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Outcome of NUS disciplinary hearing: ‘Nothing happened’ and Sun Xu remains a MOE scholar

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2012

As expected, beleaguered NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu was let off with merely a slap on his wrist when a disciplinary committee found him guilty of breaching NUS code of conduct for students and delayed making a decision on him instead of expelling him from NUS immediately like what many Singaporeans hoped for.

According to reliable sources from NUS itself, the disciplinary hearing has ended and ‘nothing’ happened to Sun Xu. It is not known if NUS will be issuing an official statement later as it has imposed a media blackout on the controversy and did not even update its students on the latest developments unlike the ‘NUS Campus Crusade for Christ’ saga.

Sun Xu reportedly SMSed to inform his friends that he will be graduating together with them immediately after the hearing and he appeared to be in ‘great spirits’.

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at NUS, Sun Xu triggered nationwide outrage with his now infamous remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore’, prompting many Singaporeans to call for his scholarship to be revoked, including Young PAP member and MediaCorp actor Tay Ping Hui.

He is also currently under police investigation for ‘intentional harassment’ after he posted a comment on Weibo allegedly ‘threatening’ a Singaporean Alex Tan, saying he will ‘wait for him with a knife.’

Despite the intense public scrutiny and pressure, NUS chose not to mete out a stiffer punishment on Sun Xu partly because he is a MOE scholar and a top student on the Dean’s List. His father and uncle were senior leaders of the provincial Communist Party in Suzhou and reportedly flew to Singapore last week to keep Sun Xu company. The Chinese Embassy is aware of the matter and has been keeping tabs on it.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) which administered Sun Xu’s scholarship, has already passed the ‘baton’ over to NUS, saying that its scholarship administrators will “take reference from findings of disciplinary proceedings by the National University of Singapore (NUS), where Mr Sun is studying, before recommending what action to take.”

Since Sun Xu was not expelled from NUS, he was naturally able to retain his MOE scholarship. Under the terms of the scholarship, it is ‘automatically’ terminated once the holder ceases to be a student of the university he/she is enrolled in.

Born to a wealthy and influential family in the affluent city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, Sun Xu first came to Singapore in 2006 on a MOE scholarship to study in River Valley High School after which he went on to study at Raffles Junior College and NUS where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Unlike other students born in Singapore, Sun Xu did not have to pay a SINGLE CENT for his education in Singapore from secondary school all the way to university.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand foreign students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar.

UPDATE: NUS has ‘delayed’ the announcement of the verdict which will be made in one or two weeks’ time. Read more here.

Read all articles about Sun Xu here


54 Responses to “Outcome of NUS disciplinary hearing: ‘Nothing happened’ and Sun Xu remains a MOE scholar”

  1. GhostMan said

    As expected! Nothing done nothing happens and sweep under the carpet. I think the panel from NUS should be majority FTs so results can be predictable.

    • CY said

      There is no confirmation yet as there is no official release and I doubt the reliability of this report. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    • CY said

      I mean there is no official report in the media yet. NUS must make a media release to ALL MSM now for accountability and transparency.

  2. Joe said

    Let me guess. This SOB will graduate 1st class “honours”, may be land himself a good scholar job in civil service, and on accelerated career path to super scale civil servant.

    May be he will be selected as minister one day… That will be a real shame.

    • FHdeadly said

      Don,t be surprised that it could be happened. This might be the intention of the evil people. Who would want an to get an upright person with authourity to did up their past misdeed ? That is why many Foreigner turn up to be ….There it where the influx of many forrign thrash.

  3. […] […]

  4. bernard tan said

    it’s a good thing that i don’t pay income tax in singapore……. money wasted on there people!

  5. Jaded said

    hahahah, expected liao and proven correct. Singaporeans got bullied and there is no one to stand up for us. We pay taxes for these foreign trash to get free education and turn around to call us dogs.

    Singaporeans are really worthless. Better to be a foreigner than Sinkie, sad…

  6. Chong said

    Compared to so many locals being severely punished from minor misconducts, he was not punished despite heavily appealed by everyone????????? Depressing…. where has my Singapore went to?

    • I don't know why these people are reacting so violently for said

      Uh not like only singaporeans get insulted?! Everywhere in the world people get insulted. Why is this such a big deal? Not like this is even a serious insult. If this is a singaporean spouting the insult(which there are thousands), i bet no one will even care. So why be so hard on the foreigners who are not accustomed to our culture and environment? Furthermore, this is not even appealed by EVERYONE. Only the ones who are guilty enough to feel that they belong to his subject of insult. Your Singapore was much more tolerant than now.

  7. It is a shame that you guys are throwing your tantrums when someone spoke the truth. Rahter like a bunch of spoilt kids.

    • xxxxxx said

      Are you a Singaporean? If you are, so you are saying u are a dog?

      • Akumetsu said

        from the way Tsunamiw4ve spelled “rahter” i beleive he’ is one of those jerks who are eating up on our reserves…

    • Concerned said

      Yeah, if are a Singaporean, he is actually calling your mum a dog too.
      If you are from that country of his, imagine somone from elsewhere going to your country and call your people dogs. And stop thinking so greatly of yourself.
      Please put yourself in other people’s shoes before making such childish comments.

      • I don't know why these people are reacting so violently for said

        Err Sun Xu only said SOME Singaporeans are dogs, he didn’t mean all. So if you want to think of yourself as one, you can.

    • simon said

      Disgrace, get out of my country

    • leslie said

      theres a fine line and a diffrence between speaking the truth and saying one’s point of view.

  8. Chong said

    Aussie hit locals just because being drunk and managed to ran away from our laws. Local police even help to bribe the victim with a low 20k. Now China dog went unpunished despite humiliating the community and retained his MOE scholarship, continuing on his path to future high flyer civil servant in the EDUCATION SECTOR of Singapore. Locals continued to serve NS and pay for free education and living expenses of people who cannot be more grateful. Many more to come

  9. oute said

    The Opposition MP or the PAP MP who is concerned about this, should write to the Minister of Education or bring this up to Parliament, and asked for the notes for the enquiry and who is in the DC.

    • Whylikett? said


      Fyi, our current Minister of Education is a FT(Malaysian) as well who didn’t serve the Army and was a scholar. What makes you think that he will barnish this MIC who calls us dogs? Sigh… Why like tt..

      • skipfafa said

        OMG is this true? Having PRCs putting a dog-tag is on us is already very frustrating, this info abt the current Minister really put my morale -100% I don’t think this is the type of govt LKY first built. Since when our democracy mutated to this extend? Sad….

  10. Singa Crew said

    Bernard Tan,

    Even if you don’t pay income tax, you still pay GST and CPF and if you take a taxi and it passes under an ERP gantry, you also contribute money to the government whether you want to or not.

    So all of us are sponsors of this Sun Xu fellow who called us dogs…

    Can’t say I am surprised by this verdict though…

    Singa Crew

  11. Singaporean said

    Well, these scholarships are available to Singaporeans too. IF you are willing to work then you will get it. He called us dogs so we are proving that we are better by calling him trash?

    • reader said

      excuse me??? which side are u on?? why don’t u go to their shore and call them a dog?? let’s see how they deal with u instead.

      by the way, the whole thing about working for the scholarships are flawed as well. I’m sure there are many here who can study and achieve way better results than your good friend who called us dogs, IF they don’t need to work daily ass off daily for basic survival needs here in SINGAPORE, and just focus on play, study, and making remarks on the net like your good friend there.

      • Xuan Sheng said

        we are on the singaporean side. stop labelling urself as the ONLY singaporeans because as a singaporean i also think that you guys are nowhere better. True, he did say some nasty stuff, but two wrongs doesn’t make one right. Besides,. this is a student who in a fit of anger called Singaporeans dogs. He then subsequently apologized and the university gave him a warning. Also stop thinking like some spoil privileged brat. NUS is not beholden to your xenophobic childish outbursts, it is supposed to be a paragon where views and thoughts can be exchanged (even if some of it is not very nice) and i thoroughly support their decision to let him go with just a warning.

      • I don't know why these people are reacting so violently for said

        Yea exactly. Who started these by calling them trash first.

  12. Jaded said

    NUS should come clean on why they allowed this to happen.The Govt has already set high standards of accountability and transparency so they should do the same.

    • Wake Up Your Idea said

      “The Govt has already set high standards of accountability and transparency”

      Really? Whatever in the world ever gave you that idea? The PAP govt is notorious for only giving the glamour side of the story and hiding true facts of whatever situation !

      I can just name a few:

      – Temasek Holdings (lost billions no explanation)

      – Use public funds to purchase buses for privatised transportation company

      – Unemployment rate (when PRs and foreigners are counted as one, true figures of actual Singaporeans unemployed not given)

      – Employing their own cronies to review SMRT breakdowns when the claim was a truly independent party and “overseas” experts were to be brought in

      – Why give out and forgo loans to Indonesia

      – Millions spent on YOG

      The list goes on man !! Exactly what sort of high standards of accountability and transparency are you talking about ?

      Why NUS allow this to happen is because the sg govt allowed this to happen, you fool !!

      If they did not prostitute the country to allow such SOBs to come in on free scholarships, would all these even happen in the 1st place ?

      For goodness sake, WAKE UP YOUR IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Xuan Sheng said

      By come clean do you mean to change their stand? Come on, they did say alot of times their stand but if you still want to believe the kind of bullshit Temasek Review spins then what do you expect them to do?

  13. God said

    Would he have been let off with just a warning if he was a local ? Doubt so

  14. Me said

    It has been reported that the Inquiry ended today, and a decision will be made in 2 weeks. That is the official statement released. Sceptical as one may be, your reporting is still very much far off the mark and leaves much to be desired. Sensationalisation much. More like the tabloids than a credible paper you claim to be. Disappointing.

  15. Eu June said

    Why does this article reek of bias? Why the emboldening and capitalizing of “SINGLE CENT”? Step up your objectivity please.

  16. Ron Lim said

    Events can go viral. Where previously it was word of mouth and emotions are not easily aroused, now it can spread like wild fire. The authorities have made the right decision… a stern reminder and compassion exercised. To expel him is extreme as he is about to graduate and has done well in studies.

    Singapore should have a forgiving heart.

    • A concerned Singaporean for its future said

      So what if he is about to graduate and done well in studies. What good can he do for the Singapore community in the future if he is to think of Singaporeans that way. Probably he will return to China after he finishes his bond. All our money wasted on “investing” in such scums.

  17. nincompoop said

    Even if he doesn’t get expelled, they should at least revoke his scholarship and make him pay back every single cent spent on him. There are a lot more ppl out there who will appreciate having this scholarship.

  18. MouseyBella said

    Hahaha… Tell
    Me what’s new???

  19. tml said

    If really the scholar who have made the remarks get away with no penalty,what message our current government are conveying to Singaporeans and the world, think Lee kuan yew and his team have created a great system, but the system quality and system has deterioated over times.

    Nowadays,the wrong can be right, and the right can be wrong. Indeed very confusing and messy.

  20. Frederick Lam said

    The “dogs” are those who did not condoned like that MP, NUS, and MOE. These are the idiots who get pay high salaries and made lousy decision and is a waste of our national funds!

  21. henry said

    As expected since this S.O.B is graduating in 2 months time, NUS will just drag on till he graduated and then everything will be “forgotten”

  22. Summercloud said

    People who label other people are worse than what they label others themselves.

    I wonder what he was before he upgrade by taking on “dogs’ education”.

    Also question if the same treatment will be received if same situation happens to a local.

  23. Valarie said

    All i can say is outrageously hilarious!!! Our nation actually allows a bastard to insult us as dogs and let “it” continues its stay and sponsorship so as to allow “it” to help nurture our ppl?!?!? WTX+NsBsCsBs+KNN also cannot express how “du-lan” i am as a typical Singaporean!!!! Bloody hell!!!

    • skipfafa said

      Do u know he has been in S’pore since secondary school all the way to the university? Best part is, HE DIDN’T NEED TO PAY A SINGLE CENT! I’d like to highlight to all our friends here about this fellow—- he can speak our local vulgar languages, especially in fluent Hokkien. He knows how to F ppl with words like KKNB….CCB…LJ etc etc. This is no accusation because it came from the mouth of his own university friends!

  24. Akumetsu said

    Seriusly , only way..we can show our government..our pride, is simple…just dun participate on national…day…dun even bother turning up..its not compulsory
    .. Convince our parents friends (^_^)
    Its not a vote either…so not attending wont cause any issues..

    Make sure the stadium only fllled up with them & maybe their “foreign Talents” only..

    Despite all this i still see pple so eager to this “important Event”

  25. Wake Up Your Idea said

    Dont you find it more ironic that they are broadcasting a lot of SAF propaganda advertisements recently ?

    All about some SAF high flyers giving lip service about what team work, patriotism, blah blah blah..

    Obviously all these for the sake to instill some form of loyalty within Singaporeans.

    But seriously, you come to talk to us about loyalty when this is the sort of treatment we get from you ?

    Waste years of our youth, pay tons of taxes, while you give such ungrateful foreigners jobs and free scholarships ?

    So much for Singaporeans Come First !!! Thanks a lot man PAP !!!

  26. skipfafa said


  27. Billy said

    This will become an episode where Government can claim “free-speech” is fully supported in Singapore… See? No punishment for degeratory comments by foreigners on home ground. If we can tolerate foreigner’s comments, think of how much we can tolerate our own citizen’s comments…

  28. simon said

    is this the kind of message our education system wants to announce? The part about his family background, does it play a part in the decision making?? He should be expelled and send back and to be serve as a message to all student in the school that such conduct is not acceptable.

    We punished foreigners who vandalized the mrt premises but why not him? He is also vandalizing online in Singapore property. Such a disappointment! This definitely make this boy more snobbish

  29. TheRealist said

    come on guys.. instead of venting your frustration here.. just get used to this and be prepared for a torrent of criticism that will be coming our way soon…

    with this case having such big media highlight and he’s let off.. what will be stopping other FT to start calling us dogs or worse??? hahahaha

  30. skipfafa said

    想借此呼吁听得懂华语的国人们请拨出几分钟时间用心听听这位仁兄的Opinion。他并不是在呛声Sun Xu的恶行,也不是在搞racist。重点是他真的是有证有据头头是道,所说的一切完完确确全都是些发生在我们纳税人身边周遭的事情。。。我认为无论事情是鸡毛小事与否,有些事如果不及时处理便有可能成为社会问题。不管你是个政治家或者是纳税人,都应该听听小人物的心声。很多事情不是想带过就可以若无其事地带过。家里的小孩(国民)若做错是,父母(领导人)一定会纠正他,告诉他做人要饮水思源!家教不是单单鞠个躬道个歉就可以草草了事。一个饱读诗书的侨胞有此行为也未免太浪费大人们的用心栽培了吧?


    This is the video clip I’d like to share with u : “Respect Singaporean” @

  31. kjhkjhkjguy said

    I think everyone forgot about the more important things in this saga. The scholarship scheme, or schemes. Is MOE going to continue this scheme? Is MOE going to come out and be transparent and review all these scholarship schemes? Why focus on a boy who shed light on this previously unknown scholarship when you should be asking MOE if they are going to review it (them?).

    This thing is already so big. Those students that MOE want to recruit in China will now reconsider. This means MOE may not be getting the same quality wanting the scholarship, or getting the lousier quality because the better ones have been warned by this saga. Especially when the scholar affected is from an influential family. So if MOE is expected to get poorer quality, then why aren’t people asking for a REVIEW? Why focus on a single person or nationality then encourage xenophobia when you can ask MOE for a proper discussion and progress in nation building together right? Ask for objectives for having these scholarships, Ask for details for these scholarships, ask for results achieved. Then come out with at least one alternative solution or suggestion. Isn’t this better?

  32. leslie said

    Are you kidding me,these ppl are the reason i cant get a place in the local uni and have to go overseas where the fees are 26k per year. seriously when will Singapore change its mindset to take care of its own people first before looking after other countries needs.

  33. CCW said

    Singapore will only change its mindset when it has any business benefit $$$$$$$

  34. skipfafa said

    I would like to share this with you:

    This is another scholarship that is offered for PRCs only, NOT APPLICABLE for Singaporeans. So how many scholarships are we offering Ah Tiongs and how much is it in total that we have to bear in shame & in exchange for people to call us DOGS? Why? I’m not talented so can someone pls read this link & calculate how much money fr SG are given out as “gifts” each year to PRCs only?So is that how Nathan thinks about Chinese Singaporean having to accept our identity because we have no culture? So must I thank my lucky star he is no longer our president? I hv nothing against this prata-cultured public figure. My concern is that he actually told the students at River Valley High during a Q&A session that we have no culture! We must tell foreigners that we are Chinese Singaporean & he himself said he is a Singaporean Indian etc. I am totally disappointed with this kind of brainless reply — in front of our school children! Sickening!

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