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Massive outcry in cyberspace over NUS postponing decision on PRC scholar Sun Xu

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2012

A massive outcry has erupted in cyberspace over NUS’s shocking move to delay announcing a verdict on its PRC scholar Sun Xu who attended a disciplinary hearing this morning.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at NUS, Sun Xu triggered nationwide outrage with his now infamous remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore’, prompting many Singaporeans to call for his scholarship to be revoked, including Young PAP member and MediaCorp actor Tay Ping Hui.

The much anticipated disciplinary hearing convened today to hear the case of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu this morning turned out to be a ‘no show’ as NUS delayed announcing the outcome for another week or two.

In a short statement released to the press, an NUS spokesperson said “a decision is likely to be made in one to two weeks after the inquiry” after which Sun Xu will be given another 14 days to appeal against the decision if need be.

Many netizens criticized NUS for dragging its feet over a straight-forward case when compared to the two JC students who were expelled immediately for kissing publicly with some accusing it of ‘buying time’ to allow Sun Xu to graduate.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“Aiya they smoking us again. Need 1 – 2 weeks decide then let him finish the course peacefully then the ****er tiong will run back to tiongkok. Cfm one.” – JimmyShimmy

“What kind of investigation need to take so long? U call this world class efficiency!! KNN….Simply wasting tax payer monies on unnecessary investigation over a farking ah tiong!!! There are many ah tiong who are better than him lah!” – Spiderman2011

“Shouldn’t he be suspended until the investigation is over and a verdict is reached? What kind of stupid investigation allows you to take exams and graduate in the meantime?” – rogerfederer

What do you think of NUS’s decision to postpone the verdict on Sun Xu? Please cast your votes below:


14 Responses to “Massive outcry in cyberspace over NUS postponing decision on PRC scholar Sun Xu”

  1. kenlee said

    ah gong baby escape disciplinary, all can just follow his way, his action is no again any education rule!

  2. I am amazed ….this can only happen in a Country where such straight forward case needs a two week delay for decision to be made…

    Utterly opague NUS and MOE are spineless..

  3. thecakeisalie said

    This 1-2 weeks of ‘investigation time’ plus another 2 weeks of ‘appeal’ is just a means for him to quickly pack up and leave with his NUS degree.

  4. James said

    Nus better settle this major problem as more & more Singaporeans think our government & university support foreigners than we,Singaporeans. A basic right and choice to support our people than foreigner scolding us ‘dogs’

  5. Tinkerboy said

    After his graduation, most likely he will quickly pack his suitcase and fly back to his homeland without fulfilling his bond. And he will say ‘ Kiss my @xx, dxxs ‘.
    What first class country? Double disciplinary standards policy : Iron fist on her own citizens, soft on Foreigners…..

  6. lsvop said

    Anyway we can make NUS feel some sort of financial pain until they do something concrete? Like all take bus to NUS and not utilise their carpark or something like that.

  7. Robert Teh said

    This case will go down in history as one of the many incidents where our elected government would rather look after the interests and rights of foreigners rather than the rights and interests of its own citizens.

    Citizens are now left wondering what kind of the government is this. Is this the government we want to represent us the citizens in the event of a conflict with foreigners. Will our taxes be used for the benefits of citizens or foreigners? Should we pay taxes then if taxes are to be spent for the interests of foreigners. Any power brokering behind the scene in granting of such scholarship to foreigners due to relationship with high officials in another country. Any independent panel appointed to prevent wrongdoings in granting of scholarship based on relationship. How about the many citizens who are struggling to pay their ways through the university studies in need of financial help and jobs after graduation. Will they be granted higher priority in landing a job as compared with people like Sun Xu?

  8. 2wwilly said

    ministar on leave lar…

  9. Ixnay said

    Knn, I’ll whack that cockroach everytime I see him!!!

  10. ServedNS said


  11. Why NUS and MOE afraid to withdraw scholarship from this PRC moron?

    Looks like once again it’s jobs and scholarships for foreigners, NS for Singaporean peasants.

  12. leafyoung said

    Chinese scholars shall work their EQs and pay attention to their etiquette. The post-80s and post-90s are born under single child policy and has been raised with the best things available. Many of them don’t know thinking for others.

    Usually they studied harder due to heavy competition and studing harder is the only thing they need to excel in parents’ eyes. They are just good in study for scores and lacks of creativity and teamworking spirit. They only build rapports and communicate among Chinese, too.

    Their self-pride is booming due to growing Chinese economy and developement yet they never shed tears and sweat for it. They just enjoyed it. These are becoming their weak points in school and career. They will pay the price to learn the hard lesson and then probably they can move on.

  13. William Phua said

    I would rather have an uneducated but grateful son than a genius but ungrateful one.

  14. tan said

    WE the unfortunate lead by the Educated to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful, that is how I describe this event.

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