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Eye witness: PRC man who caused fatal accident at Budget Terminal tried to flee before police officers arrived

Posted by temasektimes on March 18, 2012

The 30 year old PRC man who caused the fatal accident at the Budget Terminal tried to flee from the scene before the arrival of police officers, according to one eye-witness.

“I was parking my car before I heard a loud ‘bang’ with shattering of glasses. Next I saw the taxi in the driveway and the motionless body of the cleaner thrown a few feet away on the road with blood stains all over the place.”

According to ComfortDelGro spokesperson Tammy Tan, the taxi driver was driving the PRC man to the airport when they somehow got into an argument.

Upon reaching the destination, the PRC passenger refused to pay the taxi driver and started to attack him. He then got into the taxi and drove off hitting the cleaner at the driveway in front of the Budget Terminal moments later. The 34 year old cleaning supervisor Chandra Mogan from Malaysia was on duty that morning. His family is in Johor and he’s said to have four children, with the youngest about four months old.

“The China man is well-dressed in white shirt which was soaked in blood. There were some cuts on his face and forehead. He tried to leave the cab, but was stopped by a passer-by who called for the security.”

Two police officers arrived at the crime scene minutes later and were seen talking to the PRC man who appeared to be hysterical and heard wailing and ranting at them in Mandarin while gesticulating with both hands at the same time:

“What do you want? What do you want from me? I have a flight to catch….Let me go!”

The PRC man’s air ticket was reportedly confiscated and he was subsequently arrested. He is currently at Changi General Hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

Watch Channel 5’s report below:


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10 Responses to “Eye witness: PRC man who caused fatal accident at Budget Terminal tried to flee before police officers arrived”

  1. Hardly any security guards or policemen when I was there this morning.

    You fly budget, your personal safety is also on budget.

  2. Busybody said

    This PRC sure Bo tai chi one lah, after treatment he will be going home soon… Don’t forget all ah tiong, nehs n Pinoys are our masters. Even our gahman n SPF pray to them… What to do???? They are our gods.

  3. thecakeisalie said

    The PRC hijacker will be given summoned for a disciplinary hearing in 2 weeks, which he will be given just a verbal warning. Then he will be given another 14 days to appeal against his case. Hehe.

  4. Alex Wong said

    Grand Theft Auto China Version!

  5. MdAlias said

    Now if I see any PRC in Singapore, they will suffer the consequences of their fellowmen’s doing!! Watch out PRC!!!

    • 1111 said

      stop stereotyping PRC, not all are bad…… if u r doing these to them den u r no different compare to those who hurt singaporean

  6. pussywagon said

    nothing less than castration. pappies let romanian vampire run road, now lets see if they can salvage some pride.

  7. […] (Source) […]

  8. Haren said

    The PRC should get a real good punishment. We have time and over again punished people who failed to respect our laws. The message must be loud and clear, not to mess around in Singapore.

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