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Baey Yam Keng shuns questions on Sun Xu saga during his ‘live’ Facebook chat

Posted by temasektimes on March 5, 2012

PAP MP Baey Yam Keng may be conducting monthly ‘live’ chats with netizens on his Facebook, but it is pretty obvious that certain sensitive questions will not be entertained.

Mr Baey’s Facebook wall was bombarded with questions from netizens on Sun Xu saga during his ‘live’ chat last night:

The first question was posed by a Pamela Lin who asked him why the government is allowing the Sun Xu saga to drag on without taking a stance on the matter.

When there was still no reply from Mr Baey after quite a while, a disappointed Ms Lin wrote:

“Seems like there is not much sincerity on your part to engage in discussion. Short of having some people who just pass comments and clicks “like” on favorable posts, it has become a yawn to remain here. Good night and have a nice evening everyone!”

However Mr Baey felt that the ‘chat’ was ‘lively’ with a lot of ‘interaction’ though there were only 37 comments posted:

2 Responses to “Baey Yam Keng shuns questions on Sun Xu saga during his ‘live’ Facebook chat”

  1. Stan said

    Pamela Lin not Pamela Xu

  2. spotlessleopard said

    All is lively …it is delusional…”I don’t know what to say” …(I am stomping my feet)

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