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Goh Meng Seng attacks WP MPs for having ‘integrity problems’ in ‘plagiarizing’ the work of others

Posted by temasektimes on March 9, 2012

Former CEC member of the Workers Party Goh Meng Seng has lashed out at WP MPs Chen Show Mao and Pritam Singh for having ‘integrity problems’ in ‘plagiarizing’ the work of others without giving due recognition.

Mr Chen was accused of copying the work of a former civil servant Donald Low and passing it as his own on his Facebook while Mr Pritam Singh was ridiculed for using an article found on the internet 4 years ago in his parliamentary speech on 1 March 2012 as discovered by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean who remarked:

“I was doing some background research on the subject and I was struck by how remarkably similar Mr Pritam Singh’s speech is to a 23 September 2008 article on the Internet called “Time for an Ombudsman in Singapore”. Almost word for word.”

In a posting on the notorious Sammyboy Forum owned by a porn master, Mr Goh wrote:

“Plagiarizing articles and works of others without proper credits involve integrity problem. It seems that not only Chen Show Mao does not show good practice, Pritam has taken a further step to copy wholesale of another blogger’s work and put it up as his own speech in Parliament without giving proper credits.”

Mr Goh also took a swipe at Mr Pritam Singh for his lame explanation that it is not against the law to use other people’s work in Parliament after being queried by the media:

“Well, Pritam has to remember that having extra-marital affairs isn’t exactly illegal but Yaw Shin Leong lost his seat! It is a matter of integrity here.”

He further accused Mr Pritam Singh of being ‘lazy’ by copying the work of others:

“If you read his (Pritam Singh) speech, he made minimum amendments to the blog article he copied from. This is a very LAZY way. Many people share political ideas but to copy WHOLESALE of another person’s article really reflect BADLY on him.”

Besides Mr Goh, many netizens have criticized the two WP MPs for their ‘copycat’ antics, leading some to ridiculed them as ‘First World copying machines’.

Mr Goh contested in the 2006 General Election under the banner of WP. He was reportedly forced to resign after being embroiled in an online spat with a forumer on the Sammyboy forum where he is its ‘resident’ commentator.



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3 Responses to “Goh Meng Seng attacks WP MPs for having ‘integrity problems’ in ‘plagiarizing’ the work of others”

  1. OMG said

    Are you kidding me?

    Both Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao have came out to explain that the author of the article have expressed that it is okay for his/her article to be used without attribution and prefer not to be quoted by a politician.

    How is it that we can assume that the article is a wholesale copy while not assuming that the author of the article has allowed both WP MP to use his article without attribution. OR! Is GMS jealous that his peers gets a seats in parliament while he is still a nothing?

  2. Jeffrey Soh said

    Don’t even understand why you reported this….is this article worth the effort to read?

  3. TalkCock said

    Don’t understand what is permission granted to use the works without attribution? Cannot understand simple English?

    Fuck man, you think the Minister’s speech or even the PM’s speech in the parliaent is originally theirs and not their various advisors/speech writers?

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