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NTU sexual harassment case: No action will be taken unless student is proven guilty

Posted by temasektimes on March 9, 2012

No disciplinary action will be taken against the NTU student who was accused of sexually harassing a few of his schoolmates in school as he was innocent until proven guilty, said Professor Detenber, Dean of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information to a closed door meeting with students today.

It is understood that second and fourth year students were invited to the dialogue via email for the Dean to update them on recent events which has put NTU in a negative light.

The meeting reportedly lasted for one hour where the students were told the police investigations were still going on and the school could not comment on the case till they are complete.

The shocking case came to public attention after a NTU student posted her note on her Facebook last week alleging that she was sexually harassed by her schoolmate.

Below is her Facebook note taken from Hardwarezone:

Disturbing sexual harassment in WKWSCI

Hey guys,

I’m writing this note to warn everyone and anyone about a year 2 student, T*** W*** W**, who has been sexually harassing A of the school for over a year.

It is likely that his victims aren’t limited to the school but for now, that’s all we know. Even then, he has harassed an alarming number of girls both from Year 1 and 2 and does not seem to be stopping.

Last December, he approached at least five girls (myself included) online and chatted to them on Facebook. He has done the same to several other girls from as early as last August to February of this year.

The one thing those girls and myself had in common was that we knew him only as a senior in school, and not personally. He takes this relationship dynamic into consideration, not targeting those he has to work and interact with on a regular basis.

Initially, he seemed completely innocuous, and we presumed harmless friendliness on his part. His conversation consisted mainly of the usual small-talk, and for some, delved into more personal family or relationship-related issues.

Upon comparing chat-logs, it was apparent that he picked up on little aspects of his targets’ personalities and crafted his later mode of persuasion accordingly (ie. mentioning Christianity more often in conversations with church-goers)

All of our conversations with him went on for at least half an hour (or longer, depending on how long he deemed fit to somewhat win our trust) before he revealed his ulterior motive: getting videos of his victims in compromising positions and exposing themselves.

By playing up the harmless friendliness and crafting his remarks accordingly, he begins to explain why he is speaking to someone he does not know well. He has a deeply troubling problem which may affect his professional life. By confiding in a stranger, he is less likely to be harshly judged or get into further trouble. He repeatedly reminds his victims not to tell anyone else about his personal problem.

For some victims, he also mentions an unfortunate “smear campaign” against him by students in his year. This further evokes sympathy for his cause.

He then spins a story about him being on a Mediacorp internship and having made a video of a female friend that she accidentally exposes herself in. Her insanely possessive A is threatening to take action and put WW in danger of losing his job.

WW then shows his victims an actual (but muted) video of a young girl in a tank top talking. The video is completely decent, making victims more suspectible to agreeing to his next request: recording videos of themselves to replace the original incriminating video with.

His desperation is apparent as he needs to make this switch urgently. He apologizes for the short notice and tells his victims that he doesn’t have anyone else to ask. This is the general gist of the story he used and varies little from person to person.

After his victims agree to help, his intentions gradually become more obvious. The video HAS to be suggestive because of the nature of the assignment. The girl must be clad in what he describes as a low-cut top to reveal cleavage and a half-cup bra. At this point, many of us are uncomfortable but otherwise convinced by his story.

He goes on to describe that the scene is one of a girl using her tits to distract a customer in a shop and hence, suggestive movements are required. One victim performs the required video for him on Skype and the rest of us decline politely but feel bad for not being able to help nonetheless.

The girl who agrees goes on to dress and perform as he requested but he gradually degenerates into blatant perversion, asking her to bend lower and lower and eventually expose herself almost completely. His tone remains relatively “professional” throughout, directing her actions with production jargon. At one point in time, he reveals to her that he is not wearing underwear and implies that he has been masturbating. This is when his aggressive nature surfaces and he implores the girl to continue with the video.

This isn’t T*** W*** W**’s first offence to date. Last year, he hacked into a year 2 peer’s MSN account, posing as her and asking female friends for pictures of themselves in revealing clothing and/or underwear, on the pretence of fashion advice. When declined or confronted, he got aggressive. A police report was filed against him and he was subsequently described in the file as “repentant”.

Despite that, he repeated his actions, bolder and more seriously this time round, using his own identity and requesting video content.

I hope that you guys can help me to spread this around so that everyone will know and be wary of T*** W*** W**. His harassment may still be on-going and should be prevented from escalating into anything worse.


6 Responses to “NTU sexual harassment case: No action will be taken unless student is proven guilty”

  1. Anonymous said

    So is there any proof? No proof then don’t bother talking.

    I can also claim Michael Jackson talked to me on the bus yesterday and confided to me that he was an illuminati agent and he needs my help to save the world from aliens that coincidentally look exactly like spongebob square pants.

    Does that make it true? No.

    The entire story in the article sounds absolutely ridiculous and reads like a poorly written fictional story written for the sole purpose of slander. It does not make any sense for a NTU student to put in so much time and effort to get female students to make a video that is completely worksafe, benefits him in absolutely no way and puts him at incredible risk of disciplinary and police action.

    It is almost as retarded as running through the streets of baghdad while wearing american camo pants and a hooded sweatshirt.

    Suggestive movements? Please, i can see suggestive movements on MTV or in almost any hollywood movie or TV series these days. For crying out loud anyone with an internet connection can download actual porn, rather than put in the effort of making a lame video.

    We don’t even know whether the previous police case mentioned was real or not.

    I will reserve judgement until the investigations are concluded, but i just cannot suspend my disbelief upon reading the story in the article. It sounds incredibly fake and i have read plenty of fake stories in my time.

    The only way this story could get faker was if spaghetti suddenly started pouring out of the writer’s pockets at some point in the story.

  2. gump said

    his name is teng weng woh.

  3. Anonymous said

    Oh really? Well the person i talked to on the bus called himself Michael Jackson.

  4. The Hulk said

    Lol I BET that anonymous is t*** w**** w** himself. nice try asshole. anyway, it is indeed true and my girlfriend is one of the victims. If i see this schmuck i will punch his face in.

  5. kenlee said

    well more to come next time! millions more!!

  6. m said

    I’m the author of the note and everything in it is true and can be proven. The chatlogs have already been submitted to the police and the case is being investigated. He already has 3 police reports filed against him in the past and 93 charges against him thus far, as we were informed by the investigating officer. This is without the recent reports we have filed against him.

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