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Vikram Nair continues to criticize Chen Show Mao, but has yet to take legal action against TOC

Posted by temasektimes on March 5, 2012

PAP MP for Sembawang GRC Vikram Nair continues to criticize WP MP Chen Show Mao on his Facebook following a terse exchange with the latter during a parliamentary section last week.

Mr Nair had earlier criticized Mr Chen for asking the government to spend more on Singaporeans without providing any details on how to fund the increased expenditure.

“My main quarrel was with the loud claims for spending in many areas without any detail on the trade-offs that were to be made in order to spend more in all these areas identified.  Mr Chen simply said they were investments and would be ‘self-funding’,” he wrote in his latest entry on his Facebook.

He also attacked the Workers Party for measuring ‘success’ on the basis of the spending itself rather than the outcomes:

“My concern was that the Worker’s Party were contemplating changes of substantial magnitude in government spending and seemed to measure success on the basis of the spending itself rather than the outcomes achieved.  When proposing such substantial changes, I think it becomes necessary to discuss revenue implications as every MP must be sure they can justify the additional burden this spending may incur to their residents.”

Mr Nair did not mention if he is going to take legal action against socio-political blog ‘The Online Citizen’ for attributing ‘lies’ to him which he threatened to do so in an interview with in Sing news last week:

“I hope not to take legal action but if there’s lingering damage I might have to consider it. It also depends on what they (The Online Citizen) do and how they respond to the matter. I just want to clear my name.”

Till today, TOC has not removed the defamatory article which really make Mr Nair look like a ‘joke’ for his outburst.


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4 Responses to “Vikram Nair continues to criticize Chen Show Mao, but has yet to take legal action against TOC”

  1. Moon said

    Surely, it should have been ‘”defamatory”‘.

  2. Inspir3d said

    The article is not defamatory until proven in court. Till then, kindly refrain from calling it so

  3. We want our MP Vikram to state his point …..of view on the humongous budget of defence ….why he thinks it cannot be reduced and the billions saved used for the welfare of the people of singapore..

  4. I hope he is not trying to outdo the Minister who wanted to upturn the downturn and who appeared in a Zorro Outfit…

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