 3 person? =D

  10. rich PAP shd try to live on 1k – 200(cpf) =$800 a month. incl hse install, pub, maint,, food, transpt,gst etc..etc ..etc. they will know how s’pore POOR feels.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. Jimmy Soon said

    I will go to HDB office tomorrow and see if with my income of $1050-00 can buy a 2 room HDB flat.

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