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PRC undergraduate ‘Ares Lin’ apologizes to Singaporeans for calling them ‘worthless fart’!

Posted by temasektimes on March 3, 2012

A PRC student studying in Singapore who sparked a massive outcry by hurling vulgarities at Singaporeans has now offered a ‘public apology’ via the media.

Using the moniker of ‘Ares Lin’ on the Lion City Forum, he vented his anger online after being involved in a brawl with a group of Singaporeans over a staring incident:

In the title of the thread, Aries described Singaporeans as ‘sb’ , which stands for “Sha Bi” (傻逼) – meaning ‘stupid cunt’ in mainland Chinese slang.

He also rant at Singaporeans as if the entire nation has offended him:

“Please be reminded Singaporeans, you are all descendants of Chinese and the Chinese blood flow in you. Don’t think you have been transformed to ‘Singaporeans’ from ‘Chinese you can be arrogant. Actually you are not even worth a fart!”


When asked by fellow PRC netizens to cool down, Aries retorted:

“If all the mainland Chinese return home, you Singaporeans will have to eat porridge at home everyday.”


After reading a report of his post in a Chinese tabloid, Ares wrote to the paper explaining that he was ‘provoked’ by a Singaporean uncle at the hawker center who kept ogling at his girlfriend and another female friend.

He also revealed that he is currently studying in a Singapore university. It is not known if he is on MOE scholarship like the notorious MOE PRC scholar Sun Xu as well who managed to piss off an entire nation lately with his offensive remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’

When we last check, Ares Lin has made his profile on the Lion City Forum ‘private’ and neither did he post any apology on the forum.


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6 Responses to “PRC undergraduate ‘Ares Lin’ apologizes to Singaporeans for calling them ‘worthless fart’!”

  1. Hang Tuah said


  2. uneducated singaporean said

    If all the PRC leave today, tomorrow i sure happier. Take our jobs, our scholarship, our way of life and still ya ya papaya. Please go back to your beloved home and not come back.

  3. ken lee said

    all these free loader, are 98% the same! there think too big on themselves already!
    if you are good you won’t be here for free food free stay free education!
    you girlfriend and friend being seems by male Singaporean, you have to blame the PRC girls that come sell themselves in china town! YOU HAVE TO BLAME THOSE PRC PROF GIRLS FOR SELLING IN OUR HOUSING ESTATES! YOU CAN’T BLAME OUR GUYS!

  4. Gem Philip said

    So, where were the ‘fellow Chinese’ when Old Hairy was fighting the commies and saying all things bad about them?

    Where were you when so many ‘fellow Chinese’ were arrested and detained for years and years, some with trial?

    Where were our ‘fellow Chinese’ when Chinese from this land were forcefully driven out of the country for being out of sync with the culture and beliefs of this land?

    If you hadn’t realized, these have given up on their Chinese links, their Communist links and their historical links, years ago, to build a new identity called Singaporean. 

    Only this traitorous government is forcing us to return to our Chinese roots, to accept a worthless people, in my opinion, who has no backbone to stand up for their fellow Chinese from where they are?

    I may have Chinese blood in me, but my veins have already turned unChinese long long ago. 

    I have helped built this new city of wealth and riches. You are here to enjoy what I have built. If you are so great, it would be the other way around. 

    What Singapore is today is the result of my hard work and my talent. You want to tap on my talent? Then you better learn to lick my ass first, you PRC dog. 

  5. Iduntolerateidiots said

    All of u go back to your own “1st class country”, U think I’ll eat porridge everyday? Sure, abalone porridge! And once u r gone, d air will be cleaner.

  6. Derp said

    All these filthy PRCS should fuck back to their China and wait for an earthquake since they think such a big fucking deal of their own country.

    Sell your vaginas in your own country if you love your country that much. Don’t go all over the world and sell then complain!

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