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PRC man charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in armed robbery’ only in fatal accident at Budget Terminal

Posted by temasektimes on March 18, 2012

Despite the severity of the crime which resulted in an unfortunate and unnecessary loss of an innocent life, the 30 year old PRC man who caused a fatal accident at the Budget Terminal on Saturday morning is charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in armed robbery‘ only.

The charges were read to him at the Changi General Hospital, where he is currently warded.

If convicted, he can be sentenced to between five years and 20 years in jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane.

After quarreling with the taxi-driver on the way to the airport,  the PRC man allegedly assaulted him and drove off with his taxi hitting a 34 year old Malaysian cleaning supervisor Chandra Mogan along the way after the taxi crashed into the front glass doors of the Budget Terminal.

Police received a call at 6.50am regarding the incident, and the cleaner was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics at 7.13am this morning.

The fatal accident shocked the entire nation, prompting many to call for harsh punishment to be meted out to the PRC man with some calling for him to be charged for manslaughter. It is not known if his passport has been impounded or if he is allowed to be bailed.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“Which retarded DPP file this charge? Killing someone while committing a felony = Murder.” – mynameisjon

“if foreigners, dont push for deterrent sentence..if sinkies, must push!!! if never get, APPEAL!” – bykte

“It’s still culpable homicide if he did not intend to kill but know that his actions is capable of killing someone. It’s not really reckless driving because he’s not driving normally, he hijacked the taxi. He had an intent to do something using the taxi.” – sennawales


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9 Responses to “PRC man charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in armed robbery’ only in fatal accident at Budget Terminal”

  1. This PRC is going overboard the authorities should take appropreiate action against him to prevent others from acting like him.

  2. Albert George Young said

    Chandra Mogan 30, a cleaner, through no fault of his, was killed! Chinese National if convicted can be sentenced between 5 to 20 years in jail with caning! Where is JUSTICE? Is he because he is from the People’s Repubic of China citizen. And because China is the second World powerful Economic Nation and soon the World Powerful Nation that he is not charged for murder!

  3. ken said

    can be sentenced to between five years and 20 years in jail ? WTF should be at least 10yrs to 25yrs. if its really 5 years then i think every PRC will follow his doing.

  4. notAproudSingaporean said

    I don’t see Michael Fay got away easily. And its only vandalism. Or even those guys who beat up the taxi driver. And just because its a PRC, the government is trembling? What a joke Singapore! We’re going down for sure.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    If this guy did what He did in say US…He would be facing multiple charges; like highjacking a taxi, Armed Robbery, Murder…..but in Singapore He is charged with a simple crime………hmmmm ultimately the Ruling Party which is the Government is answerabale to Singaporeans …time We question the Government and if necessary vote them out in te next GE 2016……too many crimes and thuggish incidents involving foreigners are happening.

  6. Anonymous said

    Do not understand. The Ah Tiong drove recklessly with INTENT TO KILL SOMEONE. So is it not a MURDER charge since the cleaner died.

    Who is this Ah Tiong? What business is he in? Does he own a company in Spore? Is he a PR here?

    The charges are way too lame that us citizens call it a big bluff.

  7. Roy said

    You are supposed to provide a “fair,objective and balanced perspective”? I love reading your articles but recently, you have been forming your own opinions through your articles. The headlines should read “PRC man charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in armed robbery’ in fatal accident at Budget Terminal” leaving the ONLY out of it and let the readers form their own opinion. This is called reporting the news in a “fair,objective and balanced perspective”

    Mod’s reply:

    The introduction has been changed. Please read it again.

  8. JayF said

    let’s look at the known facts of the case.

    The cabbie’s story was that they were chatting amicably until nearing the airport when he suddenly accused the cabbie of stealing something, then began assualting him and hijacked his vehicle.

    The hijacker drove the car without a known destination.

    The slain cleaning supervisor was not known to the hijacker, nor was he a target.

    cupable homicide usually refers to someone who assaults or does something intentionally to another person without the intent to kill. The hijacker assaulted another person and then stole the car. In neither of his actions was the cleaner a target, but rather an tragic side effect of being in the wrong place and the wrong time when the hijacker was trying to flee the scene.

    All things considered, this charge seems the most appropiate one.

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