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Tin Pei Ling won ‘rave reviews’ from viewers on MediaCorp’s ‘Singapore Talking’

Posted by temasektimes on March 5, 2012

PAP MP Tin Pei Ling has won ‘rave reviews’ from viewers for her performance on MediaCorp’s ‘Singapore Talking’ which was screened on Channel 5 yesterday.

The topic for discussion is why there are fewer women than men in senior management.

Below are some feedback posted by netizens on the Facebook page of ‘Singapore Talking’, ironically by those who did not watch the show:

“Love watchin S’pore Talking, except this episode becos of 1 of your guest!” – Andrew Koh

“This show become the last on my list to watch because of tin tin. Whats she doing there at the show? Waste of time, you may see the drop in the viewership tonight.” – Jack Oh

“I didn’t watch my favourite talking point cos TPL was in it! So fake it was! And why is the media repeating stories?” – Lynette Enoch

One netizen Daniel Phua asked why Nicole Seah was not invited instead to which it was replied that she did not respond to an email inviting her to be on the show.

Did you watch ‘Singapore Talking’ last night? What did you think of Ms Tin’s performance? Please feel free to share your views here.


9 Responses to “Tin Pei Ling won ‘rave reviews’ from viewers on MediaCorp’s ‘Singapore Talking’”

  1. Cassandra Wong said

    Look at her face!

  2. Moses Oh said

    She must be thinking: “Oh!! I dun know wat to say.”

  3. Kikoku said

    1 simple Japanese term: ごみの山

  4. GhostMan said

    Heng ah never watch at all ….lolz

  5. Az said

    Not interested to waste my time hearing her, for her words don’t carry weight at all.

  6. Hanns said

    oh ya! I watched n found her pale in comparison to the 2 other speakers! No constructive feedbacks from her at all!

  7. daniel said

    Lucky didn’t waste tim

  8. brother of Nigerian PM. said

    Sigh….I guess poor Mr. Lee and Mr. Goh just has to keeping trying. Obviously people have been instructed to prop up this “lightweight” MP. Pity the programming people at Media Corp. This has been a rather good program….until now.

  9. Evelyn said

    I was watching dog videos on youtube.

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