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PRC migrant workers from Hubei province earn between $1,000 to $1,800 in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on March 5, 2012

In the last few years, an increasing number of PRC Chinese from Hubei (湖北) province has arrived to find work in Singapore. Hubei is located in the central part of China along the upstream of the Yangtze river with the city of Wuhan as its provincial capital.

According to a special feature report by Wuhan Evening Daily, the PRC Chinese from Hubei province working in Singapore earn between S$1,000 and S$1,800.

21 year old Peng Yuanyuan arrived in Singapore last year February to work in an electronic firm in Singapore. She worked 15 days of day shift and night shift per month and spend an average of 11.6 hours working each day. Her basic salary is $1,000 monthly and she can earn up to $1,800 sometimes with extra shift.

31 year old man Ya Weili graduated from Wuhan polytechnic. Last year December, he was recruited by Singapore’s Nanyang Junior College to be its IT engineer maintaining over 500 personal computers. He works 8 hours a day and earns a monthly salary of $1,800.

A graduate student of the Wuhan tourism school, 18 year old Zhou Mengying found work at a Singapore Four-Star hotel this year to work as a sales assistant. She works 8 hours a day and rests two days a week, drawing a monthly salary of $1,400.

Singapore is in desperate need of PRC workers due to manpower shortage in the country. Wuhan Tiandi International Labor company manager Liu Hong said many Singapore companies have approached him for assistance in recruiting PRC workers to work in various sectors in Singapore such as the hotel, IT, transport and teaching.

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8 Responses to “PRC migrant workers from Hubei province earn between $1,000 to $1,800 in Singapore”

  1. GhostMan said

    They are getting them not because of shortage but mainly due to the cost

  2. spotlessleopard said

    There is no real shortage of Manpower…I know of many singaporeans unemployed they will never be hired because there are lots and lost of foreigners who willingly accept pay at 5o% to 60% of Singaporean wages…

    There lies the crux of the problem.

    I am not against foreigners…in fact I support their entry provided they GET paid the wages that Singaproeans are paid…by employing them at much lower pay they are actually CAUSING SINGAPROEANS TO BE SACKED FROM THEIR JOBS…

    If this problem is not corrected i will definitely not vote thePAp in GE 2016…AND THERE ARE 7VOTES from my family…I have also many friends who feel the same way i feel

    • ken lee said

      If this problem is not corrected i will definitely not vote the PAP in GE 2016…AND THERE ARE 30 VOTES from my family…I have also many friends who feel the same way i feel!

  3. PoorMan said

    I guess not because we Singaporean cannot do the job,the salary is too low for us to live in singapore,

  4. t.S said

    shortage?!?!The cost of manpower is the main reason, even hire a malaysian also much more expensive than hire a PRC worker. Anyway, we can see that philippinos also higher demand in the job market due to language and cost advantage.

  5. nic said

    singaporeans just lack the drive to work in ‘low-end’ jobs. these people come from poor family background or lived in devastating conditions in their home town, they understand the term, survival of the fittest, and therefore work their ass off. can our youths these days do that? rarely, and sadly. and they even demand more pay when 1.8k for a diploma is already to the high side of a starting pay. we just have too high expectations, even myself.

  6. anonymous said

    You know all the talk that you can buy a flat on just $1000 per month salary is to entice PRCs & Pinoys to migrate here. Low cost labor for low skilled jobs so much for Spore being a high tech country & moving away from low skilled. Soon the $1000 per month salary to buy HDB flat will be used as an advertising migration slogan in China & Philippines. Watch out for it!

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