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Lui Tuck Yew praises SBS Transit for responding ‘quickly’ to train breakdown today

Posted by temasektimes on March 15, 2012

Despite the shocking disruption in train service for more than 8 hours which left 70,000 commuters stranded, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew chose to downplay the inconveniences caused to the public and praised SBS Transit for its ‘swift’ response instead.

“I think SBS T has responded more quickly and having a larger fleet of buses that they can rely on obviously has helped. Going forward, because the operators are now cooperating a lot more closely, I think that even if there is a situation which affects the lines operated by SMRT, that we would also see an improvement on the situation compared to the past,” he said to queries from the media.

Mr Lui said that he had taken the North South Line to Dhoby Ghaut station and there were announcements made informing commuters of the disruption on the North East Line.

He also promised a “complete check would be done along the entire stretch of the North East line at the end of service today”.

“I would to sit down with SBS Transit to find the root cause of the engineering problem because it is not the same problems that SMRT faced in December,” he added.

The positive sentiments expressed by Mr Lui was not shared by many Singaporeans who continue to rant at the transport companies from making their lives miserable.

Zhuang Hongyao wrote on Facebook:

“It’s not about the delays. its how SMRT or SBS handle the crisis. One good example is LONDON. yes train breakdowns are part of their daily life. But still to them its like “oh okay, take the bus” seriously, de-list these damn companies and make them under the govt.”

Soo Ziyi added:

“Bloody hell, you faggots company raise the train fares and bus fares and you claim we will get better services, eat my shit!!! The service we getting now is more train breakdowns, more time to repair the breakdowns. LTA no action? Another punny fine on SMRT? Didn’t they just did a report and ensure this wouldn’t happen again?!”

As Lin Zhi Xiong put it succinctly:

“Praising SBS because they responded faster than SMRT is like telling your son. “Well done in getting E8, at least you didn’t get F9 like someone else’s son. “”

Hear what Mr Lui said below:


5 Responses to “Lui Tuck Yew praises SBS Transit for responding ‘quickly’ to train breakdown today”

  1. Of course lah, after so many break-downs, responding quickly is almost 2nd nature liao !

  2. Ken Lee said

    after all the breakdown, they are fast alright ! we got the most best very best confirm best and the best and the very best transport system in the world!!! where to find? and on best the very best confirm best and the best and the very best PAP GOV!! that is in 1980s-1990s after that,………….!!!!!$#%#$%#$%#$%#$%$#%$#%^&^&*^&*^&!!!!!
    don’t waste your time meeting! go get the main train supplier to get their engineer here to fix up the system and train the new talent engineers before the f train fly down the f track! the people inside die never mind but spoil the train!

  3. OAH said

    Yeah right Lui.

    We got your message loud and clear.

    SBS has proven that they fully deserve the S$ 1.1 billion subsidy to be given to them from taxpayers’ money.

  4. Rawr said

    My office is in Chinatown and we had difficulty coming to work early in the morning and up till 2pm, there was still a sign saying that the train is not in service. 8am-2pm = 6 hours. HOW IS THAT FAST?!

    So now, coping with train breakdown will naturally become part of our “first-world” problems?

  5. Ah seng said

    Putting them all under the control of the govt is never good. Look at NHS. It may give free healthcare to freeloaders and taxpayers alike, but it also raises taxes to insane levels. Excluding our insane COEs, our tax is still less than Britain’s.. However privatisation also also has disadvantages. Like poor maintenance. And pursuing profit.

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