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Political analysts slammed WP MPs for ‘copying’ the work of others without giving due credit

Posted by temasektimes on March 8, 2012

Two prominent political analysts have slammed WP MPs Chen Show Mao and Pritam Singh of ‘copying’ the work of others in their Facebook note and parliamentary speech respectively without giving due credit to the original source.

Mr Chen was accused of copying the work of a former civil servant Donald Low and passing it as his own on his Facebook while Mr Pritam Singh was ridiculed for using an article found on the internet 4 years ago in his parliamentary speech on 1 March 2012 as discovered by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean who remarked:

“I was doing some background research on the subject and I was struck by how remarkably similar Mr Pritam Singh’s speech is to a 23 September 2008 article on the Internet called “Time for an Ombudsman in Singapore”. Almost word for word.”

In an interview with a Chinese evening tabloid yesterday, Associate Professor Lai Ya Qiao from NTU said:

“It is inappropriate of a MP (Pritam Singh) to use materials found on the internet four years ago to make a speech in Parliament today. Even if the content is still relevant after four years, it is just not right to use the ideas of another person without giving due credit.”

Another political analyst Professor Lim Boon Yee added:

“If a politician wants to build up credibility in the eyes of the public, he should use his own ideas and views. Even when using the ideas of others, he must quote the source. Last month, the Transport Minister of Australia was rapped by the public for using a quote from a Hollywood movie at an important press interview without giving acknowledgment to it.”

Meanwhile Mr Chen Show Mao and Mr Pritam Singh continue to maintain a strange silence as if nothing has happened, using the typical modus operandi of WP that they do not have to account to anybody so long they wear the ‘opposition’ tag on their shoulders.


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3 Responses to “Political analysts slammed WP MPs for ‘copying’ the work of others without giving due credit”

  1. Data said

    Chen Show Mao
    I have been thinking about our social norms, most recently the norms for sharing things online.

    Recently, many of you wrote to me about issues raised by parliamentary speeches on social programs. One of you summarized in a particularly incisive way the different economic issues raised.

    The sender told recipients of his note to feel free to share its contents without individual attribution. He told me that he preferred not to be cited by politicians.

    So I shared it with you on my FB page with a preface:
    “Many of you wrote to me with your views on the subject of government spending ( from which I learned a great deal), including the following.”

    Was that a sensible way to share online what others have shared with us? I have my views and have learned much from yours.

    Like · Comment · 20 hours ago ·

  2. kenlee said

    yes should give all the credit to PAP!! WP should take all the blame!! like mrt, bus , oversea scholarsss , cpf, gst,rp, and many more we should WP didn’t manage to fight for us!!

  3. 大惊小怪 said

    你们以为百万年薪的部長包括DPM Teo的演讲稿都是自已写得吗?太天真了!

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