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Colonel Nelson Yau Thian Hock not investigated by MINDEF for any wrong-doing

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2012

The abrupt resignation by the former head of the NDP organizing committee 2012 and Commander of the Singapore 3rd division Colonel Nelson Yau Thian Hock for ‘personal reasons’ has set the rumor mills churning wild speculations as to the reasons behind his departure.

According to media reports, Colonel Yau is not under any internal investigation for MINDEF and he was not asked to resign. As such, he is still entitled to a pension upon retirement from the SAF.

Colonel Yau has been actively involved in the preparation for NDP 2012 and is expected to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General in the next three years. Furthermore, senior SAF officers have to give at least three months’ notice when they resign for security reasons.

In response to queries from the media, Director MINDEF Public Affairs Colonel Desmond Tan said:

“Col Nelson Yau, current Chief Guards Officer, has asked to leave the SAF for personal reasons. The SAF will be appointing a senior officer to take over the Chief Guards Officer post. The new Chief Guards Officer will also take on the responsibility of being Chairman of NDP 2012 Executive Committee.”

Meanwhile, preparation for the NDP will continue despite the change in leadership. The organizing committee’s deputy chairman Tay Boon Khai told the media that preparations ‘remain on track.’


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