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PRC man assaulted taxi driver, drove off with his taxi and killed a cleaner at Budget Terminal

Posted by temasektimes on March 17, 2012

A 34 year old Malaysian cleaner was killed on the spot at the Budget terminal after being hit by a taxi driven by a 30 year old PRC man. His family is in Johor and he’s said to have four children, with the youngest about four months old.

According to ComfortDelGro spokesperson Tammy Tan, the taxi driver was driving the PRC man to the airport when they somehow got into an argument.

Upon reaching the destination, the PRC passenger refused to pay the taxi driver and started to attack him. He then got into the taxi and drove off hitting the cleaner at the driveway in front of the Budget Terminal moments later.

The PRC man has been arrested and was sent to Changi General Hospital for medical treatment. It is not known if he is a Singapore PR or new citizen.

The unfortunate incident is the latest in a spate of violence acts committed by China nationals in Singapore. Three weeks ago, a PRC undergraduate ‘Ares Lim’ punched a Singaporean man in Chinatown over a staring incident and ranted online that Singaporeans are not worth a ‘fart’.

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said in an interview with National Geographic magazine in 2009 that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants (from China) as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than locals.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“wanna bet? probably a fine and ban from driving” – daryl76

“they say he was sent to changi hospital instead of being arrested! we treat foreigners so fugging well” – satayxp

“Bloody tiongs.. Think they filming Grand Theft auto V in Sinkiepore city issit?” – Nickzz


13 Responses to “PRC man assaulted taxi driver, drove off with his taxi and killed a cleaner at Budget Terminal”

  1. SingaporeChineseMan said

    Damn! Another PRC trash! The PRC dog should be imprison and cane!

  2. Busybody said

    CCB ah tiong is our gods now, kill people still can get good treatment…. Where on earth can u find??? Only in Lion City.

  3. Sad to be singaporean said

    Once our gahmen see involve PRC, the punlishment will be fine & jail for at most 1 year.. Our gahmen very ‘por ‘ ( apple polish) e PRC. To them Malaysian and Singaporean life & living is nothing compared to PRC..

  4. Princess said

    Unfair…. That’s why so many people want to get out from Singapore…. Really speechless…. We have no more leg resting place already….. 😦

  5. Hannsg said

    One taxi driver (Singaporean), one PRC FT and one dead Malaysian Cleaning. Can the goverment see that among the 3 we are only one third? In the NUS the proportion is even worst.

  6. Liping said

    To make singapore a more exclusive expensive
    N successful country we must endeour all this shit from prc eh? Lol it seem dat more singaporean migrated more prc comes here lives here make money keep on killing n do shit here like nobody care n we keep on tolerating all this nonsense for wat? We r all stupid fools

  7. Better DNA said

    Almost 3 decades already…I think SG should help them the most important part now! Build them a sperm bank! Help PRC create better DNA chinese and control those ill manner birth rates.

  8. HahaBlogger said

    They are hard-driving and hard-striving? Let me see how can they can drive and strive beyond death. Singapore also has those industry that make people lose their lungs, ribs and get blood cancer. Can they do those without retirement age?

  9. Singaoporeans said

    Wtf. This kind of fellow. Let me see him one time sure kill him one time. Cb cheena dogs. In china like beggar like that heng we take him into our country! Continue on like that I’m sure Singaporeans will all leave this freaking country. Cheena! Na bei! Pui

  10. uneducated singaporean said

    Charge the fellow immediately. Why wait? Other case all so efficient, this case also must have the same efficiency. This person must be punished according to the laws.

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