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VIDEO: PRC man heard ranting at police officers after crashing taxi in a fatal accident at Budget Terminal

Posted by temasektimes on March 17, 2012

After quarreling with the taxi-driver on the way to the airport, a 30 year old PRC man assaulted him and drove off with his taxi hitting a 34 year old Malaysian cleaning supervisor along the way after the taxi crashed into the front glass doors of the Budget Terminal.

Police received a call at 6.50am regarding the incident, and the cleaner was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics at 7.13am this morning.

The fatal accident shocked the entire nation, prompting many to call for harsh punishment to be meted out to the PRC man who is currently being treated for his injuries at Changi General Hospital.

Witnesses say that as he was arrested by the police, the man was raving about his air ticket being taken away. In the video below taken by a netizen moments after the accident, the PRC man (wearing a white shirt soaked in blood) was overheard shouting at the two police officers who arrived to arrest him:

“What do you want?”



33 Responses to “VIDEO: PRC man heard ranting at police officers after crashing taxi in a fatal accident at Budget Terminal”

  1. Why are the police walking so slowly or looks like taking their own time to arrest the guy? What if he’s a terrorist or had a bomb? What happen to all the anti-terrorist action???!!! It’s an airport lei.. Can like that bang a taxi into an airport and all we get is a few policeman who catch him or rather talk to him den catch him?! Why aren’t those security forces carrying mp5 patrolling there doing anything? Not authorise to shoot cos not sure if terrorist?!

    • Jon said

      the man has already been detained by the police so there’s no reason for them to be running around and acting like authoritative barbarians do they? appreciate if u assess the situation properly before making senseless remarks behind a computer monitor in the comfort of your chair.

      and u should thank your lucky stars that the police in singapore are not trigger happy like how u wish them to be. who knows whether u might be dead now because your wish came true.

    • jon said

      stop being so singaporean and chill the fuk out.Stop asking rhetorical and silly questions. Your analogy is rather irrelevant here. dont speak unless you can improve on the silence.

      • Yvonne said

        Jon, I feel like you’re the one who needs to shut the fuck up with your senseless remarks behind a computer moniter in the comfort of your own chair. What is the one who was involved in the accident was your loved ones? Would you still continue to ask people to stop being so agitated? And linking police and “authoritative barbarians” do not make sense. It’s the duty of the police to carry out their jobs even if it means being firm and aggressive when needed.

      • Ida Tan said

        Jon, I totally agree with Yvonne I think u need to shut the f”*k up. If you are a real Singaporean, you will know and understand how we truly feels about the FTs here, especially the PRCs. Anyone that is barbaric, are the PRCs and they should learn to mind their manners and be respectful when they are out of their own country. If they can’t and are not willing to respect other people’s rules and boundaries, they should just stay in their own country otherwise they have to be punished according to the laws of other countries. Hang the B@#st%^d!!!!

  2. NurAyati said

    Why do Singapore still welcome so many PRC? PRC bus driver, PRC cleaners, PRC cashiers, PRC PRC PRC!! Now, look at what they had done! Drive recklessly causing an elderly woman to fracture her hip bone, Unability to converse in SIMPLE english. And now, ramming through our glory airport?! WTH!

    • Speak Good English said

      You mean “inability” to converse in simple English. Practice what you preach.

      • A. Pete said

        She said Basic English. I can comprehend very well what she meant.

      • Preacher said

        To: Speak Good English –
        ‘Practice’ is a noun, you should use ‘practise’ in your sentence.

      • Speak Good English said

        A. Pete. No, she said simple. You can comprehend it? So what? I can comprehend a few words of Mandarin mixed with hand signals, but that still doesn’t qualify as correct English. By the way, our national language is Malay, not English. Mandarin is an official language too.

        Preacher. Thankfully, I wasn’t criticizing people for making English errors. I was criticizing people for criticizing people who make English errors when we can all make them. Nonetheless, I only made an error in UK English, practice is a verb in my native US English. Thanks anyway.

      • spectrekle said

        No, you all should use the lastest buzz word. It’s not ‘practice’ or ‘practise’ but ‘practizzze’.

  3. John Titor said

    i wouldn’t fire at this guy if i were one of those guys patrolling with mp5… think of the you would get into lol

  4. Azhar said

    Those people walking around with mp5 are allowed to shoot that man (certain parts of his body or the wheels of the taxi) if he drove that taxi through the glass doors and into the terminal building, but this is also dependent on the shooter’s discretion on whether he thinks lives are at stake and security is compromised.. (quote MRT/NEL incident police shoot man dead) In this case, i got a strong feeling that that PRC is really drunk. No disrespect to the other PRCs but, apparently it seems, there’re these groups of PRCs who thinks they can do anything they want here cuz they’re FTs.

  5. Ken Lee said

    Why aren’t those security forces carrying mp5 patrolling there doing anything? Not authorize to shoot cos not sure if terrorist?!
    what the airport security forces doing? there is a fight they are suppose to be there to stop it!!!

  6. Aa said

    I’d be more worried if the police are running around like ants. Let them do their job.

  7. Mr X said

    those security forces carrying mp5 either from SPF or Certis Cisco and also If you have any feedback for Singapore Police Force, please call the Police Customer Relations Branch Hotline at 1800 358 0000 or send it to

  8. Eno said

    Taxi drivers in Singapore really have to start being professional. First rule of thumb: when driving a passenger, DO NOT start a conversation. In fact, do not even speak unless asking for directions. Time and again, taxi-drivers ask me the most ridiculous and embarassing questions – and I always end-up telling them: “It’s none of your business”. Just shut up and drive.

  9. Alvin Tan said

    @Eno: Some drivers are just trying to be friendly, though I am also quite ‘sick’ of being asked for directions to get to a location or when drivers trying to strike a conversation when I am so tired. But some drivers have gotten into trouble cos they decided to go to the location based on their own discretion without consulting their passengers and some are just trying to be friendly.

    There’s no right way to do a certain thing, but to answer them in your way, shows your lack of empathy and graciousness.

    My take… feel free to disagree.

  10. leafyoung said

    This is very outrageous! Why a man became so self-minded to ignore the laws and life for his few-hundred air ticket?

  11. charisma said

    So here’s the deal, to put it very plainly. First our cab drivers get beaten up by Caucasian expats that absconded. And now by a PRC that also killed a Malaysian cleaning supervisor while fleeing the scene of the crime. What are we to make of this?

  12. Ron Lim said

    I shudder over the thought that any one of us could have been the victim if we happened to be there. Many of us travel and who would imagine this happening at the airport?

    My sympathies for the dead man’s family.

  13. spotlessleopard said

    The Government ultimately has to take full responsibility for importing so many foreigners who behave in such uncivilised manner…..

    It is time Singaporeans decide to change the Government in the next GE

    • Ida Tan said

      I totally agree with you spotlessleopard. It’s time to get rid of all the PRCs and take back the citizenship that was given. Do not allow them to mend our hawker stalls or food court. Now that they are mending it, a lot of our foods does not taste or look anything like what they were, not to mention the noise pollution. Then get back to improving ourselves and our environment.

      • MFS said

        You can’t take back citizenship, citizenship is irrevocable. PR, on the other hand, can easily be taken away.

  14. daniel said

    WE should have a divider cage between the driver and passenger as Safety for driver; Taxi Driver are acting as ambassador must confine conversation to promoting Singapore as a tourist site; Taxi Driver should refrain from commenting about our local politics, be it pro or anti government …our politics are for our consumption

    I am not sure if we can classify it as terrorist since the taxi is snatched from a taxi driver at the airport. The surface of the case is this guy is aggressive is a fact. Is is mentally sound is the question from the account of our taxi driver. Do we need to be more careful in bringing in such workers or any new measures to prevent recurrence. Imagine it happening on one of our streets when we or our love ones are walking, enjoying a stroll …. is our street still safe? What is the government measure? Do we freeze such import until preventive measure is put in place? Consider

  15. Singaporean Blood said

    F*ck you Speak Good English. Go screw your own uptight ass. Pay attention to the issues here – the well-being of the deceased’s family is taken care of and the call for harsh punishment for the PRC. Go shut yourself in that little store-room which you came from and stop whining about language here,you pathetic puny prick bobo..

    Singlish rocks!!! LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Speak Good English said

      You seem like a charming individual.

    • Speak Good English said

      And to think, Singaporeans say that PRCs are rude.

    • Speak Good English said

      As to your suggestion that I have a tiny prick, suck on this:

    • Nate said

      Singaporean Blood,

      Kudos to you. Speak Good English’s lack of situational awareness and indifference to the more pressing matters at hand shows us clearly his immaturity and lack of empathy. An innocent person has passed away due to the extremely reckless behavior of a PRC and this guy is about defending his prick’s size with a chart; we clearly see what matters to him in life, true dick-head.

      • Speak Good English said

        Who raised the dick size issue and a whole heap of other insults? Who has the maturity problem? Get real. If you think his comment is worthy of kudos [Praise and honour for an achievement] then you are even more pathetic than he is. Please explain his ‘achievement’. Please explain how he has earned ‘honour’. Or are you just throwing around cool words that you don’t know the meaning of?

        Please let me know what you have done for the deceased other than make a semi-sympathetic comment online which will do nothing other than make you feel better about yourself. I wrote a letter to an MP in my GRC calling for harsh punishment of the guy responsible, it’s not much of a contribution, but at least it’s something. You Singaporean keyboard warriors are real bad-asses, aren’t you!

        PS, the trolling here is great!

  16. Many nitizens r not happy with yr comments as because they r all the same.

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