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VIDEO: Singaporean student scolds Sun Xu: Ask your conscience if you deserve our scholarship

Posted by temasektimes on March 15, 2012

A Singaporean student outraged at NUS’s unprecedented decision to ‘delay’ the verdict on its ‘beloved’ PRC scholar Sun Xu created this video to tick him and another PRC undergraduate ‘Ares Lim’ off. The latter ranted on a Chinese forum that Singaporeans are not even worth a ‘fart’ after getting into a fight with a Singaporean uncle over a trivial staring incident.

To Sun Xu:

“Your food, drink, housing and tuition fees are entirely paid for by Singapore taxpayers. We pay income tax and GST to support such a person? Ask your conscience, do you deserve the scholarship now? You use our money and still call us ‘DOGS’? Go and reflect upon yourself.”

To ‘Ares Lim’:

“You said Singaporeans also have ‘Chinese’ blood…Yes, we have ‘Chinese’ blood, but think about it, Singapore was built by our forefathers who relocated there when they were young. You think Singapore is already so developed when you arrived? You are wrong….If not for our NSFs and NSmen, do you think you will be safe here?”


15 Responses to “VIDEO: Singaporean student scolds Sun Xu: Ask your conscience if you deserve our scholarship”

  1. Ken Lee said

    we need more people like him!

  2. Ken Lee said

    if he got the conscience they won’t be here already! not like us we born here eat here shit here f here product baby here! the just eat here shit here and take money and get out of here!

  3. Busybody said

    Hope the MIW, the relevant authorities n related school hear our Singaporean’ frustration n grievances……….. Kick all these asses back to their homeland…..

  4. soong said

    well done Singaporean standing up for Singaporeans First …..encore …encore

  5. TheReaslist said

    oh now.. NUS going to kick him out now.. coz.. they don’t do anything to FT.. but they won’t hesitate to show the local student the rod then the door ….. out of NUS…

  6. singaporean said

    吃我们的, 用我们的, 那如果我们是狗, 他不就是狗养的?

  7. Jaded said

    Deserving? He is an Ah Tiong, not a Singaporean. What have they done for us? Nothing! So none of them deserves anything from us

  8. Valerie said

    Actually want to share this page on Facebook but got that fellow face.Haiz

  9. Singaporean Boleh! said


  10. singaporeans said

    Pls remove the sundog as soon as possible….

  11. Chew said

    haha, what Chinese blood bullshit….

    If so, then everyone in this Earth has African blood.

  12. leafyoung said

    The ability of speaking fluently and clearly is a problem. JJ Lim can speak Mandarin much better.

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