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Argentine football legend Gabriel Batistuta to join Fandi Ahmad in Johor soccer team

Posted by temasektimes on March 8, 2012

Argentine football legend Gabriel Batistuta will be joining Singapore football great Fandi Ahmad in the Johor state soccer team, according to a tweet by Johor FA president Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim.

However, it is not known if the 40 year old Batistuta will be putting on his boots to play. It is reported that Batistuta’s role would be to advise the Johor FA on hiring import players especially those from Argentina and other South American countries.

Since taking over the presidency of Johor FA early this year, Tunku Ismail has appointed former Singapore in­­ternational Fandi Ahmad as the team manager and technical advisor.

Batistuta or better known as Bati­gol among his fans is Argentina’s leading goal scorer with 56 goals in 78 international matches and played in three World Cup Finals. He also won the Scudetto with AS Roma in 2000 and played for Qatar club Al-Arabi before retiring in 2005.



One Response to “Argentine football legend Gabriel Batistuta to join Fandi Ahmad in Johor soccer team”

  1. kenlee said

    copy and paste from a face book friend
    here goes
    I nearly had a heart attack-cum-stroke-cum brain aneurysm upon reading your interview with Yahoo Singapore. I am forced to say this again: “Are you seriously (I could insert many other words here, but I won’t, ‘cos my mother taught me to be polite, even to people and political parties that I dislike) kidding me???”

    You mentioned that “Whether they are a GLC (government-linked company), the government or a private company, they all want good people to work for them,” and that “a scholarship should be awarded based on meritocracy, and should not be allocated specifically to locals or foreigners”

    To be brutally honest with you, Singapore is the only country in the world whose politicians say such things! I am pretty certain if Obama, or David Cameron, or Angela Merkel (or any World leader for that matter) said such things, he or she would be out of office even before you (or I) could finish saying, “Oh my God!”

    First and foremost, I am forced to ask: In your view, is Singapore a nation (where Singaporeans must always come first in every aspect of everyday life, including education, jobs and housing) , or a Multi-National Corporation (MNC)? If your answer is a MNC, then I would suggest that all Singaporeans who do not have a first-class honours degree from any Global Top 100 University should have their citizenship revoked (that includes me, because I am only a 3rd class ‘loser’ from NTU). Why? Because as you mentioned, the government and any company only wants the best and the brightest (good people) to work for them, and based on PAP’s old belief, top-notch degrees equate to “good people”!!!

    Then why stop there? Singapore has never done well in beauty pageants, mainly because the most attractive (and equally intelligent) Singaporean women do not take part, and are either studying (some are in NTU now), working full-time to support themselves and their families, or are busy trying to improve the lives of all Singaporeans (like Ms. Nicole Seah). Therefore, based on your logic, the Singapore Government should offer international superstars like Emma Watson (classy actress from Harry Potter), Megan Fox (the boring but sexy actress from Transformers) and Tyra Banks (famous model) Singapore Citizenship, and pay them $10 million each to participate in the pageants. I guarantee, Singapore will win the next 10 Miss Universe and Miss World competitions!

    Same for football. We have an overweight Chinese National, and 50 year old Serbian, and some Nigerians as our Foreign Talent. Why not offer John Terry Singapore Citizenship, and promise him that his extra-marital affairs would not be punished by the FA. On top of that, players like Messi, Drogba and Ronaldo come from impoverished nations (if I recall correctly, Portugal is currently, or on the verge of, accepting bailouts from the EU). Singapore, or the FAS, should pay these countries (after all, our GDP is about $300 Billion, right?) about USD$100 million each to hand them over to us. With these 4 afore-mentioned players, we are damn sure going to win the 2018 and 2022 World Cups!!!!

    On top of that, I would like to be perfectly honest: Upon completion of my National Service, I gained quite a bit of weight. My current 2.4 kilometre timing is about 14 minutes, which means I fail the IPPT test by about 1.5 minutes. Yet, I am expected to be ready whenever my nation calls me up for reservist training. I sincerely doubt that I will be of much help in times of war, based on my 1.85m, 87kg frame. THerefore, if MINDEF and SAF want the very best (like you proposed), then I suggest that Teo Chee Hean, Ng Eng Hen and all the generals and admirals should visit the US Navy Seals (the ones who killed Osama) or even the operations officers of Mossad, the feared Israeli Intelligence Service, and offer them a 200% pay-rise, as well as the promise that they wont be sent for any missions in any war-torn countries, and that they wont have to spend 6-9months a year away from their families (and offer scholarships for their children as well)? I can bet my first ever pay-check that most of them will seriously consider taking up Singapore citizenship On top of that, promise them a condominium apartment (most condominiums in my GRC seems to be overcrowded with foreigners, especially Westerners and Indian Nationals) and 2 cars each, and again, I promise you, Malaysia, Indonesia, or anyone else for that matter, will never even dare to refer to Singapore as a little red dot (which is not insulting, in my opinion). And if any foreigner insults us, like call us dogs or other demeaning terms, we can send in the Navy Seals, and “take them out” like what happened to Osama…I hope you and MINDEF and the PAP seriously consider this idea as I dont think I am keen on serving my ICT that is coming up soon. Can I ask for a cancellation if you guys do go ahead and bring in these best-of-the-best super soldiers??

    Do you see where I am going with this, Mr. Baey? Or do you think I mis-understood your comments? You are a Singaporean politician, and your sole duty is to uphold the Constitution of Singapore, and serve and protect all Singaporeans to the best of your abilities. Based on your recent comments, I guess you care more about “meritocracy” rather than “nationalism”. If that is the case, I suggest that you, PM Lee, DPM Teo, the Kate Spade super-fan (can I say that the PAP misled me, by putting her up as an MP, and not forewarn us that she cares more about handbags and Universal Studios than us???), and every one else in the PAP should step down. I only want the best, and the last I checked, Barack Obama was from Harvard, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and is well-loved all over the world. I sincerely doubt any PAP minister/MP is as qualified and world-renowned as Barack, right? Furthermore, Barack’s pay is only $400,000 a year, which most Singaporeans agree is reasonable. Why dont we hire him as our PM-cum-President (since he can juggle 2 wars, a broken economy, and a failed health-care system for 300 million people, I guess he can handle 2 major political roles for a country of only 3 million), even though he is not a Singaporean? Because as you mentioned, “we should not look at the nationality”, right?

    In conclusion, I sincerely hope you “really reflect” on what I have said, and not hire a lawyer to sue me (because I have no asssets of my own, and I currently owe my father $30,000+ for paying for my education). If you feel offended by my comments, then please retract your own words and apologise to all Singaporean (although I doubt so, because I have never heard a PAP official apologise, and only claim that Singaporeans mis-undetstood their original quotes), and I would happily do the same. I would even go as far as having the words, “PAP rocks my world…I am so honoured to be led by the PAP” tattooed on my ugly body.

    To all foreigners who are reading this, please note that I am not xeno-phobic. I have some friends who are non-Singaporeans, and mentors (in my school and personal life) who are from US, UK, Canada, Burma and Malaysia (to name just a few). I respect every single one of them, because not only do they help me, but they also help other Singaporeans, and most important of all, they respect Singaporeans and our right to have priority in education, housing and jobs in Singapore. I only have an issue with foreigners who insult me and my countrymen (and women), especially when they are here on a government scholarship, and I especially have an issue with 80 Singaporeans (FYI, there is only 1 PAP MP that I respect, because he puts my interests first).


    P.S. I am not sure what drives me more insane: my favourite club’s (Inter Milan) current 7-match winless streak, or the disturbing and unsettling comments made by PAP officials on a weekly basis?

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