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Marine Parade Town Council apologizes for poster with multiple translation errors

Posted by temasektimes on March 14, 2012

The Public Relations Manager of Marine Parade Town Council Ms Grace Wong has written to us to apologize to the public for putting up a poster with multiple translation errors.

Attached below is a snapshot of the email which Ms Wong has requested us to reproduce in full on our website:

In the letter, Ms Wong explained that the error arose due to negligence to vet through the notice before it was put up. She added that the staff concerned has been reprimanded for the error made.



Note: The Temasek Times has published an article yesterday with a photo of the poster. We have since rectified it and we apologized for the misrepresentation.


One Response to “Marine Parade Town Council apologizes for poster with multiple translation errors”

  1. I love the Alternative Media…..It keeps Public Servants and Politicians on their toes…and I like Ms. Grace Wong for her candid and clear reply……I hope other Semi-government and government Departments will follow suit and stop replying with temp. plate replies or obfuscate the issues with answers that has no relation to the issuess on hand……Thumbs up for you Ms. Grace Wong.

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