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Hong Kong Sex Festival promotes group marriages and sex

Posted by temasektimes on March 8, 2012

Sex with a single partner for the entire life is too boring and is responsible for the high divorce rates in Hong Kong, according to the organizers of the Fifth Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival which advocates “polyamory”, a practice where individuals are consensually open to loving more than one person at a time.

“We hope the festival can open up the public’s views towards alternative systems of marriage because the traditional relationship between one man and woman is getting outdated,” founder Emil Ng Man-lun said.

With the theme “Sexuality Untied: Spatial, Social and Relational,” this year’s festival seeks to further society’s understanding of the multiple views of sexuality in order to promote tolerance and harmony in the community.

Ng added that group marriages is becoming a ‘viable’ option as partners in a monogamous relationship tend to experience a less fulfilling sex life and are likely to have extra-marital affairs.

The Global Post described “polyamory” as a form of loving, “genital-sharing” agreement with a small and trustworthy group of people.



16 Responses to “Hong Kong Sex Festival promotes group marriages and sex”

  1. hmm..i personally find it hard to accept tho..

  2. Violet Quintal said

    How ultra modern! Asians are becoming more promiscuous than Westerners.

    • RWl said

      this concept is adopted from north America – polyamory is a very prevalent culture in Canada and US ~ the reasons are simple – it is too rigid and boring to be sleeping with only one partner, and boredom DOES creep in.
      it is not about promiscuity – it is about a group of humans who love together and sleep together within that tight cell there is no one person held guilty or accountable as there is total trust with each other because of the vulnerabilities involved.
      But to declare that Asians are “becoming more promiscuous than Westerners.” is really stretching it a bit.

  3. Nivaz Bhai said

    the world is coming to an end..

  4. ahmad said

    Rise in Aids….be careful…More money wasted on condoms and medication….

    • Troppofino63 said

      your silly comment should’ve been deleted by moderators, guess you have been brainwashed by the whiteshirts

  5. jennysdk Liew wen chee said

    What is so special about this polygamy sex? It just makes us females look dirt cheap! Stop this crept!!

    It’s totally hypocrites!!

    • Troppofino63 said

      polyamory is NOT polygamy. you people just don’t know how to read ehh? daft or what?

      • poppy said

        Polyamory, Polygamy, their both still so wrong, very wrong. And I agree with Jenny, makes us women look so cheap.

  6. phiri phire ney said

    1 man 4 wives….sounds familiar??

    • Troppofino63 said

      no thats not polyamory….polyamory is for instance a household with 3 men and 3 ladies, they are all ONE “family” unit, but the couples’ combination switches according to pre-negotiated agreements, but remains 1-man-1-woman behind closed doors. and everyone knows, everyone agrees. the relationships remain “monogamous” but within the confines of these 3 men and 3 women exclusively. that is functional polyamory..

  7. johndoe said

    sounds like an interesting concept..but guess I would be in my grave when polyamory becomes a global culture

  8. Ah Boi said

    It is a personal fulfillment without guilt. 🙂

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