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Ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa wants to share her ‘story’ with Singaporeans on her personal blog

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2012

After disappearing from public spotlight for three months to pursue her own ‘personal interests’, ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa is back again to share her ‘story’ about her 9 years as CEO of SMRT with Singaporeans on her personal blog.

In a post dated two days ago, Ms Saw wrote that she intends to use her blog to talk about the changes taking place in SMRT since the frequent train disruptions, how she transformed the company over the years and ‘what the future holds for both of us.’

She also admitted that she knew little about SMRT before she was ‘headhunted’ to become its CEO.

“When I was asked in 2002 to take up the SMRT post, I knew little about the company, as my last job took me away from Singapore quite a bit and my interaction was largely at an international commercial organisation serving travellers. Since then, times have changed. I feel so much for SMRT and the men and women in the organisation who serve the nation selflessly every day.”

Ms Saw was widely blamed for the spate of train disruptions which took place in December last year triggering a massive public furore which eventually culminated in her ‘resignation’ from SMRT.

Despite her departures, the train delays and disruptions have become a common occurrence with ‘signaling faults’ commonly quoted as a reason.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“during her tenure as CEO, public transport standards dropped considerably. Regardless of whether the company’s share price or earnings rose or not, she is a failure.” – weng123

“the smrt inquiry is coming, either this mth or next, so this is just some PR exercise on her part” – satayxp

“It will be good that she shares her side of the story. The board knows her background and is hired to boost non-train business. After that faithful day, she was quite silent and only see LTA in action. 154th put her on a pharoah sedan and the next thing was her ‘sudden’ desire to step down 6 mth ago. The is a huge vacuum of event/info in bewteen that she can help to fill.” – matrix05


4 Responses to “Ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa wants to share her ‘story’ with Singaporeans on her personal blog”

  1. Jaded said

    share what story? Of how she maximised profits by squeezing as many people into each MRT carriage?

  2. i wong u said

    I dun giv 2 hoots abt her personal life or thots. I only noe der trains n tracks were not well maintained during her tenure n now we r suffering der consequences of her ‘profit only nothing else matter’ kinda of management. Up till today trains r still slower dan ever, stopping frequently in der middle of nowhere, etc. Extremely infuriating!

  3. kenlee said

    ask her don’t waste our time and cyber space!

  4. smrt user said

    be kind folks. people wanna blog, let them blog lah… maybe we can also learn some things, doing the right things etc etc

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