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MRT service between Dhoby Ghaut and HarbourFront stations breaks down again, leaving commuters stranded

Posted by temasektimes on March 15, 2012

A day after train services along the North-South line were ‘delayed’ for ‘safety’ reasons, train service along the North East Line between Dhoby Ghaut and HarbourFront stations broke down due to a ‘power supply problem’ in the tunnel at Outram Park Station.

A statement from SBS Transit on Thursday said it is estimated that service at the affected stretch will not be available for about six hours, prompting stranded netizens to vent their vibes in cyberspace.

SBS Transit added that free bus services will be provided at designated bus stops at the affected stations. The free shuttle bus service has also been activated.

It added that one of the connecting cables at Outram Park station on North east Line had ‘snapped’ and 25 engineers are now trying to resolve the problem.

According to those stranded at the affected stations and trains, they were late for work because a journey which usually takes 10 minutes now takes more than one hour as a result of the technical glitch.

Some responses from netizens on Facebook:

“Well at about 7 plus the shuttle buses were still rather efficient. Not sure how the situation will be once the peak hour crowd comes.” – Fong Chin Teck

“I was affected, but there were announcements inside the train and at every station about shuttle bus services. Seems better managed.” – Ryan Ang

“Nowadays Singaporeans dun really scare about terrorism, only scare about whether they will be stuck in another train breakdown!! How to not own a car like this??” – Ng Kah Sing

“Dhoby ghaut to vivo took 1 hour and 15mins. Do I need to explain more?” – Ian Wong

8 Responses to “MRT service between Dhoby Ghaut and HarbourFront stations breaks down again, leaving commuters stranded”

  1. SG guy said

    What would Ong Teng Cheong have said if he were alive today. In the early days of SMRT, trains were punctual and were typically much less crowded.
    Today, I believe the trains were simply overworked due to much heavier workload due the sudden influx of foreigners.
    This is what happens when people who make decisions at the top only know how to talk and are ignorant of the technical facts. *sigh*

    • Anonymous said

      I guess there’s nothing related to foreigners man. This was happen simply because of the power failure. Additionally, if you say that Singapore is overcrowded now, then government has already added the circle line. What are they created for? Please don’t relate every single thing to foreigners. Sick of it! I’m Singaporean. Thanks

  2. Jaded said

    Saw must be damn happy now… no need to kenah scolding as the crap she created is cleared by others now

  3. Millenium said

    NEL is managed by SBS transit no?

  4. The Doctor said

    Who is John Galt?

  5. Ken Lee said

    where is our so call talent?

  6. Patricia said

    Wonder whose head is to be chopped now👉

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