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Law student defends Baey Yam Keng and reminds Singaporeans that their forefathers were foreigners too

Posted by temasektimes on March 5, 2012

A first year Law student Ng Bin Hong has written to TODAY online defending PAP MP Baey Yam Keng after he was forced to issue an apology for his remarks on the Sun Xu saga which upset many Singaporeans.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering in NUS and recipient of a MOE PRC undergraduate scholarship, Sun Xu sparked near nationwide outrage with his now infamous remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’ In the interview with the media, Mr Baey asked Singaporeans to reflect on their behavior instead of condemning Sun Xu thereby giving the perception that he was standing on his side.

Mr Ng urged Singaporeans not to make foreigners a scapegoat:

“However, it is not their fault if Singapore has more foreigners than it can accommodate. To demonise them for coming here to make a decent living is to make them a scapegoat. One should not forget that our forefathers, when they migrated here, were no different from the foreign nationals now.”

He also praised Mr Baey for acknowledging the social problem faced by Singaporeans:

“Mr Baey, in urging us to examine if our society is walking in a healthy direction, was one of the few voices acknowledging the social problem we face today. His comments did not undermine Singaporeans but, rather, cautioned against discrimination and bigoted behaviour. It is unfortunate that he ultimately apologised because of irrational, populist sentiments.”

Besides Mr Ng, another writer Pavin Limanont also defended Sun Xu and Mr Baey:

“Mr Baey, on Facebook, said that Singaporeans could be more open to criticism. I agree. Offense is always taken, never given. Let us not regress into a nation of bigots and intellectual decay.”



25 Responses to “Law student defends Baey Yam Keng and reminds Singaporeans that their forefathers were foreigners too”

  1. oute said

    Then why there is a need to do National Service, or study English or attained GCE “o” and “a” levels lah. Let us all us Chinese as a medium of instructions in schools.

    Hurray for all. We are all foreigners.

    • blilas said

      Oute: like he said, it’s not the foreigners’ fault that Singapore has more foreigners than she can accommodate neither it is the foreigners’ fault that they are not required to do NS, it’s the system that’s at fault, not the people benefiting from the system.

      • oute said

        Then it is their right to call us “dogs.”, and the system is supporting and protecting them from us “dogs.”

        Then why should he come to a “dogs” country.

  2. DogHunter said

    A real dog has emerged

    • haoran said

      stfu if you dont know shit. why not post something of intellectual value instead of leaving a snide remark without justification.

      • L said

        HR he already claimed to be a doghunter so I can draw these conclusions, either

        #1. he is a dog who is a hunter by profession


        #2. he works for the SPCA

        If #1. is true then it appears that his laptop screen has dimmed to the extent that s/he ended up looking at his/her reflection.

        If #2. is true then I think the association should really start screening volunteers based on poor eyesight 😦

  3. LKWhy? said

    Maybe the “leaders” csn set a good example by not suing citizens for defamation n use state institutions against them, everytime they are offended but seek to explain their position sincerely..maybe the citizens will take the que fron them. the reason y singaporeans are so critical about their leaders is because of their perceived disengenuousness of intentions in dealing with the affairs of government and the welfare of thE citizens. The is a huge lack of trust that needs to be bridged. This govt-citizen divide is further exacerbated by the climate of fear that still exists on the ground…thanx to our litiguous leaders n excessive micro-enforcement of law.

  4. ken lee said

    do worry we are fast learner as we have already follow their customs!!!

  5. ken lee said

    do worry as Singaporean we are fast learner as we have already follow their customs!!!
    look at our follow citizen we adopt their customs very fast!

  6. Tommy said

    What good stuff can you expect from a lawyer, seriously.

    • haoran said

      HAHAHA this is ridiculous. because the scum of society goes to law school and all graduate as assholes right?!

      …lawyer jokes are fine, but this statement hardly qualifies as humour.

    • L said

      M. Ravi is a lawyer fighting for clemency rights which you retarded dissidents have been harping on forever.


  7. Ah Hong said

    fellas, please read the original comment before flaming and calling Mr. Ng a dog or use sarcasm in order to insult or express your own opinions.

  8. Booze said

    R u kidding me? After being insulted, you say “Offense is always taken, never given.”??!?! Sucking up skills 100, Dignity 0!

    • L said

      Alcohol-derived username, abbrieviation-littered response.

      Anonymity 80% Originality 20% Intelligent response 0%

  9. John Titor said

    seems like some people are good at studying but fail to utilize the ‘thinking’ department of their brains. the issue here is not whether we can accept criticism or not… you don’t just back off when someone show you utter disrespect.

    • L said

      Yep. You actually hit them in the face or scream profanity at them as a response.

      Then you end up in remand and beg lawyers like him to save your sorry ass.

  10. chiangmaichee said

    Yar, but our forefathers didn’t call all the local’s dog did they, idiot.

  11. j said

    Hello law student. Cant you differentiate criticise and insult?

    • L said

      Can’t you differentiate when you should use an apostrophe and when you shouldnt? (Hint: the second instance is wrong)


  12. Michael Lim said

    Our forefathers learned how to live in harmony and in peace with the residents here. They never scolded the natives or think that they are better than anyone else. They were hardworking and were able to thus eke out a life here.

    If you think that any of those rude, bigoted individuals can survive here with such a mindset or mentality, you must be very wrong…

    I welcome any foreigners to live in Singapore but they better respect our way of living and learn how to be part of our community and not force others to accommodate them.

  13. 大学生 said


  14. Alan Tan said

    Hey Law student, do you have any proof that those people who voiced their objections are anti foreigners? I am not a anti foreigners but I am very much offended with me and my fellow Singaporeans being labelled a dog. Maybe you don’t mind, but I do.

  15. The real question that needs an answer: Why did We invite such a character as Sun Xu….how did he slip through our net and come into Singapre to receive 176,000per year and show his uncouth behaviours?

    We are not against China People….We are just asking MOE and NUS to show some backbone and sack this ingrate…

    Time of the Government to take responsibility for their inefficiencies…dont blame or insuslt the whole Chinese Nation…

    It is this particular ungrateful young mang that needs to be punished…not all the Chinese from China…

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